Thursday, June 30, 2016

July Energies and a Message on the Mandela Effect

Let's get right to it! Mars is Direct again, demanding action! We will be taking baby steps, however, until after the New Moon on July 4th. Then it's all out growing towards the harvest, or Autumn Equinox.

Mars went Direct on the 29th of June, in Scorpio, a Water Sign. We also have the Sun, Venus, and now Mercury, in the Water sign of Cancer, where the Moon will join them, on the date of the New Moon. In addition, we have Neptune Retrograde and Chiron Retrograde in the Water Sign of Pisces... are you seeing a trend here? Water = Emotions, and this month we are talking about Emotional Balance!

It may seem difficult to be balanced emotionally with all of this Water Energy in our lives. For help with this, I send you Duck. Her Medicine will assist you in navigating these emotional waters.

"Duck shows emotional comfort and protection. She teaches how to move with grace and comfort in actions, emotions and thoughts. Shes aids in balancing the mind and emotions - the physical and spiritual and discerning when to move while easing the transitions between the worlds. She shows emotional strength that you may need at this time. She teaches quick and speedy movements for ideas to take flight. Duck will show new opportunities so be alert. She will also help filter out what is not needed, what is important and discern what is true. She helps to drudge up the past - old patterns and behaviors, people and situations in order to heal them."
~Source: Starstuffs Animal Totems

This month is not all about Emotional Balance, however. We have some other energies to discuss.

The first word that came to me about this month, is SOURCE. We are the source of our own confusion, health, happiness, hate, anger, love, and so much more! It is up to us to create the world that we want to live in, through our own words and actions. We are reminded that we are Co-Creators, with the ability to manifest our dreams - this means that we ourselves, are responsible for doing the work. SOURCE is also about the Creator of us all, the Original Source of inspiration, creativity, guidance, healing, and life itself, and we give thanks for all that is provided for us, remembering where we came from, while honoring who we are in the present.

Faith is also a key theme this month with the 7-7 days appearing on the 7th, 16th, and 25th. There is a #70 day this month, on the 27th, when the 0 will magnify those 7 energies. When I see a 7, it always makes me think Have Faith! Yet there is much more to this number's energies, and to the energies of 77:
Collective Consciousness, spirituality, spiritual acceptance and development, spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, inner wisdom, introspection, intuition, psychic abilities, empathy, emotions and feelings (emotions again!!), mysticism, the esoteric, HEALING, good fortune, non-conformism, independence and individualism, manifesting in time and space, and Divine Life Purpose.

All of these could be considered Key Words for this month, as we are collectively coming together, healing collectively, manifesting positivity on the Earth collectively, and learning and using our psychic gifts again, collectively. We are also learning how to stand up for ourselves, and be independent, taking responsibility not just for ourselves, but for what we bring into this world, or allow in our world or our lives. And that is powerful! So every 7-7 day, set yourself a reminder to reinforce these traits in yourself that day, to work on them, or use them in a way that does serve the highest good of us all.

We also have some more 9-9 days this month, and these will continue happening through August. 9-9's are about endings, things that have to end in our lives, and in our world. Everything happens for a reason, and when we see bad things happening in our world, it is helping to wake us up to the reality of what has been going on for so very long, such as racism, and rampant discrimination. And every time we see an instance of this, we get it a little bit more, and we learn to allow it less and less, and to demand justice and that  responsibility be taken for these atrocities. It is teaching us what we will no longer allow - in our lives, and in our world.

2016 is a 9 year, and we are seeing a lot of things come to an end, both individually and collectively. During this watery month, we may pick up a lot of the emotional energies of others, who are unable to deal with them, at this time. If this is happening to you, remember to stay grounded, first of all. Release any and all emotional energies as soon as possible, after processing them. Ask if they are yours or anothers, and if they are not yours, send them out into the Universe to be dealt with in a way that serves the highest good of us all. Using water to release them, is very beneficial. Stand under a shower and brush them off of you. Use lavender in the bath, or lavender soap, to remove the emotional energies of others from your energy field. Rose Quartz calls us to self love, and taking care of the self, or self nurturing. Do what you need to do for yourself, if you become overwhelmed. We can't take care of others, until we ourselves are feeling nurtured, loved, and balanced. Cancer the Crab is all about the watery, emotional realm, and mothering, nurturing, home, and family. We'll be swimming for a while, so remember to rest and take care of yourself!

