Thursday, May 26, 2016

Current Energies, Themes, Messages, and Healing Teachings for this Week

There are so many energies coming at us right now, I don't know where to start... This week has been filled with messages from the Universe, lessons, gifts, and wishes granted. You know, it's interesting to watch how the Universe grants your wishes, how they manifest. It's never how you expect them to, and that's the thing, expectations. A word almost as bad as assumptions! When we expect the Universe to grant a wish in a particular way, it never works out. However, if we leave ourselves open to letting the Universe do it's work it's own way, giving up control, we get what we most need, in the way that works out best for us, in the long run. We presume to think that we know what is best, and we don't.... and that is all a part of giving up control. Truthfully, we don't have control of anything except our actions and reactions, be they physical, communicative, or otherwise. We react to what happens to us, whether it is something the Universe has put in our path, or the attitude of another human being. Learning to mind our reactions, is the key.

Back to expectations tho... we expect others to behave in a certain way, to do certain things, to be the person we've always known them to be, and that isn't realistic, especially in these times. We are all healing, changing, growing, in every moment. How one reacts today may be completely different to how they reacted yesterday to the same stimuli. The same goes for us.

Every thing that we heal within ourselves, changes who we are, and how we react.

We learn more and more who we really are, as we heal the issues that come up for us. And that's another thing I want to address: Healing is an ongoing process. Yes, you might be done with it after a while, a few years perhaps, but that does not mean that every once in a while something else may come up or out that you didn't realize was even there. The planetary energies are really great for helping us to delve deep and bring everything that is holding us back out into the Light to be examined, grieved, healed, and released. We always, always, have something to release, every Waning Moon. It doesn't end. It is the striving for self improvement that keeps us on our toes, that keeps us learning, engaged in our own lives, our own self, and the betterment of the self. We can always do better.

Putting our expectations on others, is another no-no, of course. We cannot expect them to be more than human, more than who they are right that moment. We are all works in progress, no exceptions. And so are you. Be kind to yourself. Nurture yourself. Honor your needs, your feelings, your emotions, your intuition, and your guidance, and give yourself the time and space to do any work needed, as it comes up. You'll be glad you did!

Every thing that we heal within ourselves, changes who we are, and how we react. I am reminded of my own healing process, how I (egotistically) thought I could get through it in a year, when I was told that it would take five years. Sure, I finished most of the counseling that I went through in about a year. But that's just the beginning of the journey! There's still self healing, new things that will come up, people who will trigger you and new issues you will find because of it... I spent the next 3 years journaling my issues out of me, and healing them myself, getting to their roots, as I went along. And Every Single Issue created change within me, in who I was, and in how I responded to others. It took the better part of 7 years for all of the changes to be incorporated in my physical and emotional bodies. I did the psychological work, then had to work on my Aura, on my Chakras, on the subtle energies bodies that surround us all. Everything that we do, has to be healed in the energetic body. It has to be healed in the Chakra that represents that pattern. The Aura develops holes when we have physical or sexual trauma, such as abuse, assault, rape, and those holes have to be repaired. And all of this takes time!

But that's not all. It also takes time for us to incorporate what we learn from the healing process, into who we are. Each issue that we heal, gives us new information, a healthier perspective on what we endured, and it teaches us maybe how we could have reacted, and how we were not thinking in a healthy way, ergo teaching us how to think/see/behave in a healthier way. And all of this has to be incorporated into our consciousness... after we have really released it, not just from our body, but also from our energetic field.

This part of the healing process can take another 5 years. Or more. But it happens as you grow and change, so while you aren't really dealing with issues anymore, who you are is changing. Metamorphosing. Transforming.

Which brings me back to the lessons of the Direction of East and all of that. In the Spring, we are the Egg that is hatching, the seed that is bursting and sending sprouts upwards. These are our ideas that are leaving the womb - or egg or seed husk - and they are sprouting outwards into the world. The Caterpillar is born! Then we arrive at the season of Summer, the Direction of South, the Element of Fire. The Caterpillar gorges himself, stocking up for his time in the cocoon, where he will undergo his metamorphosis, in the Autumn. The fields are filled with an abundance of foods, and we weed our gardens. This means that we take all of the ideas that we had when we began the season of Spring, and weed through them, deciding what is working and what is not. We weed out those things that will not "grow corn", to give the rest of our plants (ideas) room to grow, energy to grow. And then we are able to devote our energy to the ideas that have the greatest chance of reaching fruition, or harvest (Autumn).

