Thursday, September 8, 2016

Weekly Energies: Jupiter into Libra, Approaching Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, Equinox, and Water

September seems to hold many energies, and we ourselves are holding them, working with them, and letting them guide us into who we came here to be. A part of this is Jupiter moving into Libra for a year long stay, after being in Virgo for a year, which happens on Friday, tomorrow, so we are feeling the effects of this in a BIG way, as Jupiter is a BIG planet, and all about expansion. Jupiter in Libra expands on the Libra themes of Balance, Justice, and Fairness, as well as bringing His own energies of expansion and abundance into our lives. What do we want to do, to bring abundance into our lives? It must be balanced, just, and fair. Who are we becoming? Are we embracing that with all that we have, doing the work necessary to bring it all about? It's up to us to do the work.

At the same time, we are learning our own worth, and what we will and will not allow in our lives. People are leaving our lives now, in one way or another, when they no longer resonate with the energies that we are putting out, especially when we are vibrating at a higher frequency, many cannot handle this. And the entire Earth is vibrating at a higher frequency! Many are leaving this world now, crossing over out of the blue, due to this, for they did not sign up to be here through all of these changes. And we are changing, every one of us. Remaking ourselves, setting higher standards for ourselves, redefining ourselves, and this is all Mercury's work, while He is in Retrograde. Rethink, Remember, ReWork, ReWord, ReMake, Redo, all of these and more apply to His energies. Mercury is the great communicator, the Messenger of the Gods, and His energies are working in our lives right now, on an individual level, because He is in Retrograde. The Gods are speaking to us right now, each of us, individually, telling us who we are, and what to do to get there. Are we listening?

We each have a Spiritual Guidance Committee that works with us to help us to transform into who we came here to be, that guides us towards the lessons that we need, that sends us Signs daily to keep us on our paths, that showers us with love and helps us to keep our Light shining brightly, by encouraging us and supporting us in all that we do. These are the voices that we hear, the whispers of our soul, our inner voice, and the voice we hear on the wind, for they are all around us, everywhere, interacting with us on all levels, trying their best to get us to listen, to hear what they are saying, to follow our hearts, and do the things that make us happy. Yes, they are there for you, in every moment.

Speaking of the wind, change is on the wind, metamorphosis, transformation, not just of the individual - although we will experience it on this level first - but also on the collective level, on a city, county, state, country, world, and universal level. We change and when we do, that change is echoed out into the world, helping it to change also. The more of these higher energies that we embrace, the more we change. The more we become our highest selves, the more we change the world. And our Spiritual Guidance Committees are encouraging us to become, become, become all that we want to be! We are changing the world by doing so. When you feel down, uninspired, unworthy, or alone, remember that your actions are changing the world, and it's not just about you, it's about us all.

The ones standing up and protecting the Water from the DAPL at Standing Rock, are trying to instill change in our world. They remind us all that Water is Sacred, and Water is Life, it is our life's blood. I won't go into an environmental rant here, I just want to ask you to send them energy, love, prayers, and strength, whenever you can. Help them to help us any way that you can. Here's a couple of links, if you want to do more:
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe website and donation link

Yet, this is not what we are here to talk about, and we must get back to the messages of this week, for there is more that I must share with you.

Next Friday, the 16th of September is the Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse. In this coming week, we are going to feel the energies building up towards these events. As I mentioned in the monthly energy report, these Eclipses are powerful bursts of energy that are coming in to us from the Universe. Energy of this type, creates change. It creates shifting in all of our lives, in the collective mind, and in the Earth Herself. Be prepared for some Earth Changes events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, land or mudslides, or other phenomena. This will come about suddenly and unexpectedly, or will display sudden, powerful bursts of energy. The effect on the collective mind may initially be negative, and we must be prepared to be surrounded with negative energy, with the negative thoughts of others, and, as Empaths, we have to shield ourselves, recognize what is ours and what is not, and let the rest go, if it does not involve us directly.

