Thursday, May 19, 2016

Energy, Flames, and Closure

One of the gifts that I hold, is to be able to see from the higher perspective, to see through Eagle's eyes. Lately, I seem to have lost this ability. For a while now, the Universe has been reminding me to see from the higher perspective, and of course, I thought I was, only to realize today, that I have not been, for some time now. Fortunately for me, the Universe has stepped in and sent me the messages I needed to fully understand. I want to share some affirmations - and some truths, with you about all of this.

The first eye-opening moment today took place when I was reminded that it is a 9 Universal Year, and I was given a reminder of the 9-9 energy days and their meaning.

Somehow, I've gotten focused on the daily energy and numerology and planetary interactions, and needed to take a step back, and see the year's energies. This is a year of closure, of endings and beginnings. It's interesting that I went through a personal 9  year just a couple of years ago, and still remember what it was like to spend the year releasing everything. And that is what it is all about. We have to release everything that does not resonate with the new us that we are becoming, that is beginning, or with the world that we choose to create and live in, in the future.

The other part of this awakening or realization today, was that we have become mired in the lower level energies of fear, dense emotions, and the political struggle, and that has kept us from our Light. Everyone seems to be struggling with something nowadays, from health issues to transportation issues to family problems to deaths, or endings, for others, and this has helped to suck us into these lower level energies. Yet this is not where we are meant to live.

These lower level energies fill our Aura with their lower level vibration, as they cling to us, and we really do become mired in them, for they are like mud in the way that they cling onto our energy body. We have to clear the mud, not just from our eyes, but also from our energy body, our Aura. We have to bring the Light back into ourselves, and we have to consciously choose to do so. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

I see that this world has affected my Sacral Chakra, where my sexuality and passion lie. As a woman, I know this to be true, because we have been suppressed in this world, our energy has been suppressed. We have learned to live in fear... of men, of danger, of going out in public, of being raped, shamed, used, abused, of having our reproductive rights controlled by others, and of inequality. In fact, we have been suppressed to the point that we may not even believe that we are equal, or that we will ever be treated equally. And we've fought for this, time and again we have stood up for ourselves and our gender, to regain our rights, to no avail.

This is just some of the lower level energies that we are fighting right now, if we are mired in these energies. We are also struggling through the oddest political struggle ever seen in this country. Watching some of this tomfoolery may make us think that we are back in the stone ages, that we are regressing, but that is not what is happening. This is a 9 year, and these are the things that we are ridding ourselves of at this time. Yet, it is up to each of us to choose to release and free ourselves from this outdated thinking - and the energy it creates.

We have collectively chosen to experience these issues, so that we can finally, once and for all, learn their lessons, and release them, by choice, and with ease.

Choice. It is our choice to move forward into a new way of being, or to remain mired in these energies, or in the past - because we have not yet learned the lesson - and that is okay. Stay and learn, if you wish. The time will come where you, too, are ready to release it all and bring closure to this chapter of your life. I'm ready. I have followed instructions and released it all. Now I will tell you how to do the same.

Women have been suppressed, the feminine has been suppressed, and we have to choose to let go of that energetic pattern. Here are some affirmations that will help you with this:

I choose to let go of any and all fear that I am holding of being a woman, of expressing the feminine in this world, and of being suppressed.
I am safe in my body, in my personal space, and in my world.
I am equal to any challenge that is put before me, and I will conquer my fears and rise from them into the strong woman that I came here to be.
I no longer accept the energy of fear in my life. I no longer allow anyone to suppress me in any way. I do not give anyone permission to hold me back. I am equal, I am fearless, and I am strong. I will protect what is mine, in every way.

I call on Mother Bear, who teaches us how to protect our young and all of our creations, including ourselves, and how to be nurturing, at the same time. Mother Bear, hear me! I ask for your guidance, I ask for your teachings, I ask for your help! Teach me about true strength.

Our Sacral Chakra has been affected by all of this fear that we have been subjected to in the past. It is time to clear the fear, and to let it go, to release it, consciously and by choice. See the Orange Metamorphosis Flame come into your body and surround it, and ask it to burn away anything that has held you prisoner: your fears, and any other blockages you may be holding onto. Sitting outdoors with your feet on the ground while you do this, will help this Flame to do it's work. It is our connection to Mother Earth that feeds us the energy that we need, that heals us, and that will keep us grounded during this major releasing cycle. She is the womb of the world, where Creation begins, and we each hold this same energy inside ourselves, for our womb is where our own creative abilities - as well as our Intuition - live. Let this Flame clear the fear from this area, so that you can go forward, from this moment on, embracing your true potential, and create the life you are here to live.

Once the Orange Flame of Metamorphosis has finished its work with you, let it move away, and see what appears next. Ask any Flame that you need to come into your body, and help to heal you and remove any blockages that are holding you back. See them burning away what is no longer needed, from your energy field. When you have run through all of the colors, or when they are no longer entering you, then the White Light Ray will come into you to restore your Light, and your energy. It will fill your Aura and infuse you with its energy, its protection, it's higher vibrational level. See it surrounding you and your energy field. Embrace it.

Ask that this White Light continue to surround you. Connect with the love that is infused in this Light Ray, and radiate it outwards. When you feel firmly seated in these energies, go do a cleansing, to get rid of any remaining gunk or mud on your physical body. Use some lavender or Himalayan Pink salt, to fully remove it all.

Now, let me back up a moment and state that it may not be the Orange Ray, or even the Sacral Chakra that is blocked in you. That might just be me! Yet, I am told that it is the feminine that we need to heal within ourselves, and with this being where our womb is located, I believe that the Orange Flame of Metamorphosis is the one that will best help you at this time in our world. I also want to state that even if you are male and are reading this, that you, too, will benefit from this exercise. I am not excluding you, I am inviting you to open up your own feminine side, your own "womb of creation", and to heal from any past hurts against that part of you. I believe this Flame will do this for us all, at this time.

Is there more I need to say here? Well, I could share with you the Totem Animal information for Mother Bear, but due to the length of this post already, I do believe that I will share it on my Facebook Page, instead. Then there is the information on the Orange Flame of Metamorphosis. Here is the link to that information, which has been provided in my Etsy shop. Feel free to look around while you are there, for the meanings of all of the other Light Rays and Flames are also provided in my shop, including the White Light Ray. See the Color Rays and Flames discs for this info.

Metamorphosis Orange Flame

Lastly, let's talk about Metamorphosis. This is a time of Change, both individually and collectively. We are here to metamorphosize into who we came here to be, and that is happening now. This coming Full Moon on Saturday, is awakening it within us all. We are becoming.... Perhaps this is why the Orange Flame has stepped forward at this time.

I wish you conscious release from any and every thing that has ever held you back, and that you understand that it was you who allowed it, and that you will choose to not allow it ever again!

In peace and with love,

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