This is the process we are now approaching, this is what Summer Solstice and the turning of the Wheel of the Year, will bring into our lives. Some of us may be feeling this ahead of time, that it is time to weed our gardens, and devote our energies to that which will grow to fruition. Narrowing our focus, helps us to better succeed.

Experiencing all of the feminine energies in the masculine seasons, kind of has our systems out of whack. We may not know which end is up. And all of the Retrograde planets too!!! Oh my! Remember the theory of the Wheel of the Year, that there are certain things that are energetically in harmony with the natural world, and stick to those things, as I described above. Everything else that we do, is in addition to all of this, so we really do need to narrow our focus, to be able to give our projects the energy that they need at this time.

And what else is going on? Remember that May is a month that is about Change, due to it's Universal 5 energy. And that we are seeing a lot of 9-9 days this month, a lot of endings in our lives. Let it go! If people are leaving your life, it is for a reason. It is the weeding out process. It has to happen now, this is the season for it, or, Summer is, rather! ha! Here's an oddity for you: Did you know that both May and June will end on 9-9 days? It's true. It is a 9 year, and we will be experiencing these 9-9 days through August... taking us to Autumn Equinox, and the season of Autumn, when things begin winding down.

Summer is a more active time, we are outdoors more, spend more time with other people, involved in outdoor activities, gatherings, and our energy is focused in the outer world, or physical world. It is the same in the Spring, only we are building up to that heavy activity of the Summer. And it is approaching. If you thought you were busy before, wait until Summer! Get your garden weeded now while you have the time. Conversely, Autumn and Winter are about our Inner World. And due to all of these feminine energies we are experiencing, the retrograde planets, we are actually learning to engage with our inner world, while we express ourselves in the outer, physical world. Balance. It's all about Balance.

Balance is the theme, and all of the ways that we can be balanced, is something to think on for us all. We are balanced between our masculine (active) halves, and our feminine (receptive) halves. We are balanced between the Seven Sacred Directions. We are balanced between our inner and outer worlds. What are other balance points in your life? Personal time vs family time? Work time vs personal time? We are learning to better balance all of the aspects of our lives, at this time. A lot of the lessons that we are experiencing, the weeding out of things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives, it's about helping us to regain our balance. Remembering this the next time you have to decide between two things to do and their importance to you, will help you to make the right decision for yourself and your needs.

Lastly, I want to share with you my post from yesterday about Black Moon Lilith and Mars Retrograde both entering Scorpio. This was originally posted on my Facebook Page, where you can follow me to stay in the loop about these daily energies.

Black Moon Lilith enters Scorpio
Mars Retro re-enters Scorpio
Mystery, Death, Regeneration
We are exposed to our fears in order to transmute them
Light vs Dark: battle or balance

Key phrase: Light always overcomes the Dark, or, we can transform our fears by bringing them out of the dark, into the Light and examining them.
What is your deepest fear? Are you ready to examine it? Let's hope so, because you are going to get a chance to do just that!
Dark Moon Lilith takes us on a journey into our Dark Side, with Mars Retro along for the ride, giving us the impetus to go within and question ourselves, our motives, our purpose, and it is through this process that we can see clearly who we really are, and how to express that in this world.
Our fears hold us back, and Lilith and Mars will have none of that! They are offering up the opportunity to transmute them, so that we can become who we came here to be.
We can choose to examine our fears and grow from the experience, or we can wallow in fear. It is always our choice.
If you are being faced with your fears at this time, this is what it is all about.
As a reminder, the energies reported on may not be felt for another 24 hours... or you may be feeling them now, or anytime inbetween.
Mars Retro moves into Scorpio (again) on May 27 and remains there until June 29th, when He goes Direct. In Scorpio.
Lilith will remain in Scorpio through February 2017, giving us plenty of time to work on our fears, our femininity, and exploring our passions.
The Wheel of the Year turns towards the Direction of South on Summer Solstice, aligning us with the energies of sexuality, creativity, passion, energy, and inner child work.
The planetary clock ticks forward in every moment, aligning us with all that we need to grow, become, and be our best self.
No fear. We are all in this together.
The Universe supports you in all ways.

That's all for this week. May you know that you are blessed, loved, and needed.
I wish you peace.

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