An important day this month will be the 12th. I'm not sure why this one was pointed out to me, but I'm going with it. The Number 1 is about individuality and Independence - there's that theme again! While 2 is about balance - and there's the recurrence of that theme! Together, they add up to 3, which is manifestation - another theme! The Number 12 is about trust, faith (there's that one again!), achieving your goals, and replacing the old with the new - and it is really time for us to do this one, collectively! So perhaps there was a reason for this day being pointed out to me after all!

Of course the New and Full Moons will be significant days! The New Moon falls on a Master Number 11 day, which is about Signs and Synchronicities - pay attention to what you see that day, it could be an important Messenger. Also time prompts are important on that day especially. My source for number info for time prompts is:
Angel Numbers by Joanne at Sacred Scribes

The New Moon also falls on July 4th - a day when Independence is celebrated! It will also be in Cancer, along with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, which could make it a very feminine energy day, an emotional day, or a day of emotional and/or loving conversation. Be aware of the energies you are attracting, and convert them to love, before sending them outwards again.

July 19th is the Full Moon in Capricorn, and another significant day. It will be a Master Number 44 day - the Master Healer. This 44 energy is also prevalent this month, which can trigger collective healing, or healing on the collective level, especially with the full moon being on this day - collective emotional healing, taking into consideration all of the planets in Water signs on this day. This would be good. Fingers crossed! In addition, this month begins on a Master Number 44 day - giving significant healing energy to the entire month!

The last day I want to talk to you about is the 22nd. On this day, we have the double 2 energy, or 22, which can relate to Master Number 22 the Master Builder. It is also about Balance - this theme keeps repeating! It is also a 20/2 day - more 2's, with the 0 amplifying the energy of the 2, and it is a Master Number 11 day, a day of synchronicities. This will probably be the most powerful day of the month.

2's for balance
#11 for Signs and Synchronicities
Emotional Balance
Healing or #44 the Master Healer

Remember that 4+4 equals 8, the number of Infinity. This prompts us to push this healing energy into infinity, and to manifest into infinity.

I want to mention the Totem Animals of the South/Summer, especially Coyote, who reminds us to laugh, and invites our inner child out to play, and Ant, who reminds us to have patience, and to work together as a team, for the collective good.

Magick and Miracles are ever present in this world. Just this morning, I saw a double rainbow, reminding me of this.

Everything is going to work out, in ways that we can not even imagine! Stay positive, and know that magick is afoot in this world, helping us all out, in many unforeseen ways.

I don't know if you are aware of this phenomenon, or not. I advise looking it up, exploring it. There is a website about it here: where you can read up on it, and look under the Memories section on the top toolbar, to see if you have experienced any of these effects.

Many on YouTube have posted videos about it, and I noticed a spreading of information that I was not able to determine whether it was factual or false memory, or just corporations changing their names. Living Dead People (a Starfire Tor concept) have also been occurring, where we remember someone dying previously, and then again recently. And not everyone will remember both instances of any of these, making us wonder about it all. Well, I was guided to consult with the Universe about it, and this is the message that I received:

The 5th Dimensional World is bleeding through into this one, and these Mandela Effects are the places where it is bleeding through, and making us aware that this is happening. There are actually holes, or Portals, where this information is coming through to quite a lot of us at this time. MANY Portals have opened up.

And, as we know, we are leaving the 3D world for the 5D in the Ascension process. Well, we are not there yet, as we still have much to shed in this #9 year, and much more truth will come out in this process. These Portals are helping us to see these truths. All is not as it appears to be, however, for some are promoting false information. Trust your own gut on this, and do the research yourself, if you are questioning anything at this time. Knowledge is power.

They also told me to remember this:
"The holes (Portals) are where the Light gets in..." and truly it is pouring in on us all at this time.

Be happy, it is a time of celebrating our independence, our collective healing, and our Light!
Have a great month!

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Brenda Durbin said...

I love your post, as always, and look forward to utilizing the wisdom held within to help me navigate tricky waters this month. Bless you for all that you do! <3 You are such a light for this world, Michelle. Thank you again for making us aware of these energies.