That's a big lesson for us all right now, learning to let go of what doesn't involve us directly. Other people's lessons are about them, and have nothing to do with us. We are not here to judge another's path, nor their lessons. Send love, and move on, for you have your own work to do. Stay in your own energy field. It is so much about you right now, your growth, your expansion, your learning, your changes, your energies that you are putting out into the world, we have no time to hold ourselves back by getting drawn into another's drama. If they are physically hurt, yes, help them if you can, but recognize that the pain may be a lesson for them, and they need to find that lesson themselves. Support but do not interfere.

Less than a week after the Full Moon, is Autumn Equinox, another day of shifting energies, as the Sun moves into Libra, to sit with Jupiter, and assist us all with balance, justice, and fairness. Autumn Equinox is a day of balance, a day of equal hours of light and darkness. It is considered a balance point, and we need to find our balance so that we can be balanced, especially on this day. Magick worked on this day is about releasing the old, and bringing in the new - in balance. It is also considered to be the Harvest Ceremony, and a time when we look at what we have harvested in our lives, over the past year, and give thanks for it all. This is the original "Thanksgiving", the Harvest Ceremony, where we enjoyed the fruits of our labor, and gave thanks for it all. It is where we set our Intentions for the coming year. After we harvest the fields, we prepare the soil for the next year. On Equinox, we can do this by clearing out our heads, our lives, and our closets, of everything that is no longer needed. To prepare the soil, we dig out any roots remaining from the previous year, and see if they will still "grow corn". If not, we also release them on Equinox. We think about what we want to grow in the coming year, and set our Intentions, or plant the seeds in our minds, so that we carry them into the season of Autumn, the feminine season, the going within season, so that we can work on them, in the darkness, just as the seeds and roots grow in the darkness inside the Earth. We give these seeds the time they need to germinate into well thought out ideas and plans.

Tomorrow, Jupiter moves into Libra, shifting the energies. Next Friday is the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, bringing balance, fullness, and shifting the energies. The following Thursday is Autumn Equinox, who again shifts the energies. It is also the day that Mercury comes out of Retrograde, another shifting of energies... do you see the theme? Energy is shifting, we are becoming, we are collectively shifting, we are moving forward, one step at a time, honoring all that we are, and all that we believe in, until we can fully stand in our power once more.

Cottonwoods and the Rio Grande Acequia
One last thought:

Everything keeps coming back to Water! The importance of Water in our world cannot be understated. Water is the Element of the Direction of West - the Direction that the Wheel turns on Autumn Equinox. West represents the Element of Water, the feminine, the emotions, and intuition and psychic abilities. Grandmother Moon also lives in this Direction, as does Mother Bear. Again, we do not move into this Direction/Element until Equinox, yet we have been seeing Water Energy as a prevailing force in our world since sometime this past July. It IS the year of balancing the Divine Feminine in this world once more, and it is as if the stars are working with us all, to help us to step back into our power, our abilities, our femininity, and now, bring them back into balance with these Libra energies, to bring justice and fairness to all.

Remember that Water is Sacred, Femininity is Sacred, Feminine Energies are important in our world, Women are important, We are a force to be reckoned with, when we are fully in our power. Using our abilities, helps us all, and I want to encourage you to do so every chance that you get. Own them! Water is akin to our emotions, they both must flow freely. Do not be afraid to show your emotions! Let them out, whether they are loving, hurt, angry, or sad, let them flow, and talk about how you feel with others. Now is not the time to be holding back! When we free our own emotions, we free the Waters of this world. When we can express our emotions without fear, we help the Waters of this world to flow and grow. It is no mistake that there is salt in our tears, and salt in the Oceans Waters. Let it flow! Get them out, stop holding on to these old emotions, and release them into the Waters of Life, to help us all. It is only when we heal our own emotions, that we can heal the Oceans.

And that is all there is to say. I wish you a good week, the courage to step into your Power, and to Speak your Truth, and that we all find balance once more!
Love and Blessings,
Michelle, the Cottonwood Crone

ps - I will be sharing a Cottonwood story as a Page on this blog (top menu bar), in the coming days, so please, stay tuned!

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