Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Channeled Message from the Angelic Realm, Violet Ray, and Healing Water

Channeled Message from the Angelic Realm, Wednesday 26 October 2016:

Updating our energies on Planet Earth:

We are in the process of transmuting the energies here on Earth, bringing in more Light, wisdom, and connection to the Higher Realms, in a way that can be used by all. We have found that during this process, there are many who are transmuting the current energies of Earth to these higher energies, through their own bodies. This may be causing many issues for you, from fever and fatigue, to viruses and disease. You are the Master of your own healing process. It is up to you to become conscious of these energies, and of your purpose here, at this time, which is to TRANSMUTE these old, toxic energies into the new higher energies. We are aware that there are currently many negative energies on Earth that are affecting you, and keeping you from seeing/sensing the Truth of what is going on, and we are here to encourage you to seek the meanings of everything, to see beyond the Veil of Illusion, to the Truth of who and what you are. You are the Masters of your own destiny, and it is now time to step into that role by consciously transmuting the current energies, those that surround you, and those that are trapped inside you, into what is needed in the here and now. Embrace the Light, pull it into yourself, and allow it to do its work through you. The Rainbow Rays are always with you, within you, and around you, helping you in every way, as are we. Call upon us if you need help. We are listening.

The Violet Ray is the Transmuting Ray of Light that you need at this time. Use the two images above and below this message to help you to call this Ray and Flame into your life, and into your physical body, to help to transform your cells, your DNA, and every atom in existence, into a higher form that can be used by all, by radiating these energies outwards - the Rays can be radiated outwards into the world, to surround the Earth, and this is supported by Grandfather Sun, who assists us with this task, as does Grandmother Moon, in the dark hours. Standing beneath them at any time, will help you to use these energies, for yourself, your own healing, and the healing of the planet.

Transmute and Radiate dear souls. We support you in all that you do!

Additional Incoming Info:
Raise your vibrational level to the highest level possible, so that you can see and understand all of this clearly.

I've been asked to provide the following info, as well:

Violet Angelic Light Ray and Transmuting Violet Flame

VIOLET LIGHT RAY: The Ray and Highest Element of Spiritual Mastery.

Spirituality, healing, service, individualism, spiritual creativity/inspired creativity, closure, to recognize and realize the reason for living/being incarnated in a body/one's life purpose; inner calmness, mental peace, stabilizing, directs spiritual and creative energy into form, assists high spiritual attainment, sparks imagination, inspiration, stimulates emotions, meditation, intellect, and intuition, inner emotional release, opens inner doors, stimulates dreams, wisdom, spirituality, higher mind, Divine Will, letting go, vision, transformation, synthesis, integration, mysticism, psychic abilities including psychic communication, artistry, union, balances masculine and feminine within the self, helps Spirit Self and Body Self to operate as One in physical world, true balance, staying grounded while seeking spiritually or psychically bringing "heaven" to earth, brotherhood, service to the Divine Plan, absolute trust and surrender, assists with Ascending into Christ Consciousness, spiritual leadership, service to the masses, opens Etheric body after healing or bringing closure to all earthly/physical issues to achieve Oneness or At-One-Ment; allows for communication and resolution between body and spirit, knowing/being/living one's Truth, total trust in intuitive guidance, willingness to act on intuitive guidance, surrender of will to The Big Picture, remembering that one is part of the Source, I AM state, inventiveness, pulling solutions out of thin air - out of the realm of intuition and imagination - with ease, receptivity to transformation of mind and attitude, serving the highest good of all. Also provides an elevated level of protection from any entities that might be attracted to your 'light', and shields you from negative energy.

IMBALANCE: Too much contemplation, suffering, grief, not wanting to be here, difficulty with the material side of life, addiction, tendency to withdraw, confusion, unhealthy spiritual attachment, not being comfortable with the dense vibrational ties to the Earth, consistent difficulties with remaining grounded, deeply seated resentments about having to be here or be in the present or be physical,
preoccupation with contemplation and meditation without taking action, difficulty with the material side of life and other mundane matters, continuous state of malaise and depression, being unrealistic and impractical, fantasizing too much, thinking too much, extreme absent-mindedness, acting like a martyr, feigned or assumed suffering and general pity parties, escapism, addiction. Violet is often used when one has suffered a great personal loss, to overcome grief.

