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Water Energy and August Energies, part 2

New Mexico Rain - National Geographic
It is monsoon season here in New Mexico. When I first moved to New Mexico in 1990, during monsoon season, every afternoon when the day got too hot, it would rain, cooling things off. This has changed over the years. Now, we are getting torrential rainstorms 3-5 times a week, with booming thunder, multitudes of lightning, hail, and enough water to fill the yard. Monsoon rains have changed, growing stronger with each passing year. All natural disasters have amped up, becoming much stronger, worldwide. Have you noticed an increase in the strength of thunderstorms in your area?

A couple of night ago, after another torrential downpour, I was outside, standing in the wet grass and breathing deeply, when the Trees asked me if I knew why it had rained so much. They told me it was because there is now more pollution, smog, and chemtrail traces to be washed off of their leaves, so that they can breathe freely again.

Then the grass spoke up, telling me that it takes this amount of rain to keep the Earth alive, to keep everything growing. Even weeds are green growing things, they tell me, and as long as something is growing, the Earth is being kept fertile.

Yesterday, I noticed some illnesses that are associated with Water. Fluid on the lungs, fluid in the leg causing it to swell. Then there are heat strokes, quite common this time of year, which derive from not enough Water, and too much Fire. All of this got me to thinking, and my thinking is usually centered around Spiritual Healing. Water represents emotions, and is represented by the suit of Cups in the Tarot. Are we seeing our Cup as full or empty? Are we feeling abundant or feeling a loss? Are our emotions flowing freely?

Blocked emotions mean a blocked heart, and can cause physical heart problems, as well as Heart and Higher Heart Chakra blockages. Blocked grief and sadness back up in the lungs. Blocked love and not displaying emotions towards others, blocks the heart. Not expressing our feelings, or our Truth, blocks the Throat Chakra. Blocked anger hardens the Heart.

After yesterdays rainstorm, there was a river of water where the street used to be. It's still there this morning, and the cars are riding up on the side of the road to avoid it. We don't want to get splashed with another's emotions. We don't want to delve into our own. We do what we can to avoid feeling our emotions.

It occurs to me that maybe all of this rain is the Earth's way of helping us to express our sadnesses, to clear them out, wash them away. For Water is cleansing. In the bath, we use Water to cleanse our physical bodies, as well as our Etheric bodies, of old emotions that need to be released, as well as the emotions of others that we've picked up. Water removes it all, washing it away, and just maybe this is Mother Earth's way of helping us all to remove all of these old emotions. It's not just the trees that can breathe better after a rainstorm, it's all of us.

If this is true, then the opposite must also be true: If we were not suppressing our emotions, maybe the rains would not be so strong. If there were not so many negative energies to be washed away, a light rain would suffice.

Water is the Element of the Direction of West on the Medicine Wheel. West is the Feminine Direction, home of Grandmother Moon, and our emotions, intuition, and psychic abilities. It is the season of Autumn. Admittedly, we are in the wrong season for Water to be taking such a prominent role in our world, but when I look around, I see extreme flooding in many parts of the world right now. The old is truly being washed away. Will dams burst? Will we break through our own blockages and begin feeling our emotions? I'd say that the Signs are positive for this outcome.

We have had quite a few months of feminine energies, in the masculine half of the year, due to planetary alignments. We are currently in the Fire Sign of Leo, yet there is Water all around us. Water extinguishing those Fire energies of aggression. Water clearing the Air, and Air/East is the opposite of West/Water, the masculine Direction. Air is about our thinking process, clarity, and we ourselves are being cleared out, our minds washed clean by all of these Retrograde planets, all of these Water Energies, so that we can align our thoughts, our "head" with our hearts. East and West, Air and Water, masculine and feminine in balance. Head and Heart working together in harmony.

Too much Air, means we are living too much in our heads, and not enough in our feet, our Roots. Earth grounds Air. Too much Fire means we do not have enough Water to extinguish it in our lives. Expressing our emotions cancels out overly aggressive tendencies. For every Element, every part of the Medicine Wheel, there is another that balances it. Feminine balances masculine, and masculine balances feminine. To be balanced, is to stand in the center, pulling in equal parts of all Directions, including Above and Below, the Heavens and the Earth, the physical and the spiritual realms. North is opposite of South, our current Direction. Balance physicality with spirituality. Walk in both worlds, the world of spirit, and the physical realm.

