Thursday, July 21, 2016

Magickal Tapestry

The world is a rich tapestry, magickally weaving together words, sounds, colors, images, symbols, light, love, creature-beings, trees, plants, stone people, stars, and all of us. We keep pulling on a loose thread that will tear the whole thing apart. Instead, use your magick to weave that thread back into the tapestry, and expand it, giving it even more color and light and sound and magick and love.

We all know what the problems are. We know what we are feeling. We see our world expanding and collapsing at the same time. We know that we have to remain detached, keep our vibrational level high, radiate Light and Love, and take action in any way that we can, to keep the fabric of our world intact. We also know that this is why we are here, at this time, in this place, to be the Witness, the Lover, the Weaver, and the Flame of the world and all that She contains.

We know that we have to heal ourselves first, and we've been working on that for what seems like a very long time. We know about the 100th Monkey Effect, and we keep trying to reach the tipping point. We know that Light will prevail over evil and the darkness in this world, and yet we still worry, and wonder if it will ever happen.

We are here to change the world, and we do that by being our best and highest selves. Expressing our worries, concerns, fears, and angers, has not ever gotten us far enough to reach the tipping point, so we know that we have to do things differently this time around.

We are all healers, teachers, students, lovers, light workers, magicians, and Co-Creators, all. And we have let ourselves and our abilities sleep for far too long!

Hold the Light.

Detach from the lower vibrational energies and everything that has ever held you down or held you back from being your truest, most authentic self, and get out there and do what you came here to do, be who you came here to be - the unique expression of YOU!

Create the world that you want to live in, by living it! Believe! It's time to bring this home, to the finish line, to tip the scales and make the world that we want to live in, through our day to day interactions and Intentions.

Be loving, be kind, be patient, be the friend that you need, the lover that you've always wanted, the compassionate shoulder to cry on that you've never had. Be a force to be reckoned with! Be strong! Embrace your Personal Power! Surround this world with so much love, light, and magick, that we can have no other outcome than the one that is needed at this time. Radiate love, share love with all that you meet.

Be happy. Smile. Laugh. Embrace joy! Find it within yourself to share that with others.

Make it happen.
We are here for a reason. And we all know what it is. Live it!
Manifest the dream you've always had, make magick in this world again, use all of your gifts and abilities to their fullest.
Heal, Share, Eat, Pray, Love, Laugh, do Ceremony, Celebrate, Live in Gratitude, Weave a new world, Touch the Earth with your bare feet, Embrace Life, and be magickal in all that you do!
It's time.

Words have power. It's all about Intentions.....

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