Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Observing Where Healing Is Needed

It is said that to heal the world, we must begin with ourselves. Once we are healed, we find ways to help others to do the same, even if it is only by example. Another reference says to first, deal with things on your own, personal level, and correct them there. Then work on what is in your home, fixing it, or helping others there to heal themselves. Then we expand outwards more and more, doing the same, with the community level, then at the city level, then at the state level, then at the national level, then at the world level. I believe that this is how we observe things also, as we awaken. We realize what is wrong with ourselves, first, then we see issues in our home that  must be fixed to keep ourselves healthy. Then, once those problems have been solved we begin seeing things with a broadened awareness. We don't always know how to fix these things, however. So for today, let's just practice observing.

I will share with you things that I have observed. Please feel free to share your observations in the comments.

At events, I observe people coming together when they have shared beliefs, and this is good. Yet, not everyone in our communities have shared beliefs, and this keeps us apart, keeps us from connecting. For ourselves, all we can do is to keep an open mind, and keep trying to connect with others, by finding some common ground.

Online, I also observe that people come together when they have shared beliefs. This gives us a wider range of people to connect with, people from all over the world. And this is good! Then there are those who use the internet to attempt to force their beliefs on others, and I have observed this as well. I think that we must still keep an open mind, and keep trying to connect with others, by finding common ground. Just because we do not believe someone else's outlook or philosophy, does not mean that we cannot connect with them on some level.

Then we get to the one's that have opinions that just really make us want to turn our backs on them, and have nothing to do with them. We see them as hopeless, a lost cause, and maybe even not open minded enough to attempt to connect with. And we shun them, or ignore them. We do this in real life, and we do it online. We do it in our communities, and we do it on a world level, and on all levels inbetween.

It's not only people's opinions and beliefs that separate us, sometimes it can be crimes they commit, or their poverty level, or their "religious" beliefs, or their reproduction beliefs, or their politics, or or or....

I observe that we allow ourselves to be separated by practices of divisiveness, labeling, gender, race, and spiritual beliefs. I observe that we allow ourselves to be separated by things that we hear in the media. I observe that we could make a conscious choice to think with our hearts, instead of our heads, when we hear something about another person that may not agree with our own beliefs. By practicing heart thinking, we may be able to see ourselves in the other person's position, and create empathy and compassion for them.

When we are able to see others with compassion and empathy, we may be able to see where they need healing.

Once we are able to see where another individual needs healing, we may be able to expand that view, and see where our community needs healing, where our city needs healing, our state, our nation, and our world. It's all a matter of perspective, and it begins with each of us choosing to observe where another may need healing, using empathy and compassion.

I observe that there are certain things that we have been coerced to believe are true, by the media, by "society" at large, and, consequently, things that "society" at large believe to be true, that we could choose to see differently, through using a higher perspective, through using compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Let's examine some of these things that society at large chooses to believe are true.

1- I observe that criminals are treated as outcasts, instead of recognizing that they need healing.

2- I observe that people who are on food stamps are sometimes seen as lazy, instead of us choosing to examine the real issues that promote inequality, such as the economy and the way it is structured to keep people down through not paying people what they are worth, or even what they need to survive.

I also observe that we are encouraged to "participate in society" by "getting a job" and contributing to society, instead of being encouraged to follow our hearts, and find our own true path, the work that we came here to do. I observe that those who have stepped outside this norm, are often made fun of, or ostracized, instead of being supported in their true calling.

3- I observe that we treat the mentally ill and the elderly not as people, but as problems. Problems that many are not willing to deal with themselves, and choose to put on others, not recognizing the opportunity or the wisdom that can be gained from being personally involved. Children can also fall into this category, at times. Think of schools and disciplinary problems that children may have in school, and how they are dealt with. Or think of kids who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, and are put on drugs to "deal" with their issues. I observe that there may be another way to handle this situation. They may need healing. They may need to play outside enough to use up more energy. They may have abilities - and this may be true for some of the mentally ill, as well. There may be another way to deal with all of these issues, if we could choose to see them differently, from a higher perspective, from a healing perspective.

I recognize that these are strong statements, yet they are MY beliefs. You do not have to believe them. I urge you to examine your own observations, and see what you come up with, through looking at things from a higher perspective, and using compassion and empathy, or heart thinking, to see things differently.

I observe that as a society, we have made certain assumptions that may be keeping us from seeing the reality of many situations, from seeing where healing may be needed.

The Navajo prepare a healing ceremony for their servicemen and women returning from war, to remove the spirits of the dead and the energies of death from them. They have successfully used healing ceremonies, including sweat lodges, to help them with PTSD. They recognize that there are things that need healing, not ostracization. We all need help sometimes. And that is the question: Do we feel free to reach out for help when we need it? Do others?

I observe that by being more connected to our fellow travelers on this planet, we could be there for them when they need help.
I observe that we are becoming better connected to those of like mind.
I observe that we are becoming more distant from those who are not of like mind.
I observe that we are not seeing where healing is needed, and instead choosing to ostracize those who may need our help the most.
I observe that some of the systems in place in our own country, are not helping the ones who are using them, in a most beneficial way, for their highest good. We are not offering the true healing that is needed.

Are we understanding where we need healing? Are we helping others to do the same? Are we ready to examine the systems in place, and question them? Are we ready to look at things from a higher perspective, using compassion and empathy for all?

These are my observations today.
I am consciously choosing to look at things from a higher perspective. I am consciously choosing to see every living thing, as equal. I am observing that many in our world need healing, and that many systems in place need revamping to offer the healing needed.

I am a Healer. This is my path. I share what I can. I heal where I can. I choose to remain open minded, and to look at everything through empathy and compassion, to better understand where healing is needed, and offer it whenever it is possible. I know that I cannot heal everyone and everything. I accept that. I pray that by sharing my observations with you, that somehow we are able to change what needs to be changed in our world, so that we may all heal while we are here. That is my conscious Intention this day.

Thank you for listening, for observing, for shining your Light, and for seeing the world through compassion and empathy.
I bid you peace. I send you love.
May we all heal together.

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