Thursday, July 7, 2016

Are We Living in Fear or Living in Love and Trust

There are subjects that I try to avoid here. I don't like having to speak about negativity, yet it is rooted in fear. And that is the subject I must get to here today, fear, living in fear, living with fear, and what to do about it. So here we go.

I feel I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the two police killings this week that are in the news. I have asked my Angels to surround all involved with healing energy, and they assure me that they are holding healing energy for this world.

Meanwhile, many in our country are living in fear - including those who fear being pulled over for a minor traffic violation, and being killed over it. There are people in abusive relationships, who live in fear all of the time. There are people who are holding on to fear from their pasts, that they are afraid to delve into and heal. There are people afraid of losing their jobs, who feel they must do whatever is asked of them, or else. There are parents afraid to let their children play outside, for fear of what may happen to them. And these are just some of the fears that we face every day.

Sometimes, it can be a healthy option to look at who is perpetrating our fear, and what they may be feeling. What is the abuser's problem, anyway? This is something I had to learn the hard way, over the course of a few years. I had to realize that they had issues that caused them to act this way. Not that this is any excuse. It isn't. My point is, they need healing. Sometimes they do it because it is what was done to them. Or it may be the macho thing to do - as in, "no woman is going to tell me what to do". Maybe their past has made them feel very insecure, and, when threatened, they have learned to fight back, with all they have, damaging everyone in their lives. The theory is that if we can see and understand that the abuser needs healing, we might be able to see and understand that others do too.

Of course, my loyalty has always been with the victim. The women need healing so that they will no longer allow this behaviour in their lives. Their self worth has taken a serious hit, and they need to learn to believe in themselves and their own worth, once more. They need to learn to love themselves so much, that they do not need another to feel complete.

Now let's move on to the cop killings, and see if we can turn these around, so that we can better understand what is really going on.

I believe that these officers are living in fear. Every time they walk up to a car, they are afraid of being shot, so they go on the offensive, shooting first if they feel they are in danger - which is almost always. Why do they feel this way, might be a good question to delve into. They've been made to believe that everyone is out to get them, and we are all heavily armed. This has been drilled into their heads, or their paranoia is causing them to see things in an unrealistic manner. My question is, if they are so afraid, why would they want that job? Is it the adrenaline rush they are thriving on? I'm betting the abuser does! And did you know that the police and military contain the highest incidence of abuse in our country?

This is Patriarchy and the old paradigm, lest we forget. The masculine, aggressive energy has run rampant in our country - in our world - for so long that it became acceptable - or we learned to live in fear of it without questioning it. Men going off to war, to annihilate the enemy, and coming back with that killer instinct within them, unable to resolve it in a domestic society. Men taught that THEY are responsible for their family, for providing for them, and then women going off to work, which, in some cases, makes the man feel emasculated - because he believes that it is HIS job to be the provider. And these are just some of the motivations of abusers. The feelings of insecurity, aggression without an outlet, and emasculation, from what they have been taught that they are. Feelings of superiority also play into this, due to Patriarchy.

Again, this is the old Paradigm. This is what is falling away as we speak. Many, many men have risen above this old programming, and are thriving because of it. And for this, we are thankful! Yet, meanwhile, we are dealing with a rise of these types of issues because it keeps trying to reassert itself, as it lies dying.

At the same time, we can't bury our own heads in the sand, and pretend that none of this exists. We have to talk about it. We have to heal from it. We have to rise above it.

We attract what we think about. What we have to ask ourselves is, Are we living in fear, or in love and trust? Are we recognizing that there are others amongst us who are still living in fear? Not just cops and abusers! Our family, friends, neighbors, children.... or significant others. And what are we doing to change this energy, to keep the positive energy flowing?

Is that enough, however? There are entire races of people in this country who are living in fear! How do we address that? How do we create a better world, when we have this going on in our every day lives? And we have others out there propagating fear, violence, racism, discrimination, and division, such as a certain Presidential candidate, whose name is not worth mentioning.

Fear exists. It is up to each and every one of us to heal it within ourselves. Perhaps by being the example, we can teach others how to heal their own fears.

The teaching I have been given about this is to: Trust Your Medicine. Trust the Universe to provide for you, all that you need, be it teachings, gifts, energy, wisdom, and so much more! No, the Universe will not pay your bills, but it might guide you to an easier way to pay them yourself.

