Thursday, July 14, 2016

Weekly Energies and Messages from the Universe - July 14th

Loved one, do you know that your energy is supporting the Earth at this time? Do you know how powerful you are? Those who are in darkness in their lives, are beginning to see a glimmer of Light, of hope, because of the work you are doing. Never doubt yourself! 

This week's message begins with encouraging us to Hold The Light, for the Earth, and for others who may need it at this time. If you are reading this, chances are that you have felt the fears and negativity of others all around you, and you are unsure of what to do. The Angelic Realm advises that we not hold on to these energies, nor let them linger in any way. Instead, go outside and ground yourself, and release them, in any way that they want to be released: in the air, into the water, the fire, or poured directly into the Earth, trusting that their energies will be used in whatever manner they need to be. We are lightening the load for others at this time, and this work is essential to our world. Know that you are capable of handling anything that comes to you for releasing, so long as you remember that it is not yours. Invite the Angels to assist you anytime you need them.

We are approaching the Full Moon on Tuesday, which will happen on a Master Number 44 day, the Master Healer. Full Moons are a time to give thanks for everything that is coming into our lives, and to begin releasing all that has previously held us back. This is a perfect opportunity for us to fill this world with healing, and to help others to release anything that is preventing them from healing their own lives.

Prior to the Full Moon, we still have the weekend to get through. Saturday brings another 7-7 and 5/50 day, carrying much of the same energies as July 7th, which was a pivotal day in our world. On this day, we are asked to radiate light out from our being as much as possible, to stay in a higher vibrational level, and to remember that others may be hurting, so share a smile, a touch, a hug, and be gentle with everyone you meet - including yourself!

Sunday will be a Master Number 33 day, and a 6/60 day. 33 is the Master Teacher, while 6 and 60 teach us about maintaining the ultimate balance within ourselves. We are all both masculine and feminine, light and shadow, and it is only through embracing all sides of ourselves, that we can remain balanced and centered in our own lives. Accepting ourselves for who we are, right this very moment, helps us to stay in the energies of Now, in the present, mindful and aware. We are all growing and changing at this time, and by choosing to be present, we can easily flow with anything that arises.

Monday is a number 7 day, in a 7 Universal Month, and 7 is the recurring number for this month. It is about faith, independence and individuality, collective consciousness, spirituality, spiritual acceptance and development, spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, inner wisdom, introspection, intuition, psychic abilities, emotions and feelings, empathy, healing, and Divine Life Purpose.

Then on Tuesday is the Full Moon, followed by Wednesday's 9-9 energy - the next BIG opportunity for releasing. At this time, we will be able to do some collective releasing. We'll get to this in a moment.

First, I want to remind you of this month's Theme:

"We are the SOURCE of our own confusion, health, happiness, hate, anger, love, and so much more! It is up to us to create the world that we want to live in, through our own words and actions. We are reminded that we are Co-Creators, with the ability to manifest our dreams - this means that we ourselves, are responsible for doing the work."

~July Energies Blog Post


Lately, there have been many incidents happening in our world that are triggering all of these emotions to come out of so many of us! Hate, anger, violence, and divisiveness are all around us,  affecting us all. If we (collectively) did not have these emotions within us that needed to be released at this time, they would not be coming out, making their presence known.

As a society, we need to release the issues of racism and discrimination - that is why they are coming up. This is the result of years of conditioning, of being taught through divisive political and religious teachings. It is also the result of our history, our Ancestors and all that they suffered, it is in our very DNA, our blood holds these memories of suffering, of being the warrior and the victim, of being suppressed, oppressed, of being made to feel unworthy, of being abused, shamed, made to feel guilty for no reason at all, of supremacy, of privilege, of being taught to hate others for being different. Our blood holds all of these memories, all of this pain, all of this shared conditioning.

We are being asked to release any collective karma that we are holding onto having to do with racial inequality, and anything within our bloodline or dna that perpetrated violence or discrimination in any form, in the past, against any peoples who are different from us in any way: race, creed, color, religion, etc.

This is what we want to help to release, this collective karma that We The People have in our history, of inequality, suffering, and discrimination. We must wipe the slate clean, so that we can start anew, together, as One People sharing a common destiny, working together in Unity, towards true freedom, equality, and enlightenment.

How do we go about this?
We ask the Universe, our Angels, and call on Grandmother Moon, and our Ancestors, to help us to let go of any collective karma that we are holding onto in our blood and in our DNA, that needs to be released at this time. We shake it off of our being, smudge it out of our energy field, bathe it off of us completely, and then return to help others to do the same, or to release anything that we can for them, so that we are lightening the load of the world, which allows in more light, and more healing for us all.

There is more that the Universe imparted to me over the past few days, that I would like to share with you here:

The Universe says, "We understand that there are many in your world who are hurting, and feel like their own lives do not matter, and that this is preventing them from realizing the need to recognize that the lives of others matter also. We ask that they be given the space and the healing needed, so that they will be able to come back into harmony with themselves, and know that they, too, are loved, and that of course their lives matter also. That is a given." They go on to tell me that "when we do not fully believe in ourselves, that having to acknowledge that others lives matter may feel like they are diminishing themselves, and this is not the case. Nothing can diminish you except your own beliefs about yourself."

They tell us this so that we can better understand those who are causing division at this time, and those who continue to perpetrate discrimination in any form. This is not for us to heal, this is something they must do for themselves, and it will only happen when they can believe in themselves, above all else, and release any fears that they are holding onto.

Fear and insecurity are at the root of all of this debacle that is going on around us. Fear that we are not worthy, insecurity because we do not feel worthy, fear that others are more worthy than us, not fully believing in ourselves, not realizing how much we are all loved, not understanding that we are all equal, and have equal rights upon this Earth. We (collectively) are afraid that someone is going to get something that we do not have. Some right, some material possession, some benefit... and much of this has to do with social conditioning. The divisive political and religious agendas have created this sense of competition within us, making us believe that we are here to compete with each other over mere trivialities, and this is just not the case. It matters not if this is your belief, it is the collective belief, and what must be healed, corrected, in each of us, if we are to move forward together in equality and unity.

Is there an answer beyond releasing the collective karma? Only healing it within ourselves, and being the example so that others will follow doing the same. Be loving, be kind, remain positive, and hold the Light for those who have yet to embrace it. We are not our brothers keeper. We cannot force people to heal, if they are not yet ready. But we can shine our own light brightly. We can show them a better way. We can choose to stay out of anything divisive, anything that lowers our own vibrational level, and stay away from those who perpetrate it. Remaining in our own energy is essential at this time. We cannot be the Light, if we are allowing others to drain ours.

Today, I will be a beacon of light.
Today, I will radiate light outwards to all.
Today, I will send love and light to myself in all of the realms in which I exist, and encourage those parts of me to radiate this love outwards, and to share it with all that they meet.

May you know how much you are loved and needed at this time.


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May blessings abound!

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