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Current Energies: Ending July, New Moon, and Personal Responsibility

It is a time of change upon our Mother Earth, and we are all being swept up in these changes, one way or another. Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected change, goes into Retrograde on Friday, the 29th of July, where it will spend the next 5 months. Uranus energies become more Uranian in Retrograde, deepening our thoughts and our desire to make change in our lives. We have been in the shadow of Uranus Retro this entire week, and it has been drawing us inward so that we can begin seeing the changes that we want to make in our lives. Information on Uranus Retro advises that we find the changes that need to be made in our personal lives during Uranus Retro, but wait until He goes Direct again on December 29th, to initiate those changes.

What those changes will center around, are the subject of the week, which we will get to momentarily..... First, let's discuss the other energies in play at the moment!

As Grandmother Moon wanes into darkness, we enter the primal mind, where our fears live within us. She calls upon us to Release, Release, Release, to get rid of any old programming that remains within us, that is holding us back in our lives. Let go of the Fear, She says, that is keeping you from becoming who you came here to be!

The New Moon is on the 2nd of August, a day for ritual, a #10/1 day in the world, when the cycle begins anew, both numerically and Moon month. We move out of the Thunder Moon cycle, into the Ripening Moon or Sturgeon Moon as Farmer's Almanac calls it. Everything is growing towards harvest at this time, including ourselves.

Meanwhile, we finish out the month of July with the following energies:
July 28th (today): Master Number 44 day, #8 day
July 29th: 9-9 day - a day to do some serious releasing
July 30th: #10/1 day - a day to perceive what new beginnings can bring us after the New Moon.
July 31: We finish the month on a Master Number 11 day. Pay attention to Signs and Synchronicities, for they can lead you to the messages that you need to create the new in your life.

August 1: Another 9 day. This is the day of the Big Release. Let it all go before the New Moon on the 2nd.

What are we to release at this time?

Everyone that has ever been in your life, in an intimate or close relationship, has left a string of their energy tangled within your own Energy Body. If you notice certain people continuing to come up for you, even though you have released them previously, their cord is still attached, and needs to be pulled out by the roots.  This is called Psychic Cord Cutting.

Generally, these cords will be located in your abdomen, where the Sacral or Sexual Chakra lies, and it is through sexual ties that we develop many of these tangled cords. However, there are exceptions. They could be in your heart - in which case you will need to be VERY gentle with the pulling out of the cord. They may link in through your Solar Plexus Chakra, affecting your self worth. They could be on your back, shoulders, neck, or anywhere on your body, and will affect that part of your body, causing pain or issues within that Chakra. Again though, most are in the abdomen, including cords reaching to our childhood, that represent issues that we experienced as children.

These are also coming up at this time, and if they aren't, maybe it's because we are not listening to the voice of our Inner Child. It is the season of Summer, which is located in the Direction of South on the Medicine Wheel, which represents, among other things, our Inner Child and healing our Inner Child. If you are not being playful enough, laughing enough, enjoying life, then call on your Inner Child to help you to heal, and invite her out to play.


Back to Psychic Cord cutting. I recommend doing this outdoors, while facing East. Call upon ArchAngel Michael to assist you, who carries the Sword of Truth and Justice, for you will need that sword to cut the cords. Or call on whomever you work with that can help you in this situation to cut those cords. Call on your Angels for assistance in getting to the Root of the cord, so that it may be pulled out in its entirety. And then begin thinking about one person whom you need to cut the cord with, in your life.

Find where the cord to this person is located in your body, beginning in your abdomen. Once you find it, take ahold of it, and see it physically. Ask that love and light be sent to this person, and see the cord glow with light. Then ask for the connection to be severed, for the highest good of all involved, and begin pulling on that cord to detach it from your energy field. Then take your knife, Athame, or sword, or representation thereof, and sever the cord, or ask Arch Angel Michael or whomever you are working with, to do this for you. See the cord fall away from you, and then send light to the wound, and pull the energy back into your body. You can also smudge this point at this time, to purify it.

Do this for each and every one whom needs to be released from your energy field at this time, that is, all of the ones who are coming up for you lately, whom you thought were released.

Afterwards, Cleanse, Purify, and Smudge: Bathe using Lavender to remove the emotional energies, and any additional herbs you wish: Sage, Cedar, Himalayan Pink Salt, Rue, etc. and then smudge after the cleansing, to remove any lingering traces, paying special attention to the abdomen or any area from which you pulled a cord.

Always give thanks to those who help you when you finish the cord cutting.

You may want to check out my blog post on Smudging Herbs here.


Many of us are currently experiencing sadness, grief, depression, anger, angst, frustration, and fear, because we are picking up the energies from everyone who is feeling these, and/or releasing these at this time. Lessons surrounding the issues of racism, discrimination, bigotry, power, people pleasing, and any and all fears, are coming up for many right now, because we need to learn them to move forward, collectively. And because the lessons are coming up, so are the emotions surrounding them. We are asked to not attach to these energies, to recognize whether the emotions are ours or another's, by asking ourselves if they are ours or not, any time that we feel a strong emotion. If it is yours, heal it within yourself and release it. If it is not yours, do not attach to it, and instead, channel it into the Light, and let it flow away from you.

It is our Choice what we attach to, as well as what energy we embody. We can choose to raise our vibrational level and to see above all of this emotional energy coming at us at this time, or we can choose to wallow in it. We have the Power of Free Will, and we are all learning to own this once more, and to own our energy, by taking responsibility for ourselves, and for the energy that we put out into the world. We want to be free to follow our own dreams, yet we cannot until we can heal and release any issues within us that are holding us back. It is all coming out now, and in some, it has been a hurtful process, bringing out anger and frustration when we realize that others have prevented us from being our truest self.

It is here that the teaching of the Whirling Rainbow of Peace comes into play. Surround anyone or any situation that is in discord, with the Whirling Rainbow of Peace. Surround the entire planet with a rainbow of peace. The Rainbow Healing Light Rays of Creation are there for us all to use, at any given time. If you need more information on these, please visit my Etsy shop, and check out the Teachings on my Light Ray and Flame Orgonite discs. Healing is being offered to us, and the Rainbow is the symbol of this healing.

Each color of the Rainbow is also a vibrational level. Light is required to produce rainbows, bringing in Light into the stones that carry a rainbow effect. These stones increase one's vibrational level. Each color of the Rainbow, represents one of the Chakras, resulting in the rainbow stones bringing in Light to every one of the Chakras, balancing and aligning them to a higher level.
And this is how Orgonite containing stones that hold the Rainbow Light Effect, can assist you at this time. I recommend the White, Rainbow, and Opalescent Angelic Light Ray and Opalescent White Flame Color Therapy Round Orgonite Disc - containing Pure White Light and the Rainbow Light Effect.

White, Rainbow, and Opalescent Angelic Light Ray
and Opalescent White Flame Color Therapy Round
Orgonite Disc by Touch the Earth
We are energy, and energy attracts like energy. What you think about really does matter! When we take personal responsibility for the energy level we choose to embody, we determine that what comes into our lives, is of the highest vibrational level possible. We create the world that we want to live in, with our thoughts. Make it great! Make it abundant! Make it peaceful! And let's create equality and harmony with all.

I'll see you on the 1st of August with the August Energies blog post.
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New Moon Blessings of peace, love, harmony, and abundance to us all!

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