Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Processing Energy in our Physical and Emotional Bodies

It's recently come to my attention that many are exhibiting signs of unusual illness or disease, out of the blue. I read a channeling report the other day that said we are so used to calling these symptoms by the medically given name, that we have become trapped in that thought pattern. It led me to think more about all of this.

If we label ourselves with the name of an illness or disease, we own it, for words have power, and this is the power of suggestion. But that's not really what this is all about.

We are also feeling amped up emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness, and maybe even frustration or rage. Serious emotions taken to the extreme, when it doesn't fit in with who we are, or what we are all about, when it isn't at all normal for us.

This is all happening because we are processing the energies of Mother Earth and all who dwell upon her, through our own physical and emotional bodies. And because both the Sun and the Moon are waning now, it is time to release these energies.

We are picking up the rage, fear, anger, and frustration of others, if we are empathic. We are also picking up all of the things that Mother Earth can no longer hold, and is releasing into us, so that we can process them, transmute them, and convert them to a higher vibrational level energy, to spread around the planet.

First the emotions: Every time that we release, we do so into the Earth, and She sends them to where they need to go, transforming them into something that She can use. She's been holding these emotions for far too long, and some have developed into other things that are beginning to cause harm - to Her, and to us. So it may be wise at this point, to stop releasing into the Earth, and instead, release into the Air, letting the Wind Brothers blow these things away. We can also release into Fire, which is truly the only way to fully cleanse and clear these energies out permanently, as Fire burns away the old to make way for the new. Water is another way of releasing, yet we are suffering FAR too many Water issues right now, to be pouring our emotions into Mother Ocean, or Mother Water, even in the shower!

Smudging is an Air + Fire tool, and can help us to release these emotions in a way that is more healthy for us all. Alternately, write things down on scraps of paper, and burn them to release them.

Now let's talk about the physical healing issues we're experiencing. Strange symptoms, diseases, and illnesses seem to be going around. Even Lightworkers get sick from time to time! When we think of these illnesses or diseases in the old way, by contributing them to a specific illness or disease, we aren't seeing the whole picture. Let's look at a couple of these, so that I can explain what I mean.

I recently found out that I have Celiac, a gluten intolerance, probably stemming from GMO grains. Mother Earth has also been affected by the planting and raising of GMO grains, and the pesticides used in the production of our foods. She is rejecting them at this time, causing us (more specifically, me) to reject them in my body. Now, I must process these unnatural energies that have come into my (Mother Earth's) body, transmuting them from the toxic poison that they are, into something that can be used - healing energy. By processing them through my own body, I am ridding the Earth of some of these toxins.

One more: I also have Candida. What is Candida? A fungal overgrowth in the body. It is said that we (humans) are a fungus upon on the Earth. There are more of us than the Earth can reasonably sustain, and She is rejecting us, or refusing to give Her fungus any more of Her energy. We keep taking and taking though, as does a fungal overgrowth in the body. It uses our energy, leaving us none for ourselves to heal. What are we doing to the Earth already?

By processing this through my body, I am helping to rid the Earth of some of Her overgrowth issues. Every disease or illness can be seen in this way. What are we processing for the Earth, for us all? And when we see it in this way, we can detach from the emotional energies of having a "disease" or "illness", and process the symptoms, instead. I must get the fungal overgrowth under control, then get it out of my body. To do this, I eat foods that do not promote fungal growth, such as no sugar, no white flours, no alcohol, no mushrooms, very low carbohydrates, and healthy ones, at that. I'm eating healthier, and every single thing that we do, is being magnified in the world, and, of course, on Mother Earth. Healing ourselves, we heal Her, and all of life upon Her.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that every illness or disease is the physical manifestation of an emotional or mental issue. Depression comes from not getting enough sunlight, and sun symbolizes happiness, joy, light, and masculine, forward moving, action taking energy. Heart problems stem from heart issues such as not speaking your heart, not loving yourself, not showing love to others - or not being able to, holding things in our hearts and not letting them out, including all of our feelings, hurt, and pain. Lung problems are about grief, and not grieving enough, again, holding in that hurt and pain. Knee and joint problems indicate a lack of flexibility and fluidity in our lives. Stomach problems indicate worrying too much, having too much stress and anxiety, and stress and anxiety cause panic attacks, which are holding too much fear in your body, again, not expressing these things, or not being able to express them.

When we don't communicate with our bodies, our minds, and our emotions, we create blockages, which can cause physical problems. It also blocks our Chakras. In the photo below, look at what blocks each Chakra, and at the organs or body parts that are near that Chakra, for that is where you will experience the physical symptoms.

Shame in the stomach, guilt in the intestines, fear in the sexual organs...
Now look at all of the fear in our world, and let's ask the big question: Are we blocked by a fear that we won't survive? A fear of our own death? The death of the planet, or of our loved ones? And is that blocking our sexuality, our fertility, our creativity, and our passion for life and living?

I'll leave you to sort it all out.

Remember, what we hold in our bodies, minds, and emotions, manifests in our world, in one way or another. Process it, transmute it, bring it back into the Light, by sending energy to yourself, and surrounding yourself with the love you have always needed.

Together, we can do this!


New Moon is Friday, release it all! We have a new world to grow!

I'll be back probably Friday, with your monthly energy and numerology report for October.

Meanwhile, I'll be radiating out love and light to all. Catch a ray!

NEW INFO 11:11am:
I have something to add to today's blog post, that has just clarified itself for me. And I have received an 11:11 confirmation on this info. Here we go:
I keep hearing that it is the time of the Great Shrugging Off, and they tell me that it is time for us to shrug off everything that anyone else has put on us, any old advice or teachings that no longer resonate with us, any old feelings of shame, guilt, fear, that have been put on us by others, or by our reactions to the words of others, along with any anxiety, stress, or worry caused us by others. In addition, boundaries are of the utmost importance now. Don't own anything that isn't yours, from anger to guilt, to negative energy, to other people's problems or issues, including health.
We are all here to heal ourselves, to own what is ours, what we are right here and now, which includes our mistakes, our own problems, our own healing, and our Medicine. We are being given the green light to step into who we are, by releasing all that we are not, anymore.
This is a great shrugging off, of everything that no longer works for YOU! It is your time! We can only step into the future, when we release the past. Let it all go!

And now, I really must get to work!
Have a beautiful, blessed, and bountiful day!
Love, Michelle

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