HEALS: Overproduction of mucus, overcoming addictions, skull, overactivity, very useful for revealing and treating hidden anger, sorrow, suffering, grief, relaxes the nerves, soothes nervous irritations, relieves pain, acne blemishes, lymph drainage, neuralgia, muscle relaxer, rheumatics, rosacea, sciatica, inflammation, Pineal Gland, helpful for menopause, Spleen, sedative, relaxant, build leucocytes, lymphatic relaxant, soothes solar plexus, neutralize mercury from fillings, anti-viral.


To change from within. To transmute what one is, into what one is here to become. Brings purity, knowledge and wisdom to the user.
The Violet Flame of Transmutation burns all negativity and absolves any remaining karma, enabling Nirvana/Cosmic Consciousness, becoming one's Conscious Potential that is capable of accepting, holding and directing the full spectrum of Light with Creative Intent.
The Violet Flame is an active and harmonious energy. It transmutes the negative energies within the body, into Light and into Love.
The Ascended Master, St. Germain, personally oversees the use of the Violet Flame, which is used for metaphysical and alchemical healing of negative energies within the body. The Violet Flame also provides protection from negative entities.
The Violet Flame heals on physical, metaphysical, and etheric levels of your being.
This Flame also supports awakening the intuitive and clairvoyant abilities of the Third Eye Chakra, while strengthening and bringing through increased spiritual capabilities/awareness.
This Flame raises the vibrational level by burning away any blockages from the 6th through the 14th Chakras, cleansing and purifying the Etheric bodies, and bringing all into balance. It will also clear issues of flow and fear of the unknown.

Angelic Healing Light Rays are columns of colored light that reach from the Sky Worlds, down into the Earth, above and below you, infusing you with their energies.

In a sacred space, or while in meditation, ask/give permission for the Violet Light Ray to come into your body. Visualize the column of colored Light descend into you and through you. Ask the Ray to heal any of the issues that you have, which are associated with this color, or just ask it to open you up to it's potential. Work with it for 5-10 minutes a day for best results. Work with the Violet Flame after you have spent time with the Violet Ray.

Color Flames
are actual flame-shaped energies that radiate both within and outside of you.

Flames are higher energy frequencies of the color rays and each one has a specific function in our cellular, etheric, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Begin by calling the Flame into your body, asking it to burn away the old patterns, habits, energies, and blockages that have manifested as issues in your physical body. Ask them to clear your Auric field of these issues, and then to bring Divine Light into your body to replace all that has been burned away.
Work with the Flame as often as you would like, as often as you feel that you need it. Begin with the Ray, and let it help you to heal the issues, then burn away the old with the Flame.

Amethyst, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Sugilite, Tanzanite, and Purpurite.
Try holding one of these stones while invoking the Violet Ray, and afterwards, carry them on you to keep the energies working in your life. You can also sleep with them under your pillow.

In addition, we have the ability to charge water with loving and healing energies. Gemstone Elixirs can be made using Crystals to charge the water, or one can simply infuse their drinking water with positive Intentions of love and healing. Sitting your water in the Sunlight allows the Rainbow Rays from Grandfather Sun to enter the water, further charging it. When we drink the water, infuse it again with your Intention, asking that it transmute all within you to the highest vibrational level possible, and anything else you would like to add, be it healing, light, etc.

Certain stones cannot be used directly for gemstone elixirs, especially blue and green ones, as they contain chemical compounds that will harm you. If in doubt, place them AROUND your water glass, in the sunlight, or cover the water glass with something clear, and place them on top of it. I am currently using tumbled Rose Quartz and a Crystal Quartz point to charge my water. I'm also told that Amethyst would be good to bring the Violet Ray transmutational energies into your life. The other Violet Ray stones listed above have not been cleared for me as being safe to use directly for a gemstone elixir. Instead, use the indirect method for these. Add a Crystal Quartz point to any of it, to boost the energies.

*Always make sure to cleanse your stones thoroughly prior to adding them to your water.


At this time, there is still info coming in on this subject from the Angelic Realm. They tell me this is how we are going to Heal the Waters of this planet. Details to follow....


I do make Orgonite Ray and Flame Color Therapy Discs. If you have not worked with them before, these may help you to bring the needed color energies, and Rays and Flames into your life. You can read about them all here:

Violet Light Ray and Flame Color Therapy Disc

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