Thursday, October 13, 2016

October Energies: Full Moon and Reinventing Yourself

The Moon is currently in dreamy Pisces, prompting us to see ourselves in a new way, to imagine things into being that we need in our lives, to move into love for ourselves and for everything. By tomorrow, She will move into Aries, and remain there for the Full Moon on Saturday, pushing us to take action towards our dreams. Where are we, who are we, what do we really want to do? What changes can we instigate that will help us to own who we are?

At the same time, we are in a #9 year, in the last quarter of that year, and we are heavily releasing all that we are not, as well as the toxins in our bodies, severing the connections to people in our lives who no longer resonate with who we have become, and setting new boundaries that honor who we are and what we need. A #9 year is about letting go of the old, WHILE bringing in the new, and this gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves in the process.

It's not a time to be sitting back, doing things the same old way, or even thinking the same old way. It's not a time to remain comfortable with what we have, with who we are, or to allow the old paradigm to tease us into laying low and letting others make the decisions for us. We are not those people anymore. We are who we have become, and it is time to step into those new shoes and wear them proudly, taking them out in public and showing them off, showing others who we are by BEING that person, without doubts, without fear, confident, alive, and purposefully.

The past week has been trying, especially for women, who have been repressed, suppressed for far too long. We've heard things that triggered us deep within, perhaps even deeper than our own wounds, into the familial patterns of being repressed, made less of, deemed less worthy, which shaped what we were taught. Our own mothers and grandmothers could only teach us from where they were, from what they were taught, and therefore all of the repression was passed down to us, in fact, inbred in us so deeply that we are just now getting to the Truth of it all and seeing how it has affected us for our entire lives.

We take the smaller cut of meat, do what we can to keep from bruising a male ego, or to keep them from becoming angry, we volunteer to do the dishes and the laundry, because we've been taught that these are women's chores. We don't ask our partners to wash our undies, that would be improper, yet we do theirs. We feed, nurture, and teach the children, because it is what we do. We kiss the boo boos and make the kids quiet when daddy gets home so that he isn't disturbed. He's had a hard day at the office. It doesn't matter that we did too, we came in and tended to children and prepared food while cleaning the house after working a 10 hour day for less money than He makes. Yes, we chose to be there, to have kids, but we did not choose to subjugate ourselves to anyone, for any reason. It was taught to us, in oh so many little ways, over our entire lives, so that it became a natural act to subjugate ourselves to another.

The societal and moral patterns of the 1950's still exist inside us in some form, for they are what taught us, just as we have taught our children by 1970's standards. Or, if you are younger, then you were taught by one who was taught 1950's standards. It's all the same, it's a genetic part of who we are at this time to be submissive as females.

And why does this matter, why go into so much detail here? Because THIS is what we need to release in this #9 year!!! The Donald has shown us our shadows, so now we must do our own shadow work to own who we are, so that we can live without fear of being pushed down, pushed backwards, subjugated even further. This entire election has shown us our shadows, collectively. Strong women lie, cheat, and steal - we KNOW that this is not a Truth, yet it is being shoved down the throats of all Americans as truth. We are much more than this, and we do NOT own this. It is NOT who we are! Women can be strong, compassionate, and take care of business while being nurturers at heart. We can think with our hearts and with our heads. We are competent, knowledgeable, beautiful, caring souls who demand to be treated equally and fairly. These are our Key Words this month: Justice and Truth, with Fair and Equitable Treatment thrown in to bring balance to this world, FOR US ALL.

Make no mistake, we are here to re-establish the balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in this world, but first, we must find that within ourselves. This is how we dance with our shadows, by digging deeply and rooting out anything that says that we are less. For we are all worthy of true equality, and it is time to bring that about, once and for all. If we feel inferior on the inside, we will project that to the world, therefore we must rebuild ourselves in such a way that we are filled with belief in who we are, confidence, self esteem, self worth, and even self forgiveness. Everything we have ever done has led us to this moment, and who we are in this moment is one who is at peace with who they are, and walking their talk in this world, with ease. Can that be our motto this week?

