Thursday, October 20, 2016

October Week 4 Energies: Healing the Feminine Wound

We wanted to discuss healing the Shadow Side this week, and what follows is a part of our collective shadow. I have been reminded that our major time of releasing happens between Samhain and Solstice, the last quarter of the Dark Half of the Year. Meanwhile, we are still Integrating all that we have learned, as this is one of the Key Words for October. Grandmother Moon pushes towards the New, the Sun also wanes, and we are releasing all that no longer works in our lives, and in our world. We'll have another chance at this in November, and we will be better prepared for it all at that time. For now, we work on honoring the memories that are arising, integrating their lessons, and releasing all involved, including ourselves. We are not who we used to be, we are in the process of ReInventing Ourselves (another Key Word for October), and to do this, we must release all of the guilt, shame, and fear that has held us back in our pasts. The Universe is bringing things up for review, so that we can accomplish this task. It is a #9 year, and we are nearing the end of this cycle. When we arrive at Solstice, we will have the opportunity to begin anew, to BE that new person that we have been working so diligently to develop. Begin thinking about all of the new things you want to do in the coming year, and stretch your potential to new levels. With all of that guilt, shame, and fear gone, we can accomplish anything! The sky is the limit!

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, we approach the Election - a MAJOR decision in our world, and major decisions can cause new planes of existence to spin off of our world, as every major decision that we make, creates a world where a different decision was made, and that world continues on that path, while we continue on ours with the decision that we made. Or that was made for us. We live on a Primary World, which means that the decisions that we make here, affect ALL THE WORLDS. We have planetary assistance that is watching over us and awaiting our decision at this time, for they need to know how best to prepare their own worlds for that decision. In all things, always consult your own heart, for it knows the answers that serve our highest good.

There are many factors in play at this time, an evolution of the mind and the heart, of the masculine and the feminine. We see how the feminine has been suppressed in our world, and we see how Patriarchy has caused many of the problems in our world, but mostly we see how the imbalance of the masculine and feminine has affected us all, including the planet Herself. Let's look at the roles of Patriarchy and Matriarchy, and their extremes, to try to understand how all of this developed, and what we need to do to Heal The Feminine Wound in us all.

Bullying is a subject that has come up a lot lately. Children bullying other children, causing suicides. Police bullying citizens. The Donald can also be seen as a bully, forcing himself on others. That's what bullies do, they push you, and make you do things that you wouldn't normally do. They define the world as Predators vs Prey, and see those that are weaker than themselves, as Prey, and everyone is weaker, in their opinion. Ego causes this assumption. When we think of bullies, we think of those in school yards, so let's examine them from that standpoint. The bully in the school yard pushes others around, especially those seen as weaker. What happens when a kid stands up to the bully, calls him names? The bully gets more out of control, angrier, madder, more threatening. We feel that the bully must be brought down, and do the same to him, as he has done to us, in an effort to take him down, yet it has the opposite effect. I hate to say it, but all of this reverse bullying of The Donald is also causing him to become more out of control, angrier, madder, and more threatening.

Why is the school yard bully being a bully? Generally speaking, he is hurting inside, and striking back makes him feel bigger. Beating up on those whom he sees as weaker, makes him feel bigger, and feeds his ego, which he needs, because he isn't getting the support and nurturing that he needs at home, or he didn't get that in his childhood. A couple more things we need to see here, from the bully's point of view: Political Mudslinging is also a form of bullying. Other kids rally around a bully, egging him on, if they like the aggression, if it feeds them. In this way, they feed their own inner bully, vicariously. This speaks for Trump supporters, as well as the ones standing behind the school yard bully.

Another way to look at all of this is from an Abuse standpoint. Abusers are bullies, that have their ego fed every time they strike their victim, whether with words or fists, it doesn't matter. It's all a form of Power, false power, but coming from a place where one is seeking power over another, for their own gain. For the record, money is also about power. We're looking at superiority (ego) complexes, lording what one has over another, and feeling superior because of it.

