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August Energies: Leo, Lions Gate, Rainbows, Ripening Moon, and Retrograde Planets

Today is Monday August 1st, and it is a #9 day, The Day to do your Releasing for the ending of the Thunder Moon cycle, and all that She has brought up for you. Tuesday is the New Ripening or Sturgeon Moon, and it will be a #10/1 day, a day for new beginnings. The Sun is in Leo, and by tonight, the Moon will be too. Regal like a Lioness, this Moon will usher in a month of Inspiration, Creativity, and Karmic Rewards.

We've spent the month of July having everything in our lives come up for review, so that it could be healed and released. July's Moon was the Thunder Moon, and Thunder catalyzes change, therefore, everything that came up, did so to teach us a lesson so that we could change for the better. It brought on deep change within us, and this is partly due to Pluto and now Uranus being in Retrograde. Pluto with its energies of Mystery and Regeneration, Rebirth and Transformation, has been at work deep within us, helping us to transform. It really doesn't matter if we wanted to or not, the Universe, in it's wisdom, has decided that the time is right for us to change, and is daily moving the planets in a way that assists us in changing. We have Universal support during these changes, and that's the thing to remember. Everything is happening for our Highest Good.

There have been times during the past month when the energies of sadness seemed to permeate every living thing, the very air that we breathe, and it's been rough. Think of the tears shed as if they were rain that fell during this Thunder cycle, and what happens after a rainstorm? Rainbows! That is the Keyword for this month!

Each color of the Rainbow is also a vibrational level. Light is required to produce rainbows, bringing in Light into the stones - and all other objects of nature - that carry a rainbow effect. The Rainbow stones increase one's vibrational level. Each color of the Rainbow, represents one of the Chakras, resulting in the rainbow stones bringing in Light to every one of the Chakras, balancing and aligning them to a higher level.
You can also see the Rainbow Light Effect in Spider Webs, dew on grass, snow, and in many other natural objects. These rainbows are a Sign that you are seeing through the Veil into the realm from which Signs come, or in other words, connected to the Universal Stream of energy that not only produces rainbows, but also sends us the Signs that we need along our path to guide us. These rainbows are a Sign that you are waking up, and seeing these Signs, and the Universe is speaking to you through these Signs.
It can also indicate that you have raised your vibrational level.

According to Tom Chetwynd, the Rainbow is a symbol of "Imagination itself, a many coloured raiment both covering and revealing the pure light. . . ." He also mentions the bridge it makes between sky and earth and observes that it takes imagination to "unite the opposites of above and below."

Rainbows are bridges of light in this world. They can open the doors of the imagination, help us to see clearly, or to go within. Tying all of this together, let us see the Rainbow as a symbol that illustrates how far we can reach in this world, how we can connect to both Earth and Sky, and how we can light up the lives of all that we touch...

I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says, "Rainbows are roads between dreams", and that is a good statement to explain this month's energies. What are you reaching for? What are your goals? The rainbow gives us the energy that we need to reach for the stars. It's time to grow towards harvest, with this ripening moon, and we again have Universal support in reaching out and moving forward, in pursuit of our dreams.

Leo the Lion's ruling planet is the Sun. Leo’s color is yellow, like the Sun, and the metal which embodies the energies of the Sun, is gold. The Lion is a symbol of Christ, and at a high vibrational level, Leo the Lion embodies the Christed Consciousness. It IS the Golden Ray. The Lion also symbolizes strength, courage, and leadership. It is Dharma personified. Dharma is the moral force that orders the universe. It is about taking action, like an arrow fired straight at its target, reminding us to move directly towards our goals this month. Dharma is the opposite of Karma, it is deliberately doing what you need to do to progress spiritually.

The Lions Gate portal of 8-8-8 is open from August 1st through August 12th. According to StarChildGlobal (dot com):
It’s energy “allows for a powerful influx of Light Codes that will shape the form of experience in the coming year. These Light Codes will lift you into another level of evolution and experience if you allow this process...”
You can read more about it on their website: on the Lions Gate Portal

The journey to the Full Moon of August is a powerful time in our world, a time when we can get a lot accomplished, be creative, social, graceful, strong, bold, and let the energies lead us into who we came here to be. Our vibrational level is rising collectively, and we are all feeling the effects, especially for the next 18 days. We have the Rainbows bringing light into every one of our Chakras, the Lions Gate bringing in the Light Codes and lifting us even higher, and, to top it off, August is a Master Number 44 month! Master Number 44 is the Master Healer. It is my belief that these Universe-supported energies are going to heal us all at a rapid pace, or at least offer us this high level of healing. Some may not be ready for this, and will continue to resist, continuing the energies of discord and negativity that have characterized this phase of our #9 year, which is the process of releasing everything that has ever held us back. Yes, we are still dealing with assholes, but we have to remember that the problem is theirs, not ours, and don’t own it, don’t buy into it, and if you are, then you are allowing it.

