Wednesday, August 31, 2016

September Energies and Angel Report

September begins on a #10/1 day, a new beginning. That 0 in the 10 brings in added energy, and this is going to be amazing! September 1st is also the New Moon, and the Annular Solar Eclipse, which will be from 3am to 6am MDT, while I sleep, but I am assured that we will still feel it! I am being told that the Eclipses this month are Wake Up Calls, and that the energy will DOUBLE on these days.

The New Moon is the Harvest or Corn Moon, and we will harvest what we have grown this year, reap what we sow, therefore, it's important to work on this throughout this waxing moon, for on the Full Moon on the 16th, and Equinox on the 22nd, we will see what we have harvested.

This is what I was told by the Angels, about this New Moon:
Get out of the rut, out of the well worn patterns and habits. Get ready to MOVE (energy) forward rapidly. Do things differently - you have to in order to MOVE this Energy to Define and Enable Purpose. We are still growing, both us and the energies are growing (towards the Full Moon and Equinox). We are really moving forward now!

They go on to tell me that the growing Moon is bringing everything to fruition, towards harvest. We'll be harvesting ourselves, who we are, by what we have put into it, reaping what we have sown (i.e. Purpose). What do you really want to do? You're about to find out! Or not, if you are not aware. Be Aware of the Energies!!! Awareness brings knowledge of your true self and purpose. Reality As We See It is defined by how we see it - REDEFINE Reality!!! Imagine the Reality you want to live in, you want to embrace, and Make It Happen! What do you want? Decide and Redefine!

These are some serious energies this month! I've been given many messages to share with you about it, and want to stress that this is Serious Business we are involved in right now. The Angels telling us that WE define our Reality, and have the ability to Change it, especially this month, is just phenomenal! We have some work to do, but let's remember to make it a fun time too!

Mouse has stepped in to remind us to not get lost in the details. If you feel like you are hitting a wall, back up and look at things from a different angle. Mouse is so tiny, he can only see from a micro perspective. See things differently this month, He says. What you see is what you are, what you are defining yourself as, so see yourself as who you want to be, not mired in difficulties or details. Playfulness happens when we let go and live.

The Angels remind us that we are the Masters of our own Domains! This is our world, our truth, our time, and our purpose to define, create, and bring about.

September is a Master Number month, and Master Numbers help us to 11) see the synchronicities and Signs from the Spirit World so that we can redefine our path, 22) Build our new purpose, 33) Teach others and allow ourselves to be taught what we need, 44) Heal, and 55) change. Equinox falls on the 22nd of September, and this is a Double Master Number 22 day, as it is the 22nd of the month, and a Master Number 22 day. Major Building energies are gifted to us this day, to use to Build A New Way. This day is also Equinox, and the day that Mercury Retro ends, which is giving us a chance to look at how we communicate who we are to the world, this time around. Redefine! A major word for us to embrace this month!

We will make much progress in September, both individually and collectively. Truths will be revealed, on both personal and collective levels. We are healing, collectively. I have been told for a couple of months now that everything will come to a head, on Equinox, meaning that we will then see what we have harvested, individually and collectively. In this way, it is a coming together month, a month to keep the theme of Unity in our minds, for this is one of our higher purposes, one that we have a choice to include in our reality. Will we? I believe we will! We are here this month to enable our purpose, to redefine it, and this is a part of it all.

Time is another subject that kept coming up. The Angels gave me the following: Time Constraints, Timing, Rhythm, and Acting Outside of Time. Time is a concept, not an unchangeable truth. To act outside of Time, we must be aware of Time, but not live by it. Live by your own sense of time, by natural time, acting in the physical world from sunrise to sunset, working on your inner world from sunset to sunrise. Or working on The Inner Worlds during the dark hours. The Inner World is the Void, the space where creativity happens, where seeds are planted in the dark, to grow towards the light. It is here that we must give birth to the new, redefined purpose that we are now ready to embrace. Don't let Time keep you from your own Truth, or inhibit your personal rhythm. For when you are working in these inner worlds, you are acting outside of time.

