Thursday, May 12, 2016

How Negative Energy Affects Empaths

I had the opportunity to experience what negative energy does, how it acts, and how we react to it, this past Saturday while being a vendor at a local Alternative Health Fair. It's taken me a few days to fully digest this energy's action, and I've found that it was tied to other messages I'd been receiving from the Universe for the past couple of weeks. I've finally been able to put all of this together, into something I can discuss, in a solution-based way. And the Universe is encouraging me to share these thoughts. So here we go!

I don't want to go into details about how this incident occurred any more than I have to, for privacy reasons - the privacy of the individual in question, that is. Let's just say that someone came into my booth and had a very negative reaction - which is highly rare! Orgonic Energy products exude positive energy, and generally draw in people who seek that. After this person spoke their words, I was flabbergasted. Speechless. The energy they left behind was overwhelming. I noticed how it did not touch the Orgonic Devices, but that it did land on me. It blanketed me. And this is where I want to discuss it's power.


I am an empath, an intuitive, one who is constantly walking in two worlds, and who is open to receive messages at any time. I believe this information can be helpful to anyone who has similar energy. Especially empaths!

This energy, as I said, blanketed me. I was able to move out from under it long enough to finish the show and get home. So this is what negative energy does, this is its power. It can completely blanket an entire area - and everything in it, smothering its positivity. It can do the same to a person, covering them, stifling their energy. But that's not all. It stays there until you physically wash it off and smudge yourself well, perhaps even asking your Angels and Guides to assist you in removing it, if the person spreading the negativity is strong enough, or if the negativity itself is strong enough.

What this means is that every person, place, or event that spreads negative energy has the potential to completely cover the positive energy of perhaps dozens of people.

Let that sink in for a moment, while you think about how much negativity there is in our world...

Yes, there are Lightworkers who pour Light out into the Universe, there are those who surround our planet with it, yet it is not always in the specific areas where these things happen. Yes, we send energy, prayers, light, love to wildfire areas, to the victims of earthquakes, volcanoes... but these are natural disasters, Fukushima notwithstanding. BUT - there are people every where, every day, suffering these personal negativity attacks.

People who are going through abusive situations, are especially vulnerable. Their energy has been smothered for so long that they are no longer able to wash away those energies, and remain buried underneath them. Children who have been bullied, are another example of how this energy can blanket someone, and cause them insecurities for the rest of their lives. It's not just the words that need to be healed from, it is an energy thing, they need to recover their personal energy signature.

Then there are people who are yelled at while on the job, every where, every day. People who don't know about energy fields and Auras and purification techniques. I'm asking myself now if when they leave work, are they leaking that negative energy onto others on their way home....or taking it home with them and infecting others there.

Millions of people, every single day, are suffering attacks of negativity....

Poverty, war, discrimination, depression, anxiety, anger, arrogance, superiority, media-bias, and the current political situation, are all things that can cause and spread negativity. With war as the exception, we don't send positive energy and light and love to those who are suffering from these on a regular basis. And we should. If everyone took responsibility for the energy they put out into our world every day, we would have a much more positive and peaceful planet. But they don't.

Negative energy of this type can be overwhelming, even for an observer of it.


After this incident, I have to believe that negative energy affects Empaths more strongly. Of course it does! We feel everything more strongly! I know that many who are Empathic, avoid being out in public because of this. We are psychic sponges, feeling everything that goes on in the world, on an etheric level. And it also affects us on an etheric level. That is, it can affect the health of your Aura, if you are not vigilant in guarding it, protecting it, and keeping it healthy.

I believe that if we all saw energies clearly, we'd be able to avoid that which we did not want in our personal space. But we don't. We FEEL them instead! Can we train ourselves to see them as well as feel them? I believe so! This takes mindfulness. It takes focus. It takes constant awareness of one's surroundings. And that can be difficult, especially when we're at Walmart being bombarded with the frenetic shopping energies of others, and need to get supplies ourselves. I myself choose to focus my energies on getting what I need and getting out of there as quickly as possible. And this has always worked for me. But Walmart is not our only excursion into the public world...

So what do we do? Shielding ourselves is always good. Keeping a protection piece on us, will help. Cleansing and smudging afterwards will set you straight again. But it is the mindfulness, focus, and awareness that we must develop, in order to fully see what is going on around us.

Are you aware that you are picking up on the energies of others? Are you able to turn that ability on and off at will? This may be a skill you want to develop. It is possible to turn it off. Yet, I have to ask, isn't it better to know the flavor of the energetic soup you are immersed in, than to be blind to it all?

We can use our Empathy for good, by learning to see everyone's energies, or Auras. Now, Walmart may not be the best place to practice this, however, using this skill in other places might serve us well. Try going to a park and sitting in the grass, and seeing if you can pick up on the energies of others there. This may be a good way to start practicing this form of mindfulness, focus, awareness, or whatever you'd like to call it. Once we can be aware of the energies of others in a controlled environment, it will become easier to see them in other places, and to stay focused and aware of them, no matter where we are.


