Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Equinox Brings Change

On Sunday March 20th, Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere. The Worm Moon is waxing towards full on Wednesday the 23rd, as the Sun begins the most powerful part of His waxing journey, the part where He brings us His Light to help everything to grow, including us!

It's time to think about what you want to grow in your life, what you want to bring into your life, and what you want to give birth to, this year.

This year, Equinox falls on a 50/5 day - a powerful day for changes, as 5 represents change, and the 0 gives it an added oomph of energy, so it is time to make changes in all of our lives, and in our world, that serve the highest good of us all, and help us to be who we came here to be in this lifetime. 

Equinoxes are times of equal hours of daylight and darkness, and, due to this, it is also a time to release that which we no longer want in our lives, and to cut cords with others that are no longer in our lives, or that we wish to remove from our lives at this time.

The proper time to do your releasing, and then your wishing, on Spring Equinox, is dawn, that magickal time of day between the darkness and the light - just like Equinox! If you miss it, try again at sunset, it is also a magickal time!

As the Wheel of the Year turns towards the East, the Element of Air, and the season of Spring, we leave Winter behind. We could also take a moment to give thanks for all that we learned over the Winter months, on Spring Equinox, and say goodbye to the Element of Earth and the Direction of North, for another year.

Equinox is the day that begins the season of Spring. The Christian holiday Easter, is a derivative of this day, and many of the same symbols work for Equinox, such as eggs (birth/rebirth), baby chicks (new life), lambs (purity), green grass (growing energies), and even the pastel colors, reminiscent of the flowers blooming this time of year, and representing those blooming energies.

The most important symbols that we can work with on this day are eggs and seeds, as both represent life contained within, ready to burst forth. Think metamorphosis, transformation, and change, as that is what happens inside each tiny seed, and in each and every egg. We can use either of these in many ways to help to bring what we need into our lives, from planting seeds set with our Intentions, to eating eggs mindfully while thinking of our intentions, and much more! Maybe you could paint some eggs with your Intentions! I've even filled pinecones (a symbol of fertility) with seeds for my Intentions, and hung them out for the birds to enjoy. There are a myriad of ways to use these two simple symbols to assist your manifestations, and I know that you will find one that works for you!

Let's talk a little about the Symbolism of Spring Equinox:

Energies: Birth/Rebirth, Regeneration, fertility, growing, blooming, metamorphosis, transformation, illumination.

Animals that represent Spring:
Rabbit/Hare - fertility
Lamb - purity
Baby Chick - new birth
Bee - Creativity and getting busy while the Sun shines!
Robin - first bird of Spring, represents sacrifice in Christianity
Butterfly - Transformation
Crane - familiar of the King of Air/Swords in Tarot, represents the Solar cycle, white for purity.
Peacock - also a Solar symbol, with masculine energies
Duck and Goose - more white purification symbols containing feathers, the symbol for Air.

Colors: any pastel color will work, or use several of them!
Yellow and Green best hold the energies of Spring, with green being the growing energies, like grass and trees, and yellow representing the Sun's energies.
Gold also represents Grandfather Sun, and can be used in multiple ways, from placing edible gold leaf on eggs or desserts, to candleholders on your altar.

Candles: White for Purification after releasing, Yellow for Sun energy, Green for growing energy, and Gold and Green for Prosperity.

On Equinox, the Wheel of the Year turns towards the Direction of East and the Element of Air, so those symbols are going to be important for the next 3 months, as they will be teaching us what we need to learn during this season.

Color of the East: Yellow

Grandfather Sun also lives in the East. Due to this, a metal that represents this Direction, is Gold. Brass can be used as a substitute.
The planet Mercury is also said to live in the East, bringing in his energies of assisting with our mental abilities, and communication. His color is orange, and his metal is Aluminum.

Totem Animal of the East: Eagle

Teachings of the East: Illumination, Birth/Rebirth, New Beginnings, Mental Abilities, Clarity, Focus.

East is a masculine Direction, helping us to move forward in our lives, while Grandfather Sun is waxing. It's a time of learning and using our minds to find innovative ideas to help us to move ahead, as well as innovative solutions to problems we may face during this season. In the East, or Spring, we plant the seeds. We water them, and wait for them to grow. We ask ourselves, what seeds are we planting in our own lives, and how can we "water" them?

It is a time when the egg cracks open, the seed splits, and begins growing towards the Light. After Equinox, we must find a way to nurture that seedling.

Lastly, it is a season of change, as mentioned above. We see a new way to do things, and we go with it. We begin reaching for that Light, seeing new possibilities, new hope, new beliefs, and new ways of being, doing, and acting. In the Spring, life is alive with possibilities!

I am considering changing what the blog looks like.... !!!! It's been a few years, and while I still love the background, it doesn't represent "Touch the Earth". And Spring is a time to be touching the earth with our feet once more, and I want this blog to reflect that.

It is said that in the Spring, we must walk gently on the Earth, for our Mother Earth is giving birth....

In addition, Etsy is changing the way our storefronts look, and that change will be taking effect in 3 weeks time. Sometimes, change is thrust upon us, yet we can manage it by doing the best that we can with it, helping it to work out in our favor.

I'm sure there are changes going on with everyone, and I wish you much success with them all! May this season bring you all that you need to forge ahead and make a new way for yourself, and for the highest good of us all!

Abundant Blessings and much love!

Here is a link to last year's post on Spring Equinox:

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