Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Full Moon, Eclipse, Emotions, Communication, Religion and Beliefs

The full moon eclipse includes a yod, or God's Finger, pointing at Jupiter, with the Moon Herself, and Uranus, agent of sudden and unexpected changes, as its base. Jupiter, the planet named after the King of the Gods, is about our beliefs, expansion, and abundance, and brings religion into the mix.

A lot of energies around this Full Moon, and this Eclipse. To make matters more difficult, our energy fields are expanding, and we are holding more Light, or feeling the pressure of not being able to expand - Jupiter again.

The Moon in Aquarius, which is an Air Sign, is still bringing out our emotions, as is the almost-Eclipse. Jupiter is expanding them, with that finger coming from the Moon and pointing at Jupiter. Uranus presses us to change, change our beliefs, change our emotions, change how we are doing things, seeing things, feeling things, and communicating about it all. With Uranus being the other side of the finger pointing at Jupiter (expansion), the energies of change are also expanding. Sudden unexpected change is amplified, by both Jupiter and the Full Moon. We HAVE to change now, and we are not ready! No we aren't!

There are many of us who are ready for change, ready to let go of what is, to trust what is coming, to have faith, to tune in and let these energies play with us as they will, and maybe not enjoy it, but accept it fully. We are in the process of a major shift on Planet Earth at this time, and this Full Moon and Eclipse are bringing it. We will either change, accept change, or be left to wallow in our emotions.

So, all of our emotions are coming to the surface, and we are expressing them any way that we know how. If we are tired, we express ourselves in anger. If we are fed up, we express our fears in a variety of ways. Our words show where we do not love ourselves, are not trusting the process, or don't believe in our ability to overcome obstacles.

We communicate our hurt, pain, and fears, or our trust, faith, and love, in all that we say and do.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this also affects others. What are we putting out into the Air (Aquarius) that others are picking up on, what energy are we expressing? What energy are we receiving? Are we choosing to stay in our own energy field - which has expanded - or are we leaving it open to absorb the energies of others?

We are holding more Light, or our energy fields have expanded so that we potentially can, and if we focus on them and fill them with Light, at least once a day, it can help us to stay positive, to keep our vibrational level high, to stay in our own energy field with awareness.

If, on the other hand, we remain open to any and all energies coming at us, it's only going to EXPAND what others are feeling and fill our energy fields with those random fear, pain, hurt energies of others - or magnify our own.

One more note on emotions - they are the gateway to our psychic abilities. To FEEL our own emotions, is to be open to feel those of others. This is what Empathy is all about. Empathy is a basic ability that we all have, and can lead us to using our other abilities. And the full moon amplifies those abilities, as well as amplifying our emotions. We are feeling everything! And maybe all of these emotions are coming up to be cleared out of the way, so that we can better use our psychic abilities!

At this point, it may be beneficial to ask if what you are feeling is yours or another's. It may be beneficial to purify yourself, smudge yourself and your energy field, bathe in lavender to remove the emotional energies of others from you, cleanse your Aura, walk barefoot in the grass, take a salt bath... or whatever method you use to fully purify and cleanse yourself.

How did religion get into the mix? Maybe the better question is why. Many are questioning their beliefs at this time. Many are doubting themselves, which means that we are seeking answers outside ourselves. Many are having crisis's in their personal lives, be it physical or emotional. This also leads to people looking for help outside themselves. Or seeking salvation, prayers, and projecting neediness onto others. Many are lost, many are waking up and feeling lost, and needing someone or something to guide them. We have many false prophets in this world, from money and greed, to Capitalism, to religion and religious cults, to presidential candidates promising better things that they cannot provide. In a way, these are our new cult leaders, in a Hitler-esque kind of way. Inciting fear so that they can be the one to make it better. Inciting fear because they know that it can be used to manipulate their followers. And inciting fear breaks us down to our base level. The military does it, and we go into survival mode... and that's another subject, one we've spoken of here before.

Safety and security lie at the base of our hierarchy of needs. To feel safe in our own bodies and homes, to feel safe inside ourselves, is a basic need. This full moon and eclipse are bringing up old mother issues, and here is where it comes into play. If we don't feel that our mother loved us, we don't feel safe in our own bodies. If she didn't protect us, well, no one could, or would. If she didn't love and support us, how can we feel safe? How can we love ourselves or believe in ourselves, if she didn't?

The truth is, however, that it is UP TO US to decide to feel safe within ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to love ourselves, EVEN if we feel that no one else does. This brings God back into the picture. If we don't love ourselves, we don't feel that God could possibly love us or support us, or we look to Him to love and support us, EVEN if we don't love ourselves. We are placing the need to be loved on others, instead of on self where it belongs. It doesn't matter what your mother did or didn't do, you can still love yourself! And, quite frankly, if you don't believe in yourself, you aren't going to feel like God believes in you either. You'll feel lost - because you are looking for that validation outside of yourself, when you are the one who must validate yourself, and your own life. That falls on you.

Perhaps I am preaching to the choir here, but maybe, there are those who need to hear this. If you are not one of them, maybe you are the one to deliver this message to one who does need to hear it. Or not. It's entirely up to you!

