Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Magick Series: Waking Up and Developing Awareness

Today, I want to give you a few teachings that have helped me to wake up and become more aware. I believe that these are teachings that can help us all, and I have been guided to share them here. In fact, I just spent probably two hours channeling this information while sitting outside and tuning in. And this is something that you, too, can learn to do. It all starts with these few things.

There will be more of these magick teachings shared here, I do not yet know what "their" plan is for all of this, I just know that I am being compelled to share this much at this time. Stay tuned, we'll see how it all plays out together!

#1 - There are certain things that we do that can keep us from being fully present and aware, and this is where I'd like to start. These things include alcohol, drugs, GMO foods, pesticides, chemicals in general, potentially dangerous drugs in our water supply, including fluoride, prescription drugs - especially long term use of them, whatever the airplanes are putting out that cause chemtrails to form, and I'm sure there are more! Anything unnatural that is put into your body, will not react naturally in your body, as a general rule.

Cleaning out your system from all of these will help you with waking up and beginning to develop awareness. As will eating healthy, natural foods, cutting out sugar, and other processed foods. Remember, chemicals are bad, they remain in  your body for a long time, and some can even alter your DNA. Even cigarettes contain chemicals. If you must, use natural tobacco.

A clean body helps create a clear mind. Being a Hollow Bones is about developing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual purity, so that you can connect to the higher realms more easily. Clearing these things out of your body helps to raise your vibrational level. Also, ridding oneself of negative self talk, will do wonders for your vibrational level!

One way that we've been kept from believing that psychic abilities and energy healing are real, is that we've been taught to laugh at people who talk about them. This is social conditioning taught to us in childhood, and we can teach ourselves out of any and all conditioning that we have picked up in our lives.

Think about it: Laughing at someone with different beliefs is a form of judgment, and we all know it isn't cool to judge others. So next time someone brings up a subject you would have previously considered unrealistic, take some time and read up on it and educate yourself about the subject. After you get the facts, you may or may not change your  mind, and when the subject comes up again, at least you will have an informed opinion and be able to discuss it. Learning about new subjects expands our minds, and this is another thing we can do to help to develop clarity and awareness.

Everyone has abilities. Some have developed them more than others, yet we can all do these things, if we put our minds to it. Intuition begins in the gut. It is the gut feeling that we get when we know something is not right for us. Learning to trust that gut feeling, and follow its guidance, can open you up to others things that you may be seeing and feeling.

Dreaming is another way of connecting to the Spiritual World or Higher Realms. Learning to pay attention to our dreams, and to interpret any symbols in them, can help to guide us on our Paths.

These are easy ways to get started using your gifts, ways that anyone can try. We can talk more about other psychic abilities later.

#2B - Energy Healing
This is the conscious and focused sending of energy to a person or body part of a person, who needs healing. Prayer is very similar, as it is also a focusing of energy, using higher guidance.

The way that I have been taught to send healing is to ask my own Angels to work with the Angels of the person needing healing, to surround them with the needed energy. That way, you are not interfering with the lessons another has come here to learn, as some things that we experience may be life lessons, and the Angels will not send the energy if this is the case. Instead, the person will be surrounded with even more love.

If you are interested in working with your own Angels, this is a link to my blog post on the subject:
Connecting with your Angels

Energy, then, can be sent in any form, to any situation that we choose to focus upon, the same as prayer. Surrounding the Earth with love, peace, or healing, working with others to dissipate a hurricane, sending love to the victims of a violent crime - it is all about focusing your attention on a specific issue. In turn, you are giving them your energy. That's right! We give energy to whatever we are focusing on. If you are focusing on negative things that are happening to yourself or others, you are giving them more energy, more power over you. If you remain happy and positive and choose to keep the negative out of your life, you will have more happy and positive things happen to you.

This is an Abraham Hicks teaching - we attract that which we think about. And this is how we can learn to manifest anything into our lives - by focusing our energy on it. If you want a new car - see yourself driving it. New home? See yourself living in it. A trip to the beach? See yourself walking on it, the sand beneath your toes, the water washing over your feet, the gulls squawking... the more sensory items you add into it, the greater energy you are giving it, and the greater chance you have of it manifesting. Vision boards are also used for this, as when you are constantly seeing them, you are constantly putting your attention on the item(s) you are wanting to manifest into your life. There are other things that we can do to help this along, that we can go into later (i.e. doing the work). Right now, I want you to see the potential for manifesting by using the conscious focusing of your thoughts - and the potential for healing through doing the same.

#3 - There are other, deeper ways to use energy:
The way that we use natural resources on this planet - cutting down rainforests, putting animals in zoos, fracking... does not consider that the Earth is a living being, and teaches us this by example. Again, social conditioning that we can program out of ourselves.

The Earth and everything on Her, is alive. A Native teaching I'd like to share with you here is that every living thing on Earth - trees, stones, plants, animals, insects, birds, reptiles, fish - can teach us life lessons. We can learn everything we need to know from the natural world. The gifts that these living beings can bring into our lives, is called their Medicine, or Medicine Teachings, and each one holds different Medicine, and will teach you in a different way. Some may teach you in dreams. Others may appear as Signs that you will need to interpret, and these teachings will guide you on your path. You can choose to work with a specific Creature-being, and ask them to teach you. Trees are a good example of this, for we all have trees nearby that we can work with. And each type of tree can bring different lessons. They will all teach you how to sink your roots deep into Mother Earth, and this is one way of learning how to ground yourself and connect to the energies of Mother Earth Herself. The Earth, when you are connected to Her, will send you healing energy, or feed you the energy necessary to complete certain tasks - as will Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, and Father Sky - and it all begins by learning how to sink your roots into Mother Earth and pull Her energies up into your life.

There is a plethora of energy and teachings available to us all through the natural world - and we have not been taught to use it. Know this: When you keep your vibrational level high, you are serving the highest good of us all, and you will be given the teachings and the energy that you need to do the work that you came here to do.

(We will speak about vibrational levels in another post)

#4 - We each have a unique path to walk in this world. We decided, before we came into this life, what lessons we wanted to learn, and what we wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. Earth is like a school, providing us with all of this, and when we walk our path consciously, that is, with awareness of this, we begin seeing these lessons for what they are and stop taking things in a negative way. Everything that happens to us, happens for a reason - to teach us what we came here to learn, and to help us to evolve on our own path, to raise our vibrational level. Life is a journey of constant learning that helps us to find the reason that we have chosen this lifetime.

And lessons will repeat themselves until we learn them - becoming harsher each time - so it is in our best interest to recognize them for what they are, when they first appear. Then learn the lesson and move on.


Lastly, I would like to add that when we choose to heal ourselves of any and all past issues, and relearn things from a healed adult perspective (this includes those beliefs that we have been conditioned with in childhood), we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. We each hold the power to overcome any bad situation that may come up, both personally and collectively. It is only by healing our own lives, that we can begin taking charge of our own lives, being responsible for ourselves, and for what we allow into our lives. Following these tips above is meant to assist beyond the healing stage, yet everyone can benefit from them, for when you connect to the energy of the Earth, healing will come to you naturally.

The Earth and all of Her Creature-beings are the only teachers we need. Recognizing that this energy is available to us, is the first step in developing awareness. The next is to learn to focus your attention (energy). After that, you will be unstoppable!

Blessings of love and peace to us all!
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