A key phrase this month is: You Attract What You Think About. In this time of instant karma, this phrase has become: YOU MANIFEST WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT. All the more reason to not buy into negativity, especially with the current political situation in our country. Don’t give energy to the negative becoming fact! Remember the strength that we have. Remember how powerful you are, we are. Remember that everything is happening FOR OUR HIGHEST GOOD! Remember to surround any disharmony with the Whirling Rainbow of Peace. (see last week's blog post for more on this)

White Buffalo has once again appeared, and it is said that this Sign will bring harmony and unity to our world. White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman appeared first as a woman, bringing the gift of the Peace Pipe to the Sioux. One of the lessons in Her story, is that there were two guys who first spotted Her while they were out hunting. One of them thought how fine She was, and lusted for her, and he was destroyed. The other came to her in peace, and he took Her back to the tribe, to share Her teachings with them. The one who was destroyed for coming at Her in lust, tells us that Woman will not be disrespected, and all who do, will be destroyed. This is why I chose the Lioness symbol for Leo, for She is the strong protector of Her tribe, and this is a time of equalizing the energy of the Divine Feminine in our world.

The Rainbow is also a symbol of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, as when She left the tribe that fateful day, she became a yellow buffalo, then a red one, then a black one, and finally, a white one. Showing us how All of the colors work together in Unity. Therefore, the Rainbow is a symbol of Unity, as is the White Buffalo.

A clock symbol has repeated itself to me for the past few days, and as it is one of the keywords for the Leo New Moon, according to Darkstar Astrology, it bears mentioning here. Clocks, time, and perfect timing are essential right now. Watch for time prompts, such as 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, and so forth. Work on stepping outside of time, or not paying attention to time, and doing things when they feel natural or right, instead. Pay attention to the timing when presenting new projects or ideas, or to any time prompts that you receive when thinking of new ideas, for these will be confirmation signs. Time is speeding up. We seem to get a lot less done every day, so manage your time well. And maybe even experiment with changing your schedule, doing things at different times of the day, instead of the usual routine. This trick always opens up new energy for me, and I recommend trying it.

8 will be a prominent number this month. August is the 8th month, and we are in a 9 year. Any number added to 9, becomes the original number. 8+9 = 17 and 1+7 = 8, making August an 8 Universal Month. Every year we have 8-8 days, and this year is no exception. August 8th, 17th, and 26th, all embody these 8-8 energies, which is akin to the Lions Gate, with the 8th of August being especially potent, as we are in the Lions Gate Portal. On these days, pay special attention to Signs you see, Messengers, and to your dreams or visions. Many messages are coming through right now, with a lot of energy being processed by us all. Keeping our vibrational level high, ensures that we receive messages of the highest order, that serve our highest good. Powerful stuff!

Besides this also being a Master Number 44 month, we will see a lot of Master Number days this month. See the sidebar on the left of this blog, for a list of them. Pay special attention to the Master Number 44 days, in this Master Number 44 month: the 9th, 18th, and 27th.

The 28th of August is an 8-9-10 day, and the 27th through the 29th are 8, 9, and 10 days, respectively. That will be an important weekend.When I am told why this was pointed out to me, I will let you know! (smile!)

The New Moon is on a 10/1 day, bringing in new beginnings. The Full Moon will be on one of those Master Number 44 days, the 18th.

Interestingly enough, there are no 9-9 days this month, but wait for September, it will contain many of them!

I’ve been told that many changes are occurring, and that Autumn Equinox will see us in a very different place, or in a place where these have all manifested. I mention this so you will be aware that Equinox this year will be especially powerful, and begin preparing for it now. Equinoxes are days of balance, so we can release as well as bring in the new, on these days. It is a time of re-evaluating our goals for ourselves. Given the energies of August, in moving towards our dreams, we may want to take note of what those dreams are, to use on Equinox.

Additionally, in September, we will have 2 eclipses, the first one, the annual Solar Eclipse, will be on the 1st of September. Info on these will be provided at a later date.

Uranus has gone Retro, whose energy embodies sudden, unexpected change, and in Retro, the change is within us. Uranus info suggests that we await making changes in our physical, or outer world, until Uranus goes direct on 12/29. Keep on the inner path.
Pluto is still Retro, through 9/29, keeping us mired within, making changes.
Saturn will come out of Retro in Sagittarius, on the 13th of August, freeing us from discipline and self imposed bondage. Saturn is also known as Chronos, representing Time...
Mercury goes Retrograde on the 30th of this month. Get ready now by backing up your computer. This one will draw our communication inwards, helping us talk to ourselves better, and to think before we speak.

I’ve only covered the first half of August here, up until the Full Moon. I have been updating these energies weekly on this blog, and will make sure that I do so for the 2nd half of this powerful month. For regular energy updates, please like and follow my Facebook page, The Touch The Earth Page, where updates are provided 2-3 times a week.

Due to the Rainbow Energies, I have decided to feature all of my Rainbow Light Effect products this month. There will also be weekly Featured Products that will be on sale in the shop, throughout this month. If you visit the shop, you will see 4 Orgonite containing the Rainbow Light Effect, and/or the Rainbow Angelic Light Ray, in the Featured Products section of the shop. Here’s that link:
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Lastly, let me wish you a Powerful month, Healing on all levels, Positivity and Light radiating from your very soul, and all of the resources that you need, to pursue your dreams!

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Thanks again Michelle. I've been haphazard at best when it comes to astrology but you always manage to explain it in a way I get. Thank you so much. Blessed be