Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Energies

Let's begin with the numbers. May is the 5th  month of the year, and when we add that 5 to the number for the year, which is 9 (2+0+1+6=9), we get 14, and 1+4=5 again, making 5 a doubly important number for the month of May. 5 is about change, and it will be a month of change, as we incorporate all that we are learning, into the person that we are, and into who we are showing to the outside world.

Remember the message of the previous Full Moon, the Full Seed Moon in April, was about self-expression, and showing who you really are to the world, and being who you have always worked towards being, embracing the true you, and honoring that in all ways. This is one of the major changes this month brings, as we feel more freedom in expressing who we are in the world.

The other important number sequence this month is 9-9. I've been getting messages about this for a few days now. 9 is about endings and then the new beginnings that come from these endings. We have to let go of all that we are/were, to become who we came here to be, and this is the month to be doing this, especially now that the Moon is waning. Once She begins growing or waxing again, we can push towards those new beginnings. Then She will wane once more this month, after the 21st, and we will finally release everything that needs to go from our lives.

The month of May ends on a 9-9 day, meaning, finish it up already, get rid of it, let it go, and then we will be able to move forward, unfettered, into June, and towards the abundance of Summer Solstice and the season of Summer.

Jupiter Retrograde ends on the 9th of May, a 5/50 day.... both the 9 and the 5 appear in the numbers of this day! It will be about endings, but mostly about change, that is, change with the added energy of the 0 helping to propel us forward. Jupiter's expansive energies will help us to grow forward once more, and at this point, the Moon will also be growing, giving us yet another push to grow and move forward.

The New Moon on the 6th is in Taurus, as is the Sun at this time. A very grounded sign that has the Bull as it's symbol. Primal energy comes to mind, with the Bull charging ahead, his passion leading the way. The New Moon is on a Master Number 11 day, encouraging us to watch for signs and messages from the Universe, which will give us clues about the direction we will be taking for the growing portion of the month. Call on Bull during this time, to learn His teachings.

We have the Full Moon on the 21st, a Master Number 44 day, and it's in the sign of Sagittarius, another masculine energy sign. The archer, the bow and arrow, shooting that arrow into the future, straight is its path. What are we aiming for? Set your Intentions well, for that is the path you will be following for the coming months.

The following day, the 22nd of May, Mercury Retrograde ends, and it is another 9-9 day. This day holds the energies of 5, Master Number 22, and 9 or 9-9. Master Number 22 is the builder. Again, we are building the future of our dreams, following the path to the stars. Endings is very appropriate for this day of communication turn around, and we may just be ready to talk about all that we have learned while spending so much time within during these last couple of months.

This brings me to the subject I most want to discuss here. I've often talked about the masculine and feminine halves of the year, on this blog. The feminine half of the year encompasses the seasons of Autumn and Winter, while the masculine half contains Spring and Summer. The feminine is our receptive half of the year, and is about our inner world, while the masculine is outgoing and is about our outer or physical world. This is about the seasons of the Sun. The Moon waxes and wanes each month, helping us to use each of these energies, each month. That's the basics of this teaching.

Back in March, we had Spring Equinox, which shifted us into the masculine half of the year. Then it was April, where we had 5 planets going Retrograde: Jupiter and Saturn, who were already Retro, and we added Mars, Pluto, and then Mercury. Jupiter is about expansion, and it's going backwards until May 9th, as mentioned above, and this is holding us back from expanding, yet allowing us to explore the ways in which we want to expand, when the time comes. Saturn is about discipline and restriction, showing us the areas of our lives where we need more discipline, and that does not really affect what I'm discussing here. Next is Mars, the planet of the warrior, action, and aggression. This is a very masculine planet and energy. And it is currently going backwards... We are being held back from being the Warrior, from taking action (add Jupiter to this), and from our aggression or assertiveness - or, if we add Mercury to this, we are watching our words more, thinking more, acting less, speaking more from our Truth. And then there's Pluto, the planet of regeneration, rebirth, and mystery. The reverse side of this planet, or retrograde energies, takes us deep within ourselves to explore our own motivations, and our own truth, so that when He goes Direct once more, we will know who we are, and we will be ready for that Rebirth. And Mercury? He's busy stifling our impulsive words, making us think deeper, from our inner sense of truth.

Mercury is actually said to live in the Direction of the East - the Direction of Spring, and His energies are about our mental abilities and communication. One of the gifts of the Direction of East - which is masculine, remember - is our mental abilities. And with Mercury being Retrograde, those are hindered. The opposite of East is West, the Feminine Direction, the Direction of Going Within, and it's opposite gift of our emotional and psychic abilities, learning to speak from our hearts, in other words. Masculine - speaking from our heads, feminine - speaking from our hearts. With Mercury Retro, we are learning to speak from our hearts, and from our truth.

The point is that all of these Retrograde planets are bringing some very feminine energies to the masculine half of the year. These masculine energies have been turned inwards. We are being receptive in the masculine half of the year. We are listening and speaking to ourselves, instead of acting in the physical world. We are learning to speak from our hearts, from our center of Truth, and to find and express who we really are, in this world. We are embracing the Divine Feminine within us all, during the most masculine season of the year.

The ramifications of this are immense. Everyone coming to their center of truth and expressing it in the world, while honoring their own self, their own feelings, and who they really are.... can you imagine if we could all do this? To truly own yourself and all that you are, is to take what is inside you and express it to all, without fear. That is what this is all about. Now, I'm not saying that this is going to be an easy process for many, for it won't be. If you are already living in your truth, shine your light brightly, and help others to do the same, so that those who are still stuck in the fear cycle, can find the light once more. And do not allow the fears and negative energies of others, to suck you in. All is well. Everything is happening just as it is meant to be, and the truth will come out, and we will be okay with that too. Yes, we are seeing the truths of others, even of those who are stuck in the fear cycles, and that is okay, because love overcomes all. Send love and healing to those that are still stuck, and carry on your own path. Don't be dragged down. That is the most important thing to remember!

Ok, back to the astro info one more time. Memorial Day Weekend, beginning on Friday the 27th, is a 5/50 day - important changes again. Saturday the 28th is a Master Number 33 day and a 60 day, balance in all things, in all ways, and the Master Teacher. Expect lessons. Embrace them. Sunday the 29th is a 70 day - reminding us to have faith! And then Memorial Day itself, Monday the 30th, is a Master Number 44 day - the Master Healer. It looks to be a powerful weekend, filled with many helpful energies. The day after this, is the last day of the month, and, as I mentioned above, a 9-9 day. And release!

Mercury and Jupiter Retrogrades end in May, however, Mars Retro does not end until the end of June, and Pluto is in Retro through September. It will be after the end of June that we will be taking serious action again, but with Mercury coming out of Retro this month, we will be able to think more clearly about how to take appropriate action. So for now, think deeply, and plan for the future, and how to best embrace your dreams!

That's all for now! I wish you a blessed month, filled with all that you need!

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