Those that are living in fear, are not Trusting Their Medicine. Perhaps because they have become disconnected from the Earth Herself, or from their own hearts, their own truth. Perhaps they don't believe in themselves enough, or love themselves enough, to know that they alone are responsible for their own safety and security, and that they can handle anything that comes up - if they are living in their truth. Lessons come in many forms, and maybe the one whose name is not worth mentioning is demonstrating to us just how much fear we are living with, and where our insecurities and other issues, really lie.

So it's time to ask ourselves some hard questions here. What are we really afraid of? What is our deepest fear? Find out what it is by sitting in silence with yourself, and then dig into it, and see if you can find out what it stems from.

Victims of violent crimes may be asking themselves if they are afraid of death. And yes, that's a BIG one! But if we are afraid of dying, we are also afraid of living! The fear that hangs over our head is what is holding us back from living a life filled with purpose, love, and joy. We can't be who we came here to be, if we are living in fear.

Having PTSD means living in fear all of the time. Recovering from it means asking yourself what your fear is, and addressing it, over and over. Fear of being attacked? We learn to watch our back. We learn that we are strong enough to deal with any threat posed to us. We learn our own strength to overcome anything that has happened to us. We learn that we are still alive for a reason.

Sure, it's more difficult than I am going into right now, however, it can be done. It takes courage to heal yourself and to learn to love and trust yourself. It takes diligence, and patience. It takes learning to nurture yourself, and honoring your own feelings. It takes learning to explore and express your emotions. But it is do-able! We are all fully capable of learning any lesson that has been put in our path, and healing from it.

Lessons - Everything happens for a reason. Usually, to teach us a lesson, especially if it is something bad. When we do not see the lesson for what it is, and stop everything and learn it and incorporate it into who we are, the lesson will repeat itself, time and again, until we do. It will become harsher each time around. From an abuse standpoint, each abuser will be more and more abusive, until we realize that we deserve better. That's how lessons work. If we learned the first time that we deserve better, it would be over and done with, and we could move on to another lesson.

Not all lessons are harsh. Some come with gifts, or to remind us of the gifts that we have. Failure to learn one of these, just leaves us without the ability to learn to use that gift in our lives. Other lessons are about abundance. So we can't pay our rent, or we have no money. Did you forget to embrace abundance? Did you forget how worthy you are?

I know everything is not as cut and dried as I am going into here. However, I can't give you the lesson. You have to find that for yourself. And if you are still living in fear, you may not easily see these lessons as they appear, for what they are. I beg you to examine them anyway! Everything that comes up, examine your motivations, your intentions, your reasoning for handling things the way that you did. Look into it and see if you can find a lesson in it, or a way that you would do it differently next time, and why.


Remember this month's Theme:
"We are the SOURCE of our own confusion, health, happiness, hate, anger, love, and so much more! It is up to us to create the world that we want to live in, through our own words and actions. We are reminded that we are Co-Creators, with the ability to manifest our dreams - this means that we ourselves, are responsible for doing the work"
~July Energies Blog Post


Find your fears. Chances are, with this month being so filled with water energies, they lie within your emotions, and by exploring and expressing your emotions, you may find the hidden issue. That is what this month is all about - healing our emotions.

We are clearly working with the 100th Monkey Effect. The more of us who are Living in Love and Trust, the more Light there is on the planet. By healing ourselves, we give others permission to do the same. By expressing our truths, our love, and our Light, we give others permission to do the same. And in the process, we remove more and more fear from the planet, and more and more people are able to experience the higher energies that we are all capable of living in, all the time. Alternately, if we continue to live in fear, we are giving others permission to do the same. We may not be able to heal the bigger problem, yet by consciously healing ourselves, we can begin healing it on a collective level.

This is a difficult time, and many are struggling with these intense energies. It is showing us who we really are, and what our fears really are. Only by addressing them, can we rise above them. I encourage you to let go of any fears you are holding onto, and know that you are capable of overcoming anything that you set your mind to. The entire Universe is conspiring to help you return to living in love and trust. The Angels have assured me that we are all being surrounded by healing energies at this time. We are stepping through the doorway to a better way of life. And how we deal with it, will determine if we continue to live in fear, or in love and trust. Step up. Rise above. And return to the being of love that you have always been.

Blessings of love and abundance to us all!


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