I want to talk more about this Shadow Work that we are collectively doing at this time, but now is not the time, as we are moving towards the Full Moon. I am going to link an earlier post on Shadow Work at the end of this blog post so that when you are feeling ready, you can access it. Meanwhile, back to the current energies, for we still have some things to discuss!

So far, we've covered Reinventing Ourselves, the endings and new beginnings that this #9 year brings, and the releasing detoxing stage that we are now in. This Full Moon is in Aries, the 1st sign of the Zodiac, which brings even more New Beginnings into our lives. And even though the Moon will be waning come Sunday, we can still give thanks on the Full Moon for wishes fulfilled in regards to those new beginnings, and the reinvention of self that this Moon is bringing into our lives. Once the Moon wanes, the serious detoxing begins, as we go towards the New, towards the end of October and Samhain or Day of the Dead, or the time when the Veils part, and are drawn into the shadow of death and begin experiencing it in our world, with the leaves and plants dying, and the trees becoming bare skeletal limbs. The season of death comes on us quickly, bringing cold and spirits alike. Perhaps this is a collective fear, that death will take us too soon. Once you make peace with your own death, you have potentially conquered your biggest fear, and things get easier from there. Did we do enough for our loved ones when we had the chance? We can do that now, while we are still alive to enjoy it, so that we do not die with regrets, with things left unsaid. Living a purposeful life means that we take charge of all that we are, why we are here, our own mission in this world, as well as those things that we want to personally accomplish, and act on them each and every day. Living a good life, connecting with those around us, caring for others as well as ourselves, our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, means that we are aware of every little thing that we do, and take responsibility for it all. And when we do this, we can let go and truly live.

Talking to dead people brings up their regrets, the things that they did not do or say in life. This is a reminder to do those things ourselves, and to do them for ourselves, for we each are here to do what WE need to do for us. We do not nurture others because they need it, we do it because it is what we need to do. We do not buy that new pair of shoes for another, we buy them for ourselves. (ok, I have a shoe obsession and I admit it!) And with everything that we do, we must consciously CHOOSE to do that thing, and to do it not out of a sense of obligation, but because we WANT to do it for ourselves. Do not cook dinner while holding a grudge that you are "being forced" to do so, or you will put that Intention into your food. Don't do dishes in anger, realize that you are doing them because you want them done. It doesn't matter if another doesn't. It's all about you and your choices.

I have droned on too long already, yet there is still a bit more to say. We have yet to really talk about the Season of the Destroyer energies that are almost upon us. We have yet to talk about going into our caves with Mother Bear, or going within ourselves to create change from within. And I realize that we need to talk about these subjects, but it is not quite time yet. After this Full Moon weekend, in next week's blog, we will get to these subjects, for I have been holding on to that information for us all for some time. I don't want to overload you this week, because I want you to work on owning who you are, and not subjugating yourself to anyone. Watch for it in the little things that you do. If you are feeling compelled to wash the damn dishes, ask yourself why - is it because you feel it is your responsibility as a female, or because you need them done? If the latter is the case, another could do them. Don't feel obligated to do anything. Set strong boundaries that honor yourself and your needs. And then decide what you will do when someone crosses them.

It is time to own who we are in this world, and we cannot get there unless we are each committed to loving and supporting ourselves in all that we do. What you believe is what you are, therefore BELIEVE that you are equal. See yourself as equal. Teach your children that everything in life is equal. Your opinions, your voice, your Truth matters. As does everyone else's. Equally. When we all come together in Truth and with love, we will change the world. One heart at a time, it is up to us.

Release the toxic patterns, issues, and behaviours that have held you back for your entire life, and stand in your Truth, speak your Truth, be strong, and walk in those new shoes you've worked so hard to earn. That is your mission in this coming week. Be true to you!


When I choose to accept responsibility for my life, my actions, my safety and protection, my well being, my decisions, it puts me in charge of my life, and helps me to believe in who I am, even more. When I choose to allow others to take care of these things for me, I am giving away my power. Today, I choose to own my power by being responsible for my life.


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