Monday, March 7, 2016

March Energies Part 2 - Movement

This morning I awoke with messages from the dreamtime that need to be passed along, and as promised, I am sharing this information here.

First of all, the word MOVEMENT comes up. There is a lot of Movement going on this month, and especially with this New Moon and Eclipse on Tuesday. Monday 07 March is a 10 energy day, as in new beginnings, yet we must get through Tuesday before things will really start moving....

Be aware that it is not just our lives and our energies that are seeing Movement. The Earth Herself is moving, breathing, and releasing energies that have been trapped within Her for a long time. Natural disasters are the way that these energies are moved within Mother Earth. At this time, we are in the Direction of North on the Wheel of the Year, with its Element of Earth, and the movement is going to be expressed in the Earth, as in Earthquake. There is a big one coming, in the next day or so, as the Earth moves with the energies of the New Moon and Eclipse. If you are in an earthquake zone, be prepared. As we know, earthquakes cause other disasters, such as avalanches, mudslides, landslides, and sometimes tsunami's. Be prepared.

The Earth's movement at this time may be felt by those who are empaths. If you are stressed for no reason, anxious, or even overwhelmed with the energies you are receiving, you may be feeling the Earth's pain. This was explained to me very well in the dreamtime, so I am guessing that this is what kept me down yesterday. It is a very heavy energy, this Earth energy, and in a sense, we are lending our energies to Her, if we are deeply connected, so that She may process these energies, as well.

Know that we are in a serious releasing phase in our lives, as is Mother Earth. Remember, as Above, so Below. What happens to us is echoed in the Earth's crust, and what happens to Her, is echoed within us. We are all connected.

Other things to watch for are animals with strange behaviours. Your pets may not be processing these energies well, either. Be extra kind and gentle with any animal kin you encounter. And heed any warnings they bring you during this time, as animals are our messengers from Spirit.

On the New Moon, hold a circle of Light around the Earth, to help us all. Staying in a high vibrational level, and radiating that outwards, is also helpful during these times. Calming and healing energies can also be used by all of life, if you are so inclined to share.

Movement must happen. Our response to it is what is important. Are we moving, shifting with the changes, or are we stuck and blocked? Look within over the next couple of days, and release whatever you can, so that your energy is freed up and you can see more clearly, and more easily move and shift your energies.

That is all for now. I suspect I'll be back before the Full Moon with another energy update. Meanwhile, we will try to get to Spring Equinox information in the next week.
Stay safe out there, and remember - be ready to move your energies forward!

Peace, Love, Light, and Harmony,

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