Friday, September 30, 2016

October Energies Angel Report and New Moon in Libra

We are honoring Goddesses this weekend over on the Facebook Page, and I want to encourage you to add Mother Earth and Mother Water to your New Moon prayers. I want to begin this monthly report by sending up prayers for those protecting the Earth and Her Waters for us all. Mother Earth is the first Goddess, the one who sustains us all. May She be restored to health, may Her Waters run pure, may Her Air be cleared, and may all creatures live in harmony and peace. Aho!

New Moon in Libra:
This evening is the New Moon here in New Mexico, yet it will be early tomorrow morning in other parts of the world, so it straddles two months. If you consider it to be in September, then this is the 2nd New Moon of September, called a Black Moon, with extra emphasis on manifestation. If you consider this New Moon to be in October, then the New Moon on October 30th would be the Black Moon...

This New Moon is in Libra, and Grandfather Sun is also in Libra at this time, making the energies of Libra very prevalent. Balance and Justice are the themes of Libra. Having just passed the Equinox, balance is still forefront in our minds. We are encouraged to remember that New Moons, no matter how much manifestation power they carry, are also about releasing. That is the balance. Release the old, the past, and everything that no longer serves you, or is not who you are anymore, including people, and other energy drains. Once you clear out the old, you have more room to bring in the New!

Let's wish for a world where Truth prevails, where Justice is served, and one in which we all live in balance and harmony with All of Life once more.

Entering the dark half of the year, we have entered the feminine half of the year, the going within time. The time of planting our seeds or wishes in our wombs to nurture and fertilize them, and help them grow towards the Light. It's also a time of working on ourselves, so we must clear out all that we are not, so that we can see clearly all that we are, and all that we need to bring in to our lives at this time.

The Numbers and Energies of October:
The Angels point out to me that October is a 10 Universal Month, and that we will have three 10-10 days. Each of these days is also a Master Number 11 day, making them extra powerful! These dates are: October 10, 19, 28. Interestingly enough, November is a Master Number 11 month, and October 31st is a 5/50 day, representing Change. The Angels tell me that November will be a month of Change, and that the 10-10/Master Number 11 days of October will lead us into that month of Change and Shifting into the New. A time of Metamorphosis is upon us.

I'll get back to November, for there is more about it that we need to discuss at this time. First however, let's look at more October energies.

The energies of October are about Integration of the energies that we have already experienced. Doing all of this releasing, we are able to see who we are more clearly, and it is time to integrate the New Us into our being.

This is what I am told, by my Guides and the Angelic Realm:

-"Everything is coming up". We could also say that Everything is coming up out of the Collective Unconscious to be transmuted into the Light. This is our job, it's why we are here at this time. Please see the previous blog post for more on this.

-And the Truth is coming out - LOOK BENEATH THE SURFACE (this phrase came up again and again!), read between the lines, see with your 3rd Eye, with your abilities, so that you can see beneath the surface to the Truth of all things and beings.

-The last three months of a 9 year are about finishing up with releasing the old while bringing in the new, deciding the new that you want, collectively.

-Peace is born, given birth to, come Spring.

-Significant losses arise. Yet it's better than what you had. With the wool pulled over your eyes...

-Everything is listening, waiting, to see what you will do, what you will choose. Expectant is the word they used. Expectant Silence or hush as the world awaits our decisions, to see what choice we will make - if we will choose to stand up and create change in our world that helps to heal us all, or if we continue to bury our heads in the sand, ignoring the Truths that have arisen.

-See the Patterns Beneath The Surface...

-Money is not important, recognize what it is (a form of control). Those who think that money is important, will suffer a loss, a great loss. Don't tie the ego to money or a job.

-Our Inner Worlds expand. Free Your Mind, feed your head. Expansion on a personal, inner level.

-Sit in silence and seek the answers that you need.

-All is not as it seems.

Arch Angel Ariel tells me, "The Earth sleeps, and as She sleeps, She dreams." He then goes on to say that "Sometimes, dreams are wiser than waking" (a Black Elk quote). And with this, He refers to illusion and the Veil, and how we sometimes see more clearly in our dreams.

The Veil, the Wool Over Our Eyes, illusion, is splitting, opening, and they are calling it "The Great UnVeiling". When we see beneath the surface, and see the patterns behind it all, we see the Truth and we gain True Sight.

REMEMBER YOUR POWER!!! And use it! We are told.

The month of Change. Power changes hands. The power of the Earth Herself is at stake.
At this point, I wondered who was really controlling the Earth, if Her power was at stake, and was told, "You're about to find out". The last thing I was told about November - and we're thinking elections here - is that it's not going to be what you think...

I'll leave you to decipher all of this in whatever way it works for you. These are directly communicated messages, or channeled information, if you will. I have sat with this information for a couple of days, and only one more thing has come to me. I'll share it now.

As mentioned above, Everything is listening, waiting, to see what we will do, what we will choose. And make no mistake, we always have a choice. Because we have free will, everything can go one way or another, and that is not yet predetermined. However, we must understand that there are factors/factions at work in the background (the patterns they've mentioned) that we have no knowledge of, and who control pretty much everything, including the elections. So in this way, the outcome is predetermined. What I want you to know is this: Right now, we still have a choice as to what we will do. Will we choose to rise up and say We're Not Going To Take It Anymore, demand that the Truth be told, demand that Air, Fire, Water, and Earth be held as Sacred and not destroyed in the name of money (control or power), and that the two party system is no longer working, and it's time to do something different.... or will we continue to sit on our hands, holding our voices in, being sheeple and doing as we are told, going to jobs that we hate, to buy the latest gadgets and fancy cars?

It is always our choice. Will we take a stand? Will we choose to stand in the line of fire, to instigate the changes needed? Or will we lie down and let the bulldozers run over us, eventually destroying all life on the planet? The future, the power of Mother Earth is at stake. It is time to make your decision...

My apologies. I did not intend this to be a political or environmental post, yet I must play the cards that I was dealt, and this month, these are those cards. I remind you that you are stronger and more powerful than you think, and it is time to USE YOUR POWER!!! In this, we refer to your magickal powers and abilities, as much as your physical power. You can no longer hide what you are or what you do. It is time to live our Truth, and demand that others do the same.

When we feed energy to things that we no longer want in our lives, we help it to continue to live - with our own energy. Imagine what you could do with that energy if you focused it...

It's a powerful month of New Beginnings. Make it count!

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."
~Carl Jung

May your Angels ever watch over you, and may you always know just how much you are loved, and how much you and your gifts are needed in this world!

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