Thursday, October 6, 2016

Current Energies: Waxing Moon, Waning Sun, Ending the #9 Year, and the Earth Chakras

We seem to have some wonky energies afoot this week, and we are still reeling from the closures that this #9 year is bringing into our lives. It is a time of change and transition, as we bring this year to a close. We are being encouraged to let go of the old, for we are not who we were at the beginning of this year. We've all changed, for the better. We are now learning to embrace our new selves, our new beliefs, and walk in this world as that changed person. And the changes keep rolling in, affecting some of us harder than others. People and animals are crossing over at a record rate. Why? Because they did not agree to go through all of these changes with us. Their time here is finished, their work completed. Is ours? No, because we are still here.

What will the new year bring? It will be a #1 year, a year of new beginnings, of starting fresh, of having shrugged off all of the heavy energies of this year, so that we can see where we want to go next, do next, and who we want to be, in our heart of hearts. We will live from our deepest soul level in the coming year. What is keeping us from doing that now?

October is the Great Shrugging Off period, the time when we actively shrug off all that we will no longer accept in our lives, what we no longer recognize as being of our highest good, nor of the highest good for us all. We can't truly live in our Truth, until this phase has passed. So although the Moon is waxing, Grandfather Sun is waning, helping us to release everything in our external, outer, physical world that we can no longer work with. Sun energies are masculine, and this is another clue. We are shrugging off the dominating masculine energies, and transforming what remains, into forward movement that will assist the growth of All of Life.

We are in the Feminine Half of the Year, the Dark Half, the time of going within and finding out who we truly are. Letting go of all that we are not, is the first step in this process. In order to see ourselves clearly, we remove everything that reminds us of who we used to be, how we used to feel, the old ways of processing our emotions and feelings, the old ways of thinking, doing, and being. What remains at our core, is who we truly are.

This is where we are now. This is who we are now. We accept ourselves as we are, for only by doing this, can we see what we need to work on, what we need to release, what we need to feed so that it can grow into who we are becoming.

The old paradigm held the dominating energies that sometimes manifested as control and manipulation, on both individual and collective levels. Many of us grew up with dominating parents, teachers, loved ones, or friends. These people all taught us how to treat ourselves, in one way or another. They taught us how they felt about themselves, and through their example, we learned to devalue our own selves and our needs. Some were not taught to love themselves, others were never taught that they were worthy, and many were never taught self respect. And that is where we are right now, trying to repair this damage inflicted on us all by the old paradigm and its ways.

We are seeing a wave of anger and frustration in others lately. Perhaps we are even seeing it in ourselves. When this happens, we have to ask why we are feeling anger, why we are frustrated, and find the Truth within us. If we are working on a collective level, we ask why others are so angry, why they are so frustrated, and again, look for the Truth within ourselves, for it is here that all answers lie. I've been examining this question for the past week or so, and trying to narrow it down into something that could be worked with, managed, taught, healed. The answer that I have found is that we are not loving ourselves, nor respecting ourselves, because we were never taught to do so.

A lot of the crimes that we see in our world, appear as a lack of respect towards someone or some thing. Breaking into houses - disrespecting the home, and homes belong to mothers. Raping and/or assaulting women - disrespecting women and mothers. The Dakota Access Pipeline - disrespecting the Earth, the first mother of us all. Is it all about disrespecting women and mothers? Not really. We disrespect them because we don't respect ourselves, we don't believe in ourselves, we don't love ourselves, so how can we respect and love others?

