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Summer Solstice and Full Moon in Sagittarius Energies on Monday June 20th

Full Moon: June 12, 2012
Monday 20th June is the Summer Solstice and Full Moon in Sagittarius in the U.S. It is also a Master Number 44 day, the Master Healer. Solstice is at 6:34pm EDT or 22:34 UT, while the full moon is at 7:04am EDT or 11:04 UT.

We are experiencing a very serious build up of energies going towards these events on Monday. These energies are very intense, and are affecting everyone, in different ways. Personally, I've seen an increase in police calls and other emergencies in my area, indicating that people are acting out due to not being able to handle these energies. It's started about a week ago, which is very rare for full moon energies to begin affecting people that early on. And there is an intensity in the air since Uranus went Retrograde this past Monday. Those energies are drawing us deep within our own subconscious, the watery subconscious, and perhaps showing us what needs healing, and maybe this is what some are not able to handle. Issues from the past are coming up again and again. The answer here is to acknowledge these incidents, forgive yourself knowing that you did the best that you could with the tools you had to work with at the time, and move on. Don't wallow in these issues!

That's not what I came here to discuss, however. Let's move forward to Monday's energies!

It's not just the Full Moon energies building up, it's not just Neptune Retrograde, or even Mars Retrograde, it's the Solstice itself. Solstice is the peak of Grandfather Sun's cycle, akin to high noon, or to a full moon. After Solstice, Grandfather Sun's energies actually begin waning. We will still have more light hours than dark hours in the world, but they will begin moving closer together. We will still be in a masculine season. Summer is the season of the Direction of South, the time of Coyote, the time of utmost growth in our gardens, of building up until the harvest on Autumn Equinox, so everything will still be growing, just not Grandfather Sun's energies. Grandfather Sun is the ultimate masculine power in our world, just as Grandmother Moon is the feminine energy that represents the dark half of the year. And it is these masculine energies that are building up to Solstice. It is as if Patriarchy and/or the 3rd Dimensional world are asserting themselves in a last gasp for domination.

I believe that after Solstice, we will begin to see these energies fading away, although we may not see that this energy has dwindled, until Autumn Equinox. It is though, and we have to know this. Change is happening before our eyes, on levels that we may not yet begin to fathom. Change is in the air. The old is leaving us. The outdated beliefs and those who support them, are going away, perhaps slowly, but it is happening. Know this. Believe in this. Have faith in this. And remain positive about the future.

Sagittarius is represented by the Archer, one who shoots arrows, and a bow and arrow is a symbol of shooting our wishes and dreams into the future, a straight shot ensuring that we hit our mark. Are you ready to manifest your dreams? Solstice is the day for you to make your mark, to shoot your arrow, to hit your target with your Intentions, so think carefully about what you are wishing for at this time. This is another reason to remain positive, for positive thoughts produce positive results. Don't wallow - I said this earlier - for fear is one of the energies of the old paradigm, and if we are in fear, that is what we will manifest.

Summer Solstice is World Peace and Prayer Day. It is a day to set Intentions for peace through prayer, peace for us all, for all beings, for all nations, that allows us all to come together in peace. It is also a day to honor Sacred Sites, to set the Intention to keep them Sacred, to go to Sacred Sites to listen to the voices of the Ancient Ones, to offer prayers to them, and give thanks to them, for all they did for their own 7th Generation, which is us. Then we continue the cycle by doing what is best for our own 7th Generation, bringing peace to this world, and learning to live in harmony with All of Life once more.

For more info on World Peace and Prayer Day, click here.

Ok, that's my commercial for this post. 'Nuff said.

Now let's talk about Retrogrades real quick. The asteroid Juno comes out of Retro on the 22nd. No big deal, we have not been affected that much by this one, due to all of the major planets in Retro at this time. As I mentioned before, Neptune went into Retro motion this past Monday. Neptune, ruler of the seas, takes us deep within the waters of our subconscious mind, deepening our connection with ourselves and with our emotions and motivations, previously hidden motivations, perhaps. Pallas the asteroid goes into Retrograde on the 21st - again, another one you may not feel, as Pluto is Retrograde - mystery and regeneration, also pulling us within, and Mars is Retro until the 29th of June, which is hampering us in taking action, as His warrior energy is also turned inward, turned into that of the Inner Warrior, fighting for what we believe in, and this continues until the 29th, then will there be easier forward motion, or has everything we thought that we wanted to take action on, changed due to all of these Retrograde energies? hmmm.... food for thought!

Right now we have to MAKE ourselves take action. After the 29th, that will become easier. Once again, however, I remind you that we must be careful what we wish for, and remain positive, for to take action in the wrong direction could cause lessons to repeat themselves, instead of helping you to move forward. Meanwhile, Chiron the Wounded Healer will go Retro on the 27th, and the healing cycle begins within.

June 20th - the full moon and Solstice - fall on a Master Number 44 day, the Master Healer. Think about your Intentions surrounding this energy, the energy of healing, not just for yourself, but for us all. Just a suggestion!

Lastly, Saturn is still Retro, and remains so until August 13th. Disciplining ourselves, or lack of discipline is one of the major energies of this planet. And I do believe that it is a lack of discipline that we are seeing in our world at this time. Look up Saturn Retro for more on this planet's energies, if you are interested.

We end this month on a 9-9 day. Cycles are ending. People are leaving our lives. We are putting paid to suffering we have endured, to being the victim, to doing for others before doing for ourselves, and to many, many bad habits we are now done with, and to many issues from our pasts. This is why these issues keep resurfacing, we have to put paid to them once and for all, by acknowledging them, forgiving ourselves, recognizing that we did the best that we could at the time, and letting it all go and moving on. Letting go. We are collectively letting go of the old, and we each have to work through this on an individual level.

After Solstice, the Sun will begin waning, and as it is also the Full Moon, the Moon's energies will begin waning, as well. With Pluto and Uranus in Retro, we are drawn within ourselves even more, especially during the next 14 days while the Moon wanes. This inner world is the realm of the feminine, while the outer, physical world, is the world of the masculine, those forward moving, action taking energies. The feminine is concerned with the home, the heart, being receptive, loving, and sensing the world around oneself through one's intuitive abilities. Woman rules over the home, and all inner life, including dreaming, and nurturing new ideas and giving birth to them, at the appropriate time. We are birthing a new world here, and the energy for this is being held in the Womb of Creation, and in the womb of every woman alive at this time, and even in the womb of those males who are embracing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. We are all holding this new world together, in our collective womb, waiting to give birth to it, when the time is right.

I ask you to continue nurturing these ideas, these dreams, and feeding them positive energy, which is the fuel that is needed to help it grow to fruition. We are in the birthing process. It is not going to be long, and we will begin seeing these changes that we have dreamed of for so long, taking place in our world. Hope has been let out of Pandora's box, and let loose in the world. Make it so!


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