This is the way that it has become in our society, this is what Patriarchy has become, a system based on bullying, and superiority, by those seeking power. Looking at this in Chakra terms, we know that an overextended Solar Plexus Chakra causes egotistical thinking. The Solar Plexus Chakra is about our personal power, and when overextended, it is about using that personal power against others, about that personal power being out of control. It's about one's own sense of superiority or inferiority, if at the opposite extreme. Balanced power is the healthy alternative, but how do we restore that in every individual who is deeply embedded in Patriarchy?

Right now, we have a battle going on in the House and Senate over who will be the next Superior Court Judge. Republicans refusing to cooperate, and Democrats pushing the issue. Both sides are being bullies. 'nuff said. In the political arena, we also have the bully Republicans and the bully Democrats, both believing that they are right, that they are Superior. When in truth, All Men Are Created Equal, and that is in the Constitution. How easily they forget...

Why are we on this subject? Well, we have to talk about Patriarchy and how our own political system represents it. Have you ever heard that we marry our fathers, men marry their mothers? Iyanla VanZant says that we do this in order to work out issues that we never had a chance to work out in childhood. Once the issues have been worked out, we can choose to leave the marriage. Here's the thing: In a Patriarchy, the government (Big Brother) is our Father. And I do believe that whom we are voting for, tells us what issues we are currently working out, both individually and collectively. Are we working on issues regarding having a bully/abuser for a father, or having an abuser as a mother? Unfortunately, those are our only choices. Grandfather Bernie is the better alternative, for with him, we are seeking a better way forward, and asking for him to share his wisdom, as we do with grandparents. Aunt Jill might even be a better alternative, yet we don't have that choice. We're stuck fighting between mom and dad, and both of them have Superiority Issues, among other things.

Many come from broken families in this day and age. From homes without a father figure. From homes where the father has decided to not step up and take responsibility for his progeny. These children are raised by women working two jobs, just to make ends meet, women who have no time to cook and clean and nurture. Coming from a fatherless home, we go out into the world looking for a father figure to take the place of the one missing in our  lives, and we find the government, or an abuser, if we are women. Therefore, Patriarchy becomes our father figure. If we go into the military, our leaders become our father figure, our disciplinarian. If we go to church, the Priest becomes our father figure, and we follow what he tells us to do. If we go to work, our boss becomes our father figure, ordering us around. We are set up to accept the outside world as our father figure, and it has failed us, by not teaching us how to feel. The father leaving the home, or the child's life, shows an example of not accepting responsibility for one's actions, and this, too, is how our children are going out into the world.

Now for the Big Question: What happens when our leadership fails us? Individually, we begin to make our own decisions, do things our own way, and become more independent, and more motivated. Conversely, this too can go to an extreme, and become stubbonness, pride, and ego, as well as a refusal to compromise. As American people, we are beginning to wake up to the fact that our (Patriarchal) leadership is failing us, and we are all striking out on our own, doing things our own way. Add the superiority issues to this, and it becomes a lot of people who are being stubborn, prideful, and egotistical... and let's not forget, feeling superior to others. Bullying them.

Bullying and abuse can become catalyzers for change. They either make us, or break us, that is, make us stronger, or cause a breakdown of our beliefs, setting us up for healing. Either way, we can benefit from these energies, individually and collectively.

Some at this point are ready to heal and awaken, and some are not, and they are clinging to their own sense of superiority and their ego like a life raft. Then there are those of us who are here to help, and we all need it on such a large scale that the task seems impossible. This is why we must now talk about Matriarchy, and Healing the Feminine Wound in all of us, for that is the problem, as I see it.

