Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Becoming A Positive Force For Change

Since last night, I've been reminded of abuse and manipulation techniques. This may not be the way that a positive post should begin, however, I want you to see the Big Picture, the psychology behind it all. I feel that it is important that we begin this journey by seeing and seeking Truth.

1) When you are tired, you are easily manipulated.

2) When we are sick and tired of things, feel as if we've given it our all, and have no more to give, the natural tendency is to give up, check out, tune out.

3) When we've been beaten down, suppressed, repressed, subjugated, abused, and/or manipulated, the natural tendency is to cower in fear. Just like a dog that has been kicked too many times. Again, we give up.

None of these responses are healthy, nor can we allow ourselves to become complacent in these matters. It's not time to take a step backwards, it's time, more now than ever, to move forward.

"Each of us is here in this time and this place, to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger? Know that you yourself are essential to this world. Understand both the blessing and the burden of that. You yourself are desperately needed to save the soul of this world. Did you think you were put here for something less?"
~Chief Arvol Looking Horse

"In our prophecies, it is told that we are now at the crossroads: either we unite spiritually as a global nation, or we will be faced with chaos, disasters, diseases, and tears from our relatives’ eyes."
~Chief Arvol Looking Horse


Here's another part of this subject: The Destroyer
I told you we'd get around to discussing this, and now it's come up in real time.

There are two halves to the year, a masculine half, and a feminine half, and we each embody both masculine and feminine sides and traits. We live in a Duality World. The months of Spring and Summer are the masculine half of the year. It is the season when everything is growing, and we give birth to the new, helping it to grow to fruition throughout the growing season. This is the Creator half of the year, the time of forward movement, motivation, and the time we spend in the outer, or physical world. Then at Autumn Equinox, we enter the Feminine half of the year, that lasts until Spring Equinox (in the northern hemisphere, that is). It is the season when everything is dying, or going into the Earth, or hibernating during the cold months. It is the time of Going Within, of living in our own inner worlds, and healing ourselves from within. It is also the time of the Destroyer energies on the surface of the Earth, as everything is struck down, and dies or goes within. This is the Feminine. The time of destroying the old, to make room for the new, come Spring. And this is where we are now, collectively.

I am also reminded that we are in a #9 year, and we have just elected the 45th President of the United States. 4 plus 5 equals 9 again. 9's are about endings and beginnings, for what we strike down, makes room for the new.

When we work with the current energies, all the Universe conspires to assist us. In the Autumn and Winter months, we work towards destroying the old. In the Spring and Summer months, we work towards bringing in the new. We are in the season of the Destroyer energies, and we must work with what we are given to work with.

This has always been a conundrum for me, do I work with the energies of Light and bringing in the new, or do I work towards destroying the old? Now I understand that we must work with each, in their season. It is time to embrace these dark Destroyer energies.

The darkness is also symbolic of the Womb of Creation, where seeds are planted, so while we work on destroying the old in the outer world, we are fertilizing ideas, seeds for change within. Always duality.


I believe that we have been given a great opportunity. I believe that this is the Chaos that births a new world. And it is up to each of us to bring down the old, and to plant the seeds for change, that will bloom into the world that we want to create, together, in unity with each other, and in harmony and balance with All of Life.

It may seem like a dark day in our corner of the world. You may be tempted to let it get you down. I encourage you to stand up anyway, to rise up, to pull on your inner strength and stand up and fight. The lessons of abuse tell me that what we usually do when we feel beaten or defeated, is to disengage, or shut down. Now is not the time for that, and we cannot afford to allow that to happen. We have to stand up and fight our abuser this time around, whomever it may turn out to be. We must continue to push for the Truth to come out, for justice to prevail, for our Earth and Her Waters to remain Sacred for the future generations, and for the equal rights of us all.

This is a time when the Shadow enters the world, and when we engage our Shadow, we heal it. Trump represents our shadow, the fears inherent in us all, that must be healed, by each of us, while we are in this Destroyer / Going Within season. We cannot move foward together as One People, if any of us are chained - by circumstance, law, inequality, or by not being healed, so it is imperative that we each heal ourselves at this time. Root out the old fears that lie within, and toss them into the Fire at Winter Solstice, or on the New Moon. Let go of the old ways, thoughts, behaviors, habits, and patterns that no longer serve your highest good.

If you have already done this, then it is time to move outwards, doing the same thing. The way that this works is that we begin in our home, then our family, then our community, then our city, then our county, our state, our country, and then we conquer the world. We also have to realize that each and every individual is here to heal themselves, and to heal their own Shadow, and allow them the opportunity to do just that. Focus on your own healing. If anything remains, do it now. And I beg you to search your soul for any fear you may be harboring, for it will come back to bite you on the ass later, as this process moves us all forward.


This is the Heart of Ascension that we are entering. It is important to be healthy physically, in order for our Heart to work properly, and this is also true collectively, but it must begin with us. We Must Be The Change That We Want To See In This World - and that means taking responsibility for yourself, your healing, your physical body, your words and actions, and your own Truth. Own it! And eliminate anything that is holding you back from stepping into your Power. For that is what we need now, is for each of us to OWN our Personal Power.

The Heart is the 4th or center Chakra. When we make it through this, we will be in the Throat Chakra, and then move upwards collectively into the Higher Chakras. As a people. As ONE.

