Friday, April 15, 2016

April Energies, Part 2: Numbers and Retrogrades

First, the numbers:
Today, Friday 4/15 is a 55/10/1 day, with the cycle beginning anew. If you have yet to feel the growing energies, from today forward, you will! The 55 represents change, doubled, and we have some changes coming up this weekend that you may already be feeling. I'll get to that in a minute.

Saturday 4/16 is a Master Number 11 day. Watch for synchronicities, and signs and messages from the Universe, and use them to help you to move forward by deciphering their meanings.

Sunday 4/17 is a 30/3 day, an excellent day for manifestation, as that 0 in 30 gives an energetic boost to the energies of the 3, which is about manifestation, among other things!

Monday 4/18 is a 40/4 day - remember to stay grounded! More about why in a minute.

I could go through each and every day remaining in the month, but I won't. Let's summarize:
Beginning on Sunday 4/24, every day remaining in the month will be a Major day according to the numbers. The 24th is a 10/1, the 25th a Master Number 11, the 26th a rare 66/3, the 27th a 40/4, the 28th a 50/5, the 29th a 33/6, and the 30th a 70/7. Making the last week of the month a very powerful week. And it will be week 17 of the year, which adds up to 8 - giving us the energies of infinity. What we do the final week of the month is going to be very important, and long lasting!

One more day I want to talk about is Friday the 22nd of April, which is the Full Moon in Scorpio, Earth day, and a Master Number 44 day. Make your wishes to build a better future for us all, and get out there and Touch the Earth and reconnect with All Our Relations. The next day, Saturday 4/23 is a 9 day, start letting it all go, releasing any and everything that you can, for the following day, 4/24, begins the week of Major Numbers and Energies! Get ready for everything to start falling into place in  your life, and perhaps, in our world....

Now on to the Retrogrades:
Sunday 4/17 is when Mars Retrograde begins. Mars is the warrior, and represents taking action, assertiveness, and aggressiveness, a very masculine energy. The number for this day is 30/3, and I suggested manifestation workings above. What has the best chance of manifesting at this time, given the Mars Retro energies? The Divine Feminine, Love, Compassion, Empathy, Awareness, Mindfulness, and heart-centered thinking. This is not to say that you shouldn't try to manifest that which you desire, I'm just saying that we will have a chance, beginning this day, to create balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in our world. Mars Retro will slow things down, giving us a chance to think from our hearts, before speaking, acting, or reacting.

Let's look at the next Retrograde: Pluto goes Retro on 4/18, the day after Mars Retro begins! 4/18 is a 40/4 day. Remember that I said to stay grounded on this day? This is why! Pluto pulls us into the unconscious, into the deep. It is the planet of transformation, regeneration and rebirth. It also "...rules destruction, death, obsession, kidnapping, coercion, viruses and waste.... Pluto also governs crime and the underworld, along with many forms of subversive activity (terrorism, dictatorships). This planet is about all that is secret and undercover, that which is hidden from view." (via Astrology dot com)
In retrograde, these darker aspects of Pluto come out into the light. We may see revelations from around the world on these dark subjects. We may realize what is holding ourselves back from growing forward into the light, the darker aspects of the self. It is a time of looking into the darkness, inner illumination, and spiritual growth. Here is what "Pathways to Ascension" also says about it:

"PLUTO RETROGRADE indicates a carry-over of psychic powers from previous lifetimes.  These powers are to be used in constructive ways only.  You will feel the struggle humanity is going through within yourself—humanity’s struggle is your struggle.  You are aware of and feel responsible for lifting your conscious awareness so that the consciousness of humanity can be thereby lifted."

Lastly, we have Mercury going Retrograde on 4/28, a 50/5 day, indicating change. And this is where it all comes together! We may hate Mercury Retro because it makes us re-do and re-think many things, yet it can many times be a blessing in disguise. Mercury is also a masculine planet, said to live in the East, the masculine Direction of Spring and Grandfather Sun. Mercury is about our mental abilities, and communication, of course!

When we add together the energies of Mars Retro plus Mercury Retro, we get a good slowing down of our thinking and acting. It gives us a chance to re-think, or to think about things on a deeper level (Pluto). When our mind is wallowing in confusion from these Retrogrades, it is much easier to take things to our hearts to think through them, and then to speak and act from our hearts. Pluto has us deep inside ourselves, or emphasizes our "Inner World", whereas Mars and Mercury both being masculine, usually emphasize our "Outer or Physical World". Our Inner World is feminine. Mars and Mercury Retros will serve to help to balance the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine, by giving us time to think things through, from our hearts, from deep within (Pluto). From now until the end of June, we will be in Mars Retro, giving us plenty of time to slow down our thinking, re-do, re-think, re-evaluate, re-member, and re-act differently. It is the time of the Divine Feminine asserting Herself in the masculine half of the year.

Anger issues, frustrations, and the inability to act quickly, may hinder some during these times.

Ant visited me last night to remind me that Patience is key during these times. Patience, teamwork, and continuing to do the work, no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes. Anything worth doing is worth doing right? True, and this will be a good example of this quote. Take the time to do things right, to get them right, for rebirth and creating the new in our world, and in ourselves, is definitely worth the time it will take to do it right.

I imagine that I will be talking more about all of this in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, be patient, be kind to others and to yourself, and remember that everyone is feeling these energies. We all experience them differently, so be gentle.

I am also being reminded to share this statement from my Facebook page last night:
"You know, we have to remember that it's not about us anymore. We're healed and whole. It's on us to help others find their way to healing, and to understand that they need healing, and show them the compassion that's always been missing in their lives. Be the example. I believe it's time to treat others the way we want/expect to be treated"

Lastly, let me say that we are each here in this time and place for a reason, which is now becoming apparent. If you need help, reach out. If you see others needing help, be a good friend and reach out to them, make the first move. We have to create the world we want to live in, and it begins with each of us expressing our highest selves here and now. And being in the here and now, being mindful.

Surrounding us all with love,

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