There's the manageable teaching, finding a way to help others to love and respect themselves. Finding a way to help us all love and respect ourselves once more. Heart Chakra teachings. The Heart Chakra of the Earth lies in Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, on the English Channel, the east coast of England, near France. Then we look at the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is where we learn to believe in ourselves. If this Chakra is blocked, every Chakra above it will be unbalanced, ergo, if we don't believe in ourselves, we can't love ourselves fully, nor speak our Truths (Throat), see clearly (Third Eye), or have a balanced connection to the Higher Realms (Crown Chakra). But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Pop out to see full view

The Root Chakra of the Earth lies at Mount Shasta, a sacred, ceremonial site of Native Americans. The Root Chakra is our connection to the Earth, and is responsible for our blood. Blood, Native Blood, the Red Nation. And we are currently disrespecting the rights of Native Americans and the Earth Herself, at Standing Rock, in Iowa, in the Grand Canyon, and all over the world, but nowhere near as much as here in the U.S.A. Is our Root Chakra blocked? Are we respecting the Earth? Are we connected to the Earth, our Mother? Healing begins at the Root Chakra level. It is here that we learn safety, security, survival, and receive nourishment from our Mother. If this Chakra is blocked, all the others above it are out of balance. Personally, it may not be blocked in us, but collectively, it is definitely blocked. How do we remedy this? By learning to connect to the Earth, to ground ourselves, and to open ourselves up to the nourishing and healing energies that She provides. By connecting to the Earth, we connect to all of the Creature-beings, the Plant People, the Standing People, and the Stone People, and bring their teachings into our lives. We are not connected, for we are dishonoring all of these peoples. Digging into the Earth, not connecting to the food that we eat, nor giving thanks for it, not using the natural medicines provided for us, not honoring our own Roots.

Moving on. The Sacral Chakra, whose teachings include passion, creativity, sexuality, energy, and our inner fire, is located below our navel - our connection to our own mother. It is responsible for our gut, and what lies in the gut? Our gut instincts. It is also responsible for our sexual organs, which determines the health of our sexuality. Are we sexually repressed as a nation? We have been in the past, and those same generations are still running our country. What about our passion, is it repressed? It is being stifled at every turn, as we are arrested for speaking our Truth, for standing up for what we believe in. To top it off, we don't follow our gut instincts, our Intuition, because we have been taught to follow others, not to believe in ourselves. The Sacral Chakra of the Earth lies in Lake Titicaca Peru, and is also a part of Machu Pichu, the home of ancient peoples. Many there are still practicing their traditional ways. Is this Earth Chakra healthy? Collectively, no, because we equate sexuality to power, due to our upbringing, that lack of respect for the mother, and the feminine. Power over women does not make for a balanced world, nor a balanced life. We are still doing some work here.

The Solar Plexus Chakra, responsible for our belief in ourselves, our confidence, our personal power, our ego, self esteem, self worth, empowerment, and our ability to manifest the life of our dreams, is located at Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territories, Australia. We already know that this Chakra is unbalanced in our world, for we do not collectively believe in ourselves, nor are our egos healthy and balanced. This is our Sun Center, which needs healing when we are depressed, and not living a life of joy and happiness. The Sun wanes now, so that the Moon can shine. It is Her time, and we are here to make Herstory, to bring back that equality of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which requires a rebalancing of our collective ego. No more control, no more domination, no more manipulation, for these things alone keep us from believing in ourselves. More love for self will set things right, but not so much that our ego becomes overextended. We must learn to put ourselves first in our own lives, once more, for we are important, as individuals. Collectively, balance is required, we must work on an individual level to heal the collective.

And now, back to the Heart Chakra, where we find love for ourselves, forgiveness, acceptance of ourselves, respect, trust, compassion, empathy, and honoring ourselves and our needs. What teachings do we collectively need to learn to love ourselves once more? Perhaps it is as simple as letting go of everything that we have been taught to believe, especially those teachings that taught us that we were unworthy of love, and gaining a new sense of respect for ourselves by believing in ourselves and our own path, as we walk it each day. Collectively, we are not healed here. We have children wandering the streets robbing others, harming others, because they are hungry, for love, for nourishment, for sustenance in their lives. And their true needs are being ignored, because.... well because the collective ego is unbalanced. Greed and money rule this world, and while this is on its way out right now, we see the fallout of these Capitalistic practices in the way that we treat our people. Everyone is equal, and that is even in our Constitution, Equality for all. Are we showing it? No. It's time to find that compassion in our Heart Chakra once more. And it's time to release the old paradigm that did not support us all.