The Heart Chakra of the Earth lies in Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, on the English Channel, the west coast of England, near France. We discussed this back on 10/6, in the "Current Energies Waxing Moon Waning Sun Ending the #9 Year and the Earth Chakras" blog post located at the title link, if you'd like to review these teachings. Here in America, however, we are collectively working on healing the Root Chakra of Planet Earth which is located within the U.S. borders, at Mount Shasta, CA.

"Our Root Chakra is responsible for our blood. Blood, Native Blood, the Red Nation. And we are currently disrespecting the rights of Native Americans and the Earth Herself, at Standing Rock, in Iowa, in the Grand Canyon, and all over the world, but nowhere near as much as here in the U.S.A. Is our Root Chakra blocked? Are we respecting the Earth? Are we connected to the Earth, our Mother? Healing begins at the Root Chakra level. It is here that we learn safety, security, survival, and receive nourishment from our Mother. If this Chakra is blocked, all the others above it are out of balance. Personally, it may not be blocked in us, but collectively, it is definitely blocked. How do we remedy this? By learning to connect to the Earth, to ground ourselves, and to open ourselves up to the nourishing and healing energies that She provides. By connecting to the Earth, we connect to all of the Creature-beings, the Plant People, the Standing People, and the Stone People, and bring their teachings into our lives. We are not connected, for we are dishonoring all of these peoples. Digging into the Earth, not connecting to the food that we eat, nor giving thanks for it, not using the natural medicines provided for us, not honoring our own Roots."
~From the aforementioned blog post

So, here in the U.S.A., we are working collectively on healing the Root Chakra of Mother Earth, and on healing the Heart Chakra of us all, at this time. Remember, love begins in the heart. Feminine thinking is thinking with the heart first. If we are holding hatred, anger, or animosity in our hearts towards others at this time, we are throwing off the Heart Chakra of the Earth, and the collective Ascension energies of us all. Time to let that go. As for the Earth's Root Chakra, that is being worked out at Standing Rock, by our Water Protectors. We must help them in any way that we can, for they are helping us all to reconnect to the Earth, and to live in harmony and balance with All of Life once more... or restoring the Sacredness of the Earth. This is not only about the Earth being sacred, however, it is about holding ourselves, our own physical bodies, as sacred. Our thoughts, our needs, our emotions, are sacred. We Are ALL Holy Beings rediscovering our sacredness. Our efforts must include honoring ourselves, our needs, and our physical bodies, in order to unblock Earth's Root Chakra, so that our "blood" or the Waters of the Earth, may run freely, and pure once more.


And so we return to the season of the Destroyer, and what will happen next. That is entirely up to each of us. We must choose which reality we wish to live in, one in which we are beaten down, or one in which we use our powerful energies to be a positive force for change. I'm hoping that we choose the latter!

If this is the case, and I believe that it is, we will be tearing down the old systems that have held us back for so long. Which means that it is time to begin creating a new system, one that works for us all, that holds us all as equal, and says that All of Life has equal rights upon the Earth. It's time to destroy the systems that punish, manipulate, and attempt to control us. It may be time for the monetary system to come crashing down, for it is not a true Equal Energy Exchange. It has created classism. And while I'm not a communist, I'm also not a capitalist. I believe that creating jobs for all of our citizens has contributed to both classism, and destroying the the Earth. It has also created a need for oil, which is an even bigger problem that still needs to be addressed. We must convert to natural and sustainable energy methods, such as solar and wind power. I don't have all of the answers. I'm sure that I don't even know all of the questions. I do know this: It is time to create change, and it is up to us to do so. We must stop destroying the Earth, and heal our collective Root Chakra. We must heal our collective Heart Chakra. And we must continue to move forward.

OUR COLLECTIVE ROOTS - Today's Channeled Message

We are asked to look at energy systems today:

What is fracking in physical terms? Forcing something unhealthy, in an unnatural way, into our physical body to get energy. This could include foods and water that are devoid of nutritional properties. It may even indicate enemas, colonics, and colon cleansing - all current fads.

What is the Pipeline in physical terms? Moving false energy though our physical body, causing it damage. This too can include foods and water that is devoid of nutritional properties. It is also a bypassing of the system, sending energy out that we are not paid for in terms of Equal Energy Exchange. Interesting, yes?

Both of these happen at the Root level, in both the physical Earth and the physical body. Thus destroying our connection to the Earth, and to our own Roots.

Our Roots are our strength. We must remember this now, and take heed, remembering where we came from, and what is really important.

Know the difference in true strength and false energy, I am told. Our true strength lies in our Collective Roots - We The People are connected at the Root Level, just as the roots of all of the plants and trees are connected at Mother Earth's Root level. A tree depends on the strength of its roots during a storm. How deep are yours? Our true power lies in our connection to the Earth. This is our Medicine, and we can use this Earth Energy to fuel our dreams - both individually (a tree stands alone), and collectively (a tree is connected to others via its roots). We stand stronger together. United we stand.


That's all for today. We will be talking more about all of this, and I invite you to join in the conversation. I'm listening. What can each of us do to help?

Empower yourself to stand up and create change, by healing your own life. If you've done that, it may be time to re-examine it, especially from the Root and Heart Chakra standpoints, just to make sure. Then let's move out into the world, and create the changes that are needed for the best possible future for us all. It is time to step into who you came here to be. May we be a force to be reckoned with!

I bid you love. I bid you peace.
May we be strong enough, and determined enough, to do the work that we are here to do.

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