Bullies, and Patriarchy in general, decide that those who appear weaker than themselves (which is everyone else), are Prey. Worker Ants. Women fall into this category. All minorities fall into this category. Handicapped people, LGBTQ people, old people, and people with life threatening diseases, all people who are not the (I hate to say it, but it has to be said) the Elite of our society, that is, the rich and powerful. (This is not to say that all rich people are this way, there is a certain sect of them however, that believe that they are the Cream of the Crop, superior to us all, and it is that sense of superiority that sets them apart). These Power Brokers are the ones who make the rules in our country. Our government is being run by corporations, another set of bullies. These corporations have Power because they have Money, and they are using it to control the government and have the rules set in their favor. Is it a coincidence that a Big Business Man is running for President? Or is it proof?

True leaders are not bullies. A true leader thinks of his/her people first and foremost, and does that which will serve their best interests, not his/her own. This is where Capitalism has led us astray, by making money the determining factor, instead of people, or the Earth. We think with our wallet, instead of our hearts. In this way, Money is God and governance.

Other examples of Patriarchy to excess is war mongering, and an unnecessarily large military build up. We are teaching them, in our Armies, to be Predators, and they come back from war, changed. Or they come back from any time in military service, changed, due to the way that they are broken down, and built back up to believe in a false sense of self, to believe that they are superior. War is a bullying tactic.

One more? Priests. Even the Catholic Church follows a Patriarchal agenda. Christianity in general is Patriarchal. Always has been. I try to keep in mind that it is not the religion that is bad, it is the people, because people have distorted the original teachings to fit their own aims, their own agendas. Again with the sense of superiority, and lording it over others. These unhealthy "father-figures" that we have been following, have led us astray. 

Let's get back to the feminine, who has been suppressed, repressed, and controlled, creating an imbalance in our world. What women bring to the table is nurturing, heart-felt thinking and acting from the heart, a loving nature, expressing their emotions, mothering others, a deep abiding strength, a strong belief in family, and a supporter of those who need it most. These are also seen as characteristics of the "weak". Of course it's wrong to think of these things as anything other than necessary, but I digress... These are the traits that are missing in our world, that are needed in our world, and because they are seen as weak, the ones who need them the most are afraid of them, because that's what bullies do, they pull away from love, from being nurtured, from being healed. They revolt against it. They harden their hearts and fill their lives with Money/Power, so that they are not forced to feel, to deal with their own issues. They keep everyone at a distance - even when they have to use bullying tactics to do so - screaming at those who attempt to come too close, to offer them what they need most.

Matriarchy - the Mother - that is what is needed in our world, and if we are going to heal the feminine wound, it is going to take coming from the Mother within each of us to do so. We have to be a Mother to the world, to our own loved ones, to strangers, to those who need healing, nurturing, acceptance, and healing. We have to re-mother ourselves, our significant others, our bosses. We have to come from love for all, just as a mother loves her son who acts out occasionally, we have to do so unconditionally. We have to show support for those who've been seen as weak. We have to heal the injured, sit with the sick, feed the hungry. To heal the feminine wound, we have to show the world what has been missing in our world.

If Patriarchy is the father figure, Matriarchy is the Mother. In a balanced government, we need both. And we need them healthy and whole. We need our women healthy and whole, and teaching and mothering a new generation. Motherhood is a part of us all, perhaps buried deep inside, but it's still there, waiting to come forward, wanting to nurture, to hold, to touch, to feel, and to heal. It's time to hug the bullies, not bully them in return, not support them nor praise them for being bullies, but hug them. Hard. Let them all know that they are loved, and by example, that it is okay to show love, and to feel. Help them all to find their hearts again, by being the mother they've always needed.

We have to be bigger than the problem, bigger than our fears, and bigger than our own hurts. It is going to take a lot of love and nurturing to heal each other from this overdose of Patriarchy, but we are up to the task. We are filled with love, and have the love and support of the Divine and Angelic Realms in doing this work. We can now own who we really are, deep down inside. We are lovers. We are the Peace Makers. And we are strong!

"We are consciously choosing to change the energy on Planet Earth at this time."

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