Throat Chakra, which helps us to speak our Truth, clearly and concisely, without fear, lies at the Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. of Olives, in the Middle East, a site of much unrest, a location known for stifling the voices of others, to give rise to their own, dominance, that is. Women are stifled in the Arabian nations, covered, as if their bodies are taboo, which means that their voices are too. What we do to the women, is reflected in us all. We are stifling the feminine at the location of the Earth's (a feminine deity) Throat. How can we move past that? Repression reigns in some places, and it is disheartening to see, as are the constant wars in these areas, that are killing our children, and yet we are not able to speak up loudly enough to make it stop because the Throat Chakra is blocked here. What to do? Teach others, help others to use their voice in a positive and healing way, so that this is what is reflected in others in this world. The more who can do this, the more it will spread to, collectively. And we have begun speaking up, and it is catching on. The rebellion in Egypt a few years back, may have been the spark that lit this flame. Interesting that this is where the Throat Chakra lies. Healing begins within, at the site of the problem.

The Third Eye Chakra, is the Earth Chakra that led me to discuss all of these other Chakras, because it has a mobile location, that changes every 2000 years. Right now, it is located in the EXACT SAME PLACE as the Earth's Heart Chakra. What does that mean? We are unable to see clearly, if our Heart is not healed. Our Third Eye vision is tied directly to our Heart Chakra, and our ability to love ourselves. Now that is what it is all about, what is really going on in our world. We don't love ourselves, so we are not able to fully use our abilities, our precognitive sight, to see clearly what we are doing and how it is going to affect the future. All because we do not love ourselves!!!! Which is because we were NEVER taught to love ourselves, to respect ourselves, to know that we are worthy, and to nourish and take care of ourselves, physically. We can't take care of a physical world, if we do not take care of the physical body, one is a reflection of the other. We can't see into the future to know what our health choices today are causing in the future - nor to see what our choices in regards to the way that we treat the physical Earth, are causing for the future. We can't see beyond the Ego, the Solar Plexus Chakra, for it is blocking our Hearts, and our Hearts are blocking our vision, our Third Eye Chakra. Now what?

We may as well discuss the Crown Chakra while we are here, discussing them all. The Crown Chakra is responsible for our connection to the Divine, the Angelic Realm, our Spirit Guides, and the Other Worlds. It is our source of higher guidance. The Earth's Crown Chakra is located at Mount Kailas, Tibet. Mount Kailas is the most sacred mountain in the Himalayas, and is the site of "...the annual Scorpio full moon event, in April or May (of each year). For the Earth, and for all immortals, this moon marks the new year, in terms of global evolution. Chakra Seven broadcasts the Earth purpose, or True Will."  The Tibetan Monks hold this energy for us all, along with the Dalai Lama. Is this Chakra healed collectively? No, but the possibility remains that it can be, for this doorway, this Energy Center, is open. Yet it is only through connecting with the Earth Herself, through the Root Chakra of the Earth, at Mount Shasta, that we have a chance to open our own Crown Chakras, and our collective Crown Chakra. Without the rest of our Chakras being open and balanced, we block the way to the Crown, the Crown Jewel of our World, enlightenment.

That is where we are today. Now you know your mission, the work that we are all here to do, the healing that is needed.

This is the website that I used for the locations above, which has some very good information on the ley lines that connect these Earth Chakras, and is well worth a read. In addition, the quote under Crown Chakra came from this site:
Where Are The Earth Chakras?

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Knowledge is power. To keep the energies of others from getting you down, see the reality, see where our actions today are taking us in the future, and heal from there.
May we all learn to love and respect ourselves, into infinity.
It is what will heal us all.
Blessings on the week ahead,
Love, Michelle

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