Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Energies

June, a 6 month, in a 9 year. Did you ever notice that any number added to 9, will revert back to itself? 6+9=15=1+5=6, making June a 6 Universal Month. 6 is the number of ultimate balance, in this case, the balancing of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within ourselves. We are each go-getters and nurturers, active and receptive, warriors and lovers, and this month balancing these two within ourselves creates a new paradigm, a new sense of self, a balanced self, one who knows what they want, and goes after it in a compassionate way, for if it doesn't serve all, or if it harms another, it isn't for us anymore. Let's call it Compassionate Action.

As it is a 6 Universal Month, we will be seeing a few double 6 days, and even a 66 day - in a 6 Universal Month. On these days, pay particular attention to remaining balanced, thinking things through before taking action, thinking with your heart and your head, and using appropriate timing. Make sure to balance work with play, seriousness with laughter, and caring for others with nurturing the self. The Double 6 days are the 9th, 18th, 27th, and the 66 day is the 24th.

June begins on a 7 day, reminding us to have faith. Thursday the 2nd of June will be a Master Number 44 day, and an 8 day, representing the Master Healer, and Infinity. Heal thyself into infinity, in all the worlds in which you exist. This is our work for this Waning Moon day. The 2nd is also the day that Mercury moves out of the shadow of Retrograde, meaning that if you have been waiting to sign contracts, now you can! However, I'll still wait until the New Moon! Friday the 3rd is another 9-9 day, another chance to do some serious releasing before the New Moon on the 4th, which is in Gemini - represented by The Twins - another reminder of balance! The New Moon day takes us into the Strawberry or Summer Moon, and it is a 10/1 day, a day of New Beginnings - very appropriate, isn't it?! I'm calling this Reboot Day, for it is this day that will help us to begin rebooting who we are, who we have become.

We do have Summer Solstice approaching us on the 20th of this month, the day of the Full Moon in Sagittarius - which is the 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius this year. I'll share some links to Full Moon info later, to give you the details on its energies.

Solstice moves us into the Direction of South, the Element of Fire, and Coyote's realm. The Sun begins waning, although the daylight hours will still be longer than the darkness hours, until after Autumn Equinox. Summer is a time of weeding our gardens - metaphorically speaking. We take the ideas that we gave birth to on Spring Equinox, and weed them to see what is not "growing corn", and release those ideas, so that the ones which are growing corn, have the energy to grow to fruition.

Speaking of fruition, the Strawberry Moon is the time when everything begins to bear fruit - physically and metaphorically. In May we blossomed during the Flower Moon, in June, our ideas bear fruit.

Now, we are still under the influence of a few Retrogrades that may be holding us back - or teaching us new things, and we need to speak of this. Mars Retro will end on the 29th of this month, and with Mars being the Warrior Planet of Aggression and Action, we may find these abilities hindered. In fact, this energy has been turned inwards, and we are now working on our Inner Warrior, developing and strengthening who we are. We have Pluto Retro assisting with this, giving us His energies of Transformation, Regeneration, and Rebirth. In Retro, these energies are deepened, turned inwards even more, and we are transforming all that we are into the new so that we can experience Rebirth, at the end of Mars Retrograde on June 29th. Saturn is also in Retro until August, and we have Neptune going Retro on the 13th of this month. This may throw us for another loop, as Neptune is about illusion, dreams, the mysterious, and spirituality, and draws us deep within to feel our own watery flow. I would expect the 13th through the 29th to be very intense, especially with the Full Moon and Summer Solstice on the 20th.

Balance, Advancing, Determined, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Purposeful, and these are all Masculine traits that are directed inwards. On the feminine side, we have Benevolence, Gentleness, Kindness, and Compassion, reminding us to Be Kind To Ourselves, as we undergo these changes.

I believe that we are learning what we will allow in our lives, and what we will not.
We are releasing any fears that we have around any of this, so that we can boldly stand up and say, "We're not going to accept this anymore."

Combine this with the fact that many Truths are coming out this year (secrets, things that have been hidden from us including Aliens/UFO's, Government secrets, and even the Truth about political and religious leaders), tells us what we will be standing up against.

Facing our fears means that we take full responsibility for our fates, for the condition of the Earth, for the way that our government treats its people, for the way that companies treat their employees and the Earth, and so much more. We heal and free ourselves so that we can help others to do the same, and this is going to be happening on a global level. It's time to clean up our act, it's time to demand that our leaders do the same.

This is what we are learning about ourselves during all of these Retrogrades, especially Mars Retro. We are Reinforcing our Inner Warrior, strengthening our own beliefs, and our ability to take action, not just on our own behalf, but on behalf of All People, All Creatures, All of Life. For we are now seeing just how much we are all connected.

If the bees die, we will too - and we know this and so much more! The bees are just one aspect of the whole climate change picture, and not living in harmony with nature has caused a major imbalance that we are here to correct.

This takes us back to the main keyword of this month, Balance. All things in balance, on all levels. The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine working in balance to bring All That Is back into harmony. We must work together, balanced within ourselves, in balance with All of Life. And this is what the month of June is all about.

We are reaching the point where we will no longer allow others to continue destroying the Earth on our behalf - or to feed consumerism. Our values are changing, and that is a big part of what we are learning during these Retrogrades. They are bringing about a total reassessment of our values, a new realization of what we will and will not allow.

When Mars comes out of Retro on the 29th, we will be ready to take action on the things that no longer resonate with our new values, be it on a personal or global scale.


Balancing all aspects of our own worlds can be difficult, yet when we are in balance within ourselves, we assist All of Life in coming into balance. For the past couple of months, I have been fed information on balancing, with which to create Orgonite. Here are a couple of pieces that may help you, if you are having difficulty finding internal balance. You can see these and more, in my Etsy shop.

That's all for now. I will be sharing some information on Summer Solstice in the coming days, and a follow up to my previous post, Current Energies, Messages, Themes, and Healing Teachings for This Week, with a post about clearing your Aura and Chakras. Meanwhile, enjoy these days of discovering who you are, and what matters most to you! Interesting times create more interesting people, and we are all becoming... Enjoy the journey!
Be kind, be patient, be love.

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