A lot of people who have deep seated issues that cause them to exude negativity, are beginning to let those energies out even more lately. They are showing their issues to the world in a bolder way - due to the "new beginning" energies of this year. We are here to heal, and when we aren't getting that healing, even though the Universe is sending us what we need to heal in the form of planetary interactions - well, they get stronger, they show their issues more and more, because these energies make them uncomfortable. Positivity, love, and light make them mad, because they can't handle it, because they don't have that in their lives and want it on a subconscious level. It's all coming out now, all that we are, and these people are fighting what we are all evolving into, or the Ascension process. Fear is holding them back. And they are showing that fear to us all, with the way they express their issues, be it through superiority, abuse, discrimination, anger, jealousy, etc. These are all fear-based issues, and issues that spread negativity.

A number of years back, when I worked in a Domestic Violence shelter, I was told by my Guides that I had to learn to understand the abusers, and send love to them. At the time, I thought it was impossible, though after working with this for a few years, I was able to understand, and then I was able to send them the healing and love that they needed. Insecurity can be a monster. It breeds Ego. Ego is one extreme of the Solar Plexus Chakra - the sign of an overactive Solar Plexus Chakra, while being insecure is a sign of an underactive Solar Plexus Chakra. Balance is key.

We also have to consider the Heart Chakra - for if we do not love ourselves, we are going to have problems with believing in ourselves, and vice versa. And there are many in our world today, who have never learned to love themselves. If we can't love ourselves, we can't truly love others...

These two Chakras, the Solar Plexus and the Heart, I believe are underactive in most of the people who are exuding fear and negative energy at this time in our world. They harbor insecurity, and lack love for themselves, let alone others.

Yet, as Empaths, it may not be us who needs the healing. We are, at times, picking up on the insecurities of others, the lack of love that others have for themselves. The color Peach can be the important lesson for us here, as it combines the Yellow of the Solar Plexus Chakra (self worth) with the Pink of the Heart Chakra (self love). Peach, the color of the Sunset, I was taught, is an excellent color to use to shield yourself, to surround yourself with, and a great color energy to send out into the world, to those that are suffering from these types of issues, to those who are being abused, and to those who are doing the abusing. Consider abuse as another term for perpetrating negative energy. And aren't we all being "abused" in some way by these negative energies?


As I believe that the negative energies are being felt much stronger on an individual level, and are being perpetrated on an individual level, we need to work on an individual level. What happens to each individual, colors their world, it becomes the energy that they live in, and surround themselves with. We are, each of us, responsible for the energy that we put out into the world, for it all comes together, and helps to make up the energy of the planet. Now, we do have plants and trees and stones and creature-beings who also add their energies to the mix, but think on this: What have we done to the Oceans? Where are the rainforests? How polluted are the forests, mountains, parks, and other Sacred Sites? We have negatively affected their energy - and it is up to us to restore it. In other words, the energy contribution of the natural world is not what it used to be, and we must compensate for this.

Therefore, we really do have to be responsible for the energy signature we are individually putting out. And we have to help others to put out a more healthy energy signature also.

Working on ourselves and healing our own lives will help us to radiate healthy energy. Once we have accomplished this, we can then help others to do the same - either by healing them, or by surrounding them with positive, loving energy. While this is an individual thing, we can't afford to work on an individual level any more. We have to work in our community, or in any community that is suffering. Find the ones who are suffering the most, and send them energy. Surround them with it, surround their neighborhood with it, and maybe, just maybe, someone there will feel it and help you to expand it, or take over for you in that area. If not, ask for the help of your Angels to keep that area surrounded in positive, loving energy - and they will help you with this!

And then move on to another person, family, neighborhood, or city.

Go out to a local event, and surround everyone there with positive, loving energy. Do this when you go to a local store. Do this while sitting at a red light. Do this when going out to dinner, to the movies, and, eventually, when you go shopping at Walmart... For if you are sending out this lovely peach colored energy to everyone and everything inside a Walmart, their negative energy is not going to affect you! And you will not have to worry about seeing their energy. Just exude love and light. That is all.

We have to take responsibility for the energy that we ALLOW in our space. Surround your space - personal or home - with positive, loving energy, and ask the Universe to assist you in holding it there. Personally, I have planted Crystals around my home. It helps! I also have a house full of Orgonic Energy products, which, I'm sure, keeps me tuned in and positive! :) But, our "space" is not limited to our homes. We each carry personal energetic space with us where ever we go. We have to learn to keep this space filled with positive, loving energy, and we do this by healing our own lives, and being vigilant about the health of our Aura.

On a collective level, what are we allowing into our collective space? Politics and violence come to mind. Can our actions assist in healing these? We will only know if we try!

We can spread positive and healing energies through awareness, mindfulness, and focus.  Next time you are out in public, I encourage you to use your Empathy to sense who needs an energy recharge, and send them the energy needed. Meanwhile, keep your Aura strengthened, radiate it outwards in a color that will help others: yellow, pink, and peach come to mind, work on practicing mindfulness, and learn how to see Auras (there are YouTube videos for this).

Keep your own energy cleansed and pure. That is vital to these times that we are living in. And it helps us to see things from a pure perspective, a higher perspective. Remember, negative energy affects us all, at some level. Do what you can to combat it!

That's all for now! Feel free to share any insights you have on this subject. I'd love to hear from you!

Sending out love and positive energy to all.

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