Thursday, April 21, 2016

This Week's Messages: Scorpio Full Moon, Pluto & Mars Retro, and more!

Several times this week, I have channeled messages and posted them to my Touch the Earth page on Facebook, as I felt they were too short to be posted here. Now that we are at the end of the week, and the Full Moon is upon us, I have decided that these messages also need to be shared here. They contain guidance for us for this Full Moon, and for Pluto and Mars Retrograde, plus a little exercise I was given to share, to help us through these difficult times.I encourage you to follow me on Facebook to receive these messages as they are posted. Links are at the bottom of this blog entry.

Now let's get to the messages already!


This is a very Scorpio Full Moon, filled with transformative energies. Both planets associated with Scorpio went into Retrograde this week, Pluto and Mars. Pluto and Scorpio are about mystery, regeneration, and rebirth. They draw us inwards, to seek out that which is keeping us from becoming all that we came here to be, to find that which is blocking us from expressing our truest selves in this world.
The news of Prince's death today has saddened me deeply. He was such an innovative and brilliant artist, who always expressed his truest self to the world, whatever it may be at that moment - and he was changeable, and both his appearance and his music always expressed who he was becoming, and who he was in that moment. He did not seem afraid to explore and transform who he felt he was, and to share that with us all.
This is a very Scorpio lesson, and perhaps the biggest lesson of this Full Scorpio Moon. Don't be afraid to be who you truly are, and to express it to the world. Be the peacock you came here to be. The world has long been filled with black and white. It's time to change that. It's time to honor all of the colors that we are, that we choose to be, in every moment.
I believe that we can truly transform this world, by not being afraid to share who we really are with the world.
Many Blessings on your inner transformation. May it show you all that you are here to be, and may we all honor our inner self/highest self in all that we do.

PLUTO & MARS RETROGRADE and an Exercise/Meditation

It's going to be interesting watching how others are dealing with these Mars Retro, Pluto Retro and all of the Uranus Square energies between now and the end of June. It may, at times, cause us to feel bombarded with negative energy. Today, I am reminded that we need to stay out of judgment, anger, frustration, fear, and negativity, and instead, see these situations for what they truly are - a rising of consciousness for the whole of humanity. These are growing pains we are now experiencing. The energies of change are underway, helping us to create the world that we want to live in, and to become the people that we came here to be, by bringing us the lessons that we came here to learn.
If you become overwhelmed by the negative in any way, I want to suggest to you a little exercise that I use:
I go outside and sit, opening my palms upwards, and closing my eyes. I ask to be connected to the "Thousand Points of Light", and ask that my lightbody be anchored within my body. I then radiate my light outwards, surrounding everyone I know with light, and with love, for love is always the answer. I also surround Mother Earth with light, and see it radiating outwards from Her. I hold this energy for a few minutes, then return to myself, remembering to stay connected to the "Thousand Points of Light", and to continue radiating my Light outwards.
If, at any time during the day, I feel that negativity nearby, I amp up my light and love energies, and allow it to flow over everything in my immediate area.
It's about keeping as much light as possible on this planet. It's about knowing that love can overcome any and all other emotions, and using love to feed ourselves, as much as feeding others with it. Remembering to replenish our own energy is important, and I believe this exercise will help you to do this, also.
If you would like, you can ask your Angels and/or Guides to assist you in connecting to the "Thousand Points of Light", and/or to help you to continue to radiate your light outwards throughout the day.
May we all know that love and light always surround us, and that we can tap into it anytime.
Blessings on your day!
Channeled by Michelle Phillips
April 19, 2016


I've been busy making and listing new items in the Etsy shop this week. I've listed Sun God and Moon Goddess discs:

Sun God Orgonite

I've also listed a powerful Third Eye/Psychic Abilities mini disc that contains both the Violet Light Ray and the Indigo Light Ray, along with the Rainbow Light Effect:

Third Eye Psychic Abilities Flower
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Fortune Inlaid Orgonite disc
Besides all of this, I am also working on 5 new Pyramid Orgonite necklaces that I will have ready to be listed by the weekend.

I am also getting ready for Mama's Minerals Alternative Health Fair on May 7th here in Albuquerque. If you are local, I invite you to attend!

That wraps it up for this week. I pray these energies are kind to you, and that you know how much you are loved and supported in all that you do!!!

Remember, Be Yourself Unapologetically! 

Abundant Blessings!
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