We are not even to the Direction of West and Water yet this year, and we are experiencing lots of Water Energy already. What will happen come Autumn? Will we align with our hearts, will we be able to express our emotions? We are in for some big changes around Autumn Equinox. Is this how they will manifest?


When I posted the August Energies blog, I only took you through the full moon on the 19th - in Aquarius, an Air Sign, and our mental abilities are highlighted, as well as communication. And that is a current theme, communication, communicating our emotions, our Truth, communicating who we really are. We are Re-defining our Purpose right now, and expressing it to the world, or at least to our family and friends, is what the current energies are supporting at this time. The full moon will be the culmination of this energy, the full expression of it. Then we have Mercury going into Retrograde on the 30th, bringing about a time of learning to communicate better with ourselves, and thinking before speaking, so that we communicate better with others. So you see, there are some masculine energies afoot, they are just working on us from a different angle - through clear thought processes and communication, instead of through aggression. Honing our communication skills and helping us to align our heads (thoughts) with our hearts (emotions), so that we can communicate what we are really feeling. And it is VERY important to do this, to express what is in our hearts at this time. Be true to yourself, be who you really are, who you came here to be. And all of that starts with feeling our emotions, with recognizing them for what they are and then expressing them. And this comes from opening our Hearts, for without opening our hearts, we cannot see what is inside of them, the truth of who we are.

Maybe we should call this Heart Chakra month on our Earth. The month when we all learned to open our hearts.

AUGUST ENERGIES: Full Moon through the end of the month

It is after the energies of the full moon, that the releasing portion of our month will begin. September, being the 9th month, in a 9 year, will also be about releasing. The 9 stands for endings and beginnings, and we cannot have new beginnings until we release the old, making room for the new. The current Water Energies are paving the way for this transition, by washing away a lot of the old. We continue this process in our own lives, during the remainder of this month, and in September. We keep getting flashbacks of old situations in our lives so that we can rethink them, see the lesson, and release it once and for all. Don't hold on to the past or to emotions from the past - release them so that you can replace them with new experiences, from where - and who - you are now.

Saturn comes out of Retrograde on the 13th, and the restrictions on us begin to fall away. Saturn is in Sagittarius, and rules Capricorn. It is also the ancient ruler of Aquarius, the planet of this month's Full Moon. Sagittarius is more freedom loving, and this becomes key after this planet leaves retrograde and begins moving forward once more. The freedom to be ourselves is emphasized, especially on the full moon.

WATER, again!

See the areas in your life where Water is abundant. See how the Earth grows after the rain. Give thanks to the trees that help us to breathe, and go outside and enjoy their fresh energy after a rain. Rain is Abundance, rain brings abundance, and we are truly being blessed at this time. See everything that is coming to fullness in your life, as the gift that it is. Every storm brings more clarity, physically and metaphysically. And Rainbows appear after the storm. Rainbows are leading us to full alignment, both within and without. They are the roads between dreams, remember? The Waters of Life are taking us where we need to go. Trust and have faith in the process. Keep your vibrational level high, and stay positive, releasing all of the negativity, and anything that causes you pain. Let the Waters of Life wash it all away, so that you can be cleansed and clear, like the leaves on the trees after a rainstorm. Breathe freely, deeply, and pull that fresh Air into yourself and let it cleanse you on the inside, and fill you with new energies. Give thanks for the breath of life that fills us.

Sitting outside this morning, seeing the raindrops remaining on the grass, reflecting the Rainbow Rays out into our world, and the rainbow-infused strands of Spider Web connecting these rainbow drops to other parts of the yard, reminds me that in the Web of Life, we are all connected. The Rainbow is a result of Water reflecting Light. More Light is now available in our world, and the Rainbow connects us all, through that Light. Magick is alive and well in our world!

Lastly, faith and trust are key words right now. Know that everything is being worked out for the highest good of us all. Everything is working out in your life for your highest good. Trust the process! Have faith in the Universe! Don't be drawn into any drama, any negativity, or anything that distracts you from staying positive. We may experience issues at times, or be involved in the problems of others. Remember that they are not yours, if they aren't. If they are, keep your thoughts positive about the outcome.

I trust that everything is working out for my highest good.

The Rainbow says there is a pot of gold at the end of it. I think we'll see the end of it around Equinox. What are you dreaming is in that pot? Dream big! Our highest good is at stake!


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