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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, and Weekly Energies - September 14th

Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 9/27/2015

You are either going to see this blog post as powerful, or as negative, yet there are things that must be discussed. Not talking about certain subjects has gotten us to where we are now. It's time to talk about them so that we can all heal.

There are pivotal moments in our history, and we are standing at one of them, right now. The actions that we take, the Intentions that we set, and the thoughts that we have, are shaping the future for us all.

The Standing People (Trees) have really been speaking to me this past week. Yesterday, they were showing off their straight branches, pointing in the Cardinal Directions, and to the Above Worlds. They tell us that our thoughts are going straight to the heavens, and to the Four Directions and Elements, at this time, who are giving us their energy with which to create change. Rule #1 is to mind your thoughts. Secondly, send out the appropriate thoughts consciously, to help to create change. When we talk to and give thanks to the Seven Sacred Directions, they hear us. There is energy available to us from the Directions and Elements, and this energy can be used for the highest good of us all. If you want to catalyze change, you learn to direct these energies, through your own thoughts, words, and actions. Natural energy is always available to us all. To be given the gift of using it to create change, tells us that the Universe is working in our favor, and wants to help us in any way that it can. Use this gift wisely.

We are shifting from the 3D to the 5D, and there are some things that are not allowed to move forward with us. The Eclipse on Friday is going to be a gateway, a raw burst of energy that will propel us forward, and help us to align with the non-material worlds, and the pure energy of the Universe. It has the ability to lift us up, or tear us down, depending on where we are on our life path. If we are embracing these higher vibrational levels, it will lift us up and push us forward on our life path. If we are still embracing the energies of the 3D world, it will make our issues all the more prevalent, and mire us in them. This is why releasing is always so important!

At this time, we MUST release those whose energies are not congruent with ours. We must also release the behaviours that contribute to lowering our energies, and the energies of us all. These behaviours include Abuse, in all of its forms. From abuse of the land and water, to abuse of children, pets, and animals, it must stop. These energies cannot move forward with us any longer. We must also align our own Intentions with the desire that these abuses no longer continue, here on this plane, in any form whatsoever.

What does that mean? It means that we stand up for what is right, from here forward. Any time that we see or hear about abuse, in any form, we MUST do the right thing, and stand up for those being abused, be it the Earth, the Water, children, or snakes, anything that lives must be protected, henceforth.

(I realize that my Angels sometimes speak in odd words, yet I'm encouraging them to continue the flow of this channeled message)

If you want to align with your highest good, then you must walk the talk, not only in your own life, but in the lives of any that you are associated with, in your family, friends, community, nation, and the world. It is time for us to say, "WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT ANYMORE".

Now, this does not mean that we should ally ourselves with the perpetrators of this abuse by succumbing to their vibrational level, or allowing their acts to drag us down, in any way. We do understand that by protesting, we feed energy to those that we are protesting against. This is not the case here. We are not protesting, we are Protecting, and we are the Caretakers of this world, and this is our responsibility while we are here. Every living thing is here for each of us to learn from, and the plant kingdom, the standing people, and the creature-beings all make sacrifices of themselves and their lives, for us all. In return, it is essential that we stand up for them, to honor their sacrifice, their teachings, and their gifts for us all. 

If we do not do this, at this pivotal time in our history, they may not be going forward with us.  

It is that essential! Bees are dying, rivers are drying up, the oceans are polluted... the choice is ours, as to whether or not they continue forward with us, healthy, alive, and free. No one of us is free, if another is chained - or being abused. Our Seventh Generation will not have the resources that they need to survive, IF WE DO NOT STOP THE ABUSE NOW!

Then there is the abuse of individuals, and on an individual level. Pedophilia comes to mind, as there is a case here in Albuquerque about it now. Then there are the Catholic priests, who have perpetrated this crime for probably centuries. And many more. Our children are being abused, our women are being abused, our pets are being abused. To look at this from a healed perspective, we see that the abuser needs professional help, that there is something within that individual that needs healing. At the same time, however, the ones who are being abused, will need healing in the future, from the abuse. This is the thing: We all sign up for certain lessons in this lifetime, yet free will comes into play here, and this has caused the abuse to go on for too long, or become too extreme, and it is messing up the minds and lives of those being abused, for entire lifetimes, and this is why it must stop here and now. There are children out there who have responsibilities in our shared future, that may or may not now take place, due to these abuses.

Anytime we allow abuse - and trust me, we as a society are allowing it by not getting the abusers help right away, and getting them away from those whom they are abusing - we are forfeiting our future. When we see an abuser attack an animal, this is evidence that they will attack a child, a woman, a partner, as well. Nip It In The Bud, they say! Children who abuse animals will grow into adults who abuse others. This is not their true life path. It is no one's true life path. We have become mired in abusing, due to our society and its abuses of individuals, the Earth, the Water, the forests, the trees, the air pollution, and it all stems from greed. Money has no purpose if we do not have an Earth to live on.

Abuse is about power. Make no mistake about that. We are all equal. Power, as it is now seen in our world, is not a part of the 5D, and it is time for it to come crashing down. Personal power comes from believing in oneself, ones abilities, and ones Medicine. That is the only power that we can truly hold.

Back to the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse:

The pivotal point is approaching. It is time for us to decide what we will allow in our future, both individually and collectively. Everyone must have a chance at true freedom, a chance to become who they came here to be. It is only by stepping into our roles as protectors, as caretakers of this Earth and all of Her inhabitants, that we will see this future become a reality.

On the Full Moon, set your Intentions well. Think of the future. Release what is no longer working, and let's do this collectively. It is time to create the world that we want to live in. This will take courage on your part, but it must be done. You are strong enough for this task. You signed up for this. This is why you are here, at this pivotal time in our history. We make it or break it depending on our actions between now and Equinox. What will you do?

Stand strong! You are accountable to the future. Never forget that.

The Angels, the Elements and the Seven Sacred Directions, all the powers of the Earth, assure me that they are working with us in all of this. Ask for their help any time that you need it, and they will be there.

It is up to us. We must take the first steps. It is time.

May we make the right decisions.

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