Another message that came through about this month, is the word SWOOP. I had to inquire what was meant by this term, and this is what I got: Let go of the strings, so that we can Swoop you upwards, lift you higher. This is about the energies rising. The "strings" they mention are those same ruts and well worn pathways, patterns, and habits that we have embraced that are no longer serving our highest good. We are told to see the habits for what they are, routines, confines, restraints, in order to move forward, these habits and restraints are teaching you, they are your teachers. By seeing the truth of why these habits, restraints, constraints, ruts, and patterns exist, we learn to rise above them. Remember Mouse's lesson here, and see things for what they are, from a higher perspective, in order to learn. See differently!

Learn to love the process. Eye opening exchanges are taking place. The process of change, becoming new, opening up to these energies is necessary in order to redefine who you are. You have to Move Your Physical Body to Move that Stuck Energy! Do things differently! Make it happen! A whole new level of awareness, energy, motion, forward movement, and purpose are now available to us.

We are reminded that in order to embrace the new energies, we must get rid of the old. So to go along with this Swoop message, we are also told to sweep, cleanse, and clean, ourselves, our spaces, our energy fields. When we move out of those old ruts, habits, and patterns, we have to physically Re-Move them from our lives. Afterwards, we cleanse and clean our energy fields, to permanently remove all traces of them.

Let's talk for a quick minute about Psychic Cord Cutting. Many things from our pasts have been making us aware of them in these last few days of this waning moon, so that we can learn any lessons remaining, and then cut these "strings" of attachment to people and places in our pasts, letting it all go, once and for all. The best way to do this is to cut the psychic cords that are attaching you to these old situations. You can do an online search for Psychic Cord Cutting. They are all about the same. Do it outside, so as not to spread the gunk pulled out of you all over your dwelling. Call on your Angels or Guides or even ArchAngel Michael to assist you. Think of a situation or person that you are ready to let go of, find the location of their energy cord in your body, send love to them through this cord, thank them for any lessons received, and let them go. Then pull on the cord until you pull it completely out of yourself. If you are not able to pull it completely out, ask for assistance in cutting this cord. Use ArchAngel Michael's sword to cut it. Afterwards, cleanse your energetic body through smudging, bathing, using lavender to remove emotional energies, and Himalayan Pink Salt to repair any Aura damage caused. Most of these cords lie in the gut, as that is where our Intuition lies, and where we feel things the most. If the cord should lie in the heart, take extra cautions to not pull too hard and start any holes in this area. Ask for help, and allow your Guides or Angels to do the cord cutting here. Afterwards, give thanks for any help received. 

September is also a 9 month in a 9 year, making it a double 9 month, and a 9 Universal month. September 9th, 18th, and 27th will all be triple 9 days, or 999. These are days of Endings, and remember, we cannot begin anew until we make a clean break with the past. For the first few weeks of this month, however, we are going to be growing energy, that is, through the full moon, and on until Equinox. Afterwards, we may be ready to release even more. Yes, I am hearing this now. At that time, we will be releasing old energy patterns that no longer work in our world. More on that later in the month.

A #9 year is about both endings and beginnings. We have to let the old go to make room for the new, and we also have to embrace the new ideas, and purpose that we have chosen, in order to have something to replace the old with. Work both sides of the stream this month, let go, and redefine purpose. Release and Renew. Rebirth happens when we are ready to grow again, to bloom. We have time to bloom, to become who we came here to be, and to redefine our world into the world that will help us to continue blooming and growing.

One last word for this month: Integrity: the highest level of character, ethics, and morals. It's only when we truly believe in ourselves and our PURPOSE that we can live in our lives embracing integrity always. It's time to embrace Integrity, both individually and collectively. For our Collective Purpose is defined by our individual redefined purposes, by us living our truth, with love and integrity. Unity happens when we all feel safe in expressing who and what we are. It's time to be the change.

Welcome September!
We are ready to Redefine Our Purpose, and Be Our Truth!
We accept your higher energies, change, and growth in our lives.
We are the change we have been waiting for.

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