Friday, April 1, 2016

April Energies

As I was figuring out the Numerology for the month of April, words began coming to me, and I'm being encouraged to share them with you, as they are a part of the energies of April.

April is a Master Number 22 month, and #22 is the Master Builder.
Depending on how you add up the numbers, it can also be a 40/4 month, which is about being balanced between the 4 Directions, and staying grounded.

I anticipate it being a very busy month, so staying grounded and balanced is going to help us to stay centered in our own energy, and not get lost in the busy-ness.

This is the channeled information I just received:

ABC's of April: Activate Balance & Creativity!
Activate: Ascension, Active, Arise!
Balance: 4 Directions, Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine, Chakras, Aura
Create: Flow, Be creative in all areas of your life to move forward with ease.
*No attachment to any outcome, just do the work and set your Intent for success in all that you do!
22 - we are Building (Master Builder) our Balance and our success by being Active, Aware, and being in the flow.
And lastly, Build: We are working towards our own independent yet connected future. What we do now, matters! Every step we take on our path is a step towards our future, and the work that we will be doing in the future, so build your platform to be strong and sturdy.

The New Egg or Seed Moon is on 4/7 - a Master Number 11 day. This is important!
For when we reach this date, everything really will begin rolling downhill, or picking up speed. Right now, we still have the Moon waning, while the Sun waxes, so the energies may be cancelling each other out, or we may still be focused on releasing everything that is no longer needed in our lives, or in our beliefs, personalities, behaviour.... etc. And it is collectively time to let go of old beliefs, habits, and outdated modes of behaviour, so that we can grow forward together, connecting to one another, and helping one another.

We will reach that New Moon day, and then everything is really going to start moving! Be ready! Rest now while you can! It will be a very active time, and we will be busy growing our lives and our businesses. A very propitious time for us all.

Again, and I can't stress this enough, don't focus on a specific outcome during this time. Just do the work that is before you. Let the Universe handle everything else, as it is working behind the scenes to bring you all that you need. Let go of all attachments now, while the Moon is waning, everything, people, beliefs, codependency, reliance on others, neediness, anything you have that you no longer use or that serves you, and then when the New Moon rolls around, set your Intention for success. Don't worry about HOW it will happen, just do the work that is in front of you, staying present, mindful, and focused.

Also, remember to stay balanced and grounded during this busy month ahead. May will get here and you will have so many seeds planted that you will begin seeing "flowers" sprouting up everywhere, if you just follow the dots. They will lead you where you need to go.

As always, trust and have faith that all you need is on its way to you!

EARTH DAY is April 22nd - an important day to be out in nature, and it will help you to stay grounded, as it is the Full Moon!

That's all for now, I'll share more as it comes to me!
Have a balanced month!

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