I want to talk about a touchy subject now, against my better judgment: Praying for others. I am seeing many asking for prayers right now, and I do understand it is because they are feeling lost and unloved and even unwanted. They are looking for something to believe in, and if they see a "miracle", they might just believe! Aye! This is difficult to say...

I remember when I was at the lowest point in my life. Everything had fallen apart. I'd been abused by my mother again, as an adult, while trying to be her caretaker, a position that the Universe warned me not to get involved in. Well, it broke me. I came home and suffered depression, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness. Then I went outside, got on my knees in the dirt, and asked the Creator and anyone else listening, for help. I begged for it. I did not know what to do or who else to turn to. I gave it up, recognized that I did not have the answers, and invited the Universe into my life to help me to recover, to heal. I don't believe in asking others for prayers, if I am not praying for myself. I don't believe in praying for others, if they are not praying for themselves, and for others. And I do not believe in praying for others if they have not specifically asked me to do so.

All of that being said, I have to explain my beliefs now... I believe that everything that happens to us, happens for a reason. I was broken so that I could heal my life, finally. We have physical illnesses so that we can see that we have a problem. Physical illness indicates a spiritual, emotional, or mental issue that is unresolved. Anxiety is fear trapped in the body, which causes stomach problems and digestive issues. Stress is the same thing, expressed by the body in a different way, but having the same results. Carrying too much responsibility on one's shoulders, causes shoulder, back, and neck problems. Not expressing our emotions, grief, sadness, love, causes heart problems. Not expressing grief specifically, causes lung problems. And so forth.

Recently, I learned that I have Candida, Celiac, and a Carbohydrate Intolerance. What did I do? I started treating my body better! I realized that I alone was the source of the problem, and that mind over matter was the only way to cure it. I was strong enough to stop eating carbs, because I believed that I was. I was strong enough to stop eating everything that was causing problems in my body. And I did. I am much healthier now, still recovering from years of eating and drinking things that were unhealthy, but I'm working on it. The issue is why did I feed these things to myself? What was I lacking that these foods replaced? Love. I had to learn to love myself even more, and I had to learn to appreciate my physical body, and to give it what it needed, to give myself what I needed. Love. Nurturing. Support.

When I went through my own healing process, I healed simultaneously on the Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional levels. I knew that one day it would come down to healing on the physical level, and it did. I had to pay the piper. And I am. No whining allowed. Do The Work!

I do realize that there are many out there that may not yet be ready to do the work. They may not be ready to truly seek help. They may not feel worthy of being helped, of getting help, of healing themselves. This is when believing in oneself, knowing that you are worthy just because you are alive, and that love always surrounds you, can be beneficial. You Are Worthy. You do deserve to be healthy and happy. We all do. And help is always, always available. And maybe that's another message that we need to pass on.

Now that I have taken you through my personal journey, I guess we need to move along to what I believe about prayer. I believe that each of us must face the Creator alone and pray, for ourselves, others, the natural world, and all of us as a whole. I also believe in giving thanks daily, to all of Creation, to all of the Elements, and to the Seven Sacred Directions, for their help in my life, and in all of our lives. I also give thanks daily to my Allies, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Helpers, and my Angels, all of whom have helped me tremendously, and all of whom are always with us, even when we feel alone in the world, they are there.

I work with my Angels and they have shared much information with me. I believe that we each have our own Angels that work with us. When I hear of someone being sick, needing help, or asking for any kind of assistance, I ask my Angels to work with their Angels to surround them with love and light, to help them find the healing that they need, to help them to accept the healing, love, or energy that is always being sent to them, for this is what we truly need - to open to our own potential to heal ourselves, with the help of the Universe. It is about finding the lesson that is needed, so that we can heal ourselves. And if we are open to finding that lesson, the Universe will help us to do so.

I've seen prayer miracles, where a bunch of people praying for one individual can "heal" them. Yet, I wonder if it is the individual feeling all of that love, that is the real cure. God, the Creator, the Great Spirit, or whatever you want to call the masculine divine force of the Universe, helps those that help themselves. We alone have to take the first steps in seeking healing, by recognizing that we need it, and asking for help - from the Universe, your God, the Creator, or the Divine Mother, Great Goddess, or Grandmother Moon! It is up to you!

And that's the bottom line: We are here to heal ourselves, and it all starts and ends with us. Yes, we can be there for others, to support them, to offer them a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a hug, a touch, and send them love and energy, and even healing energy, but they alone must accept that they need it, and be open to receiving it. They alone must search their own soul, for the answers to the issue that they are experiencing, and be open to receiving help for the problem at hand.

 What are you open to receiving? It is a time of abundance, of growing towards harvest next month, of learning to love ourselves and believe in ourselves, of letting go of our old emotions, and being open to new learning, people, and situations coming into our lives. If we are but open to receive.

This full moon is bringing it all up and out. Communicate with kindness, with love towards others. Our collective Heart Chakra is opening up. This morning, the Universe shared the following with me:

"The green grass and all of the green growing things in nature, are the color of the Heart Chakra. Opening up to them, helps us to open our own hearts, and to be in awareness."

Spend some time out in nature. Soak up those green energies!


Make some strong wishes on this full moon. Remember, it's up to you.

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