Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Introduction to the Physical Side of Spiritual Healing: Alternative Medicine and Healthy Eating

To introduce you to this subject, I am going to tell you my story, the story of my own physical health, and what has been going on with me for the past few months. I hope you'll bear with me!

Let me preface this entire story by telling you that I have always been an advocate for natural healing modalities, healthy eating, and herbal remedies. I was a vegetarian back in the early 80's, so this is when it all started for me, the eating healthy, the use of herbs for healing, etc. I spent time in India, where I learned about Ayurvedic Medicine and healthy vegetarian cooking techniques. I've studied juicing, as well as the healing benefits of many edible plants, including nopal, which I had for dinner last night. It's a lifelong quest, now it's been amped up, for reasons I'm going to tell you about.

I'm a poor person who does not have a lot of money to spend on food each month. I do the best that I can. However, as poor people do, we eat a lot of carbs. Pastas, breads, and yes, I've been known to buy white rice (!!!) because it was all I could afford. Sandwiches for lunch daily, and sometimes even for dinner.

Now, one more thing I need to add before I get into the real story here. I am lactose intolerant, and have not had milk products for probably close to 10 years - occasional cheese, which I deeply regret, but that is it. I have been off of white sugar for probably 5 years. I use raw honey mostly, in my food, when I have anything at all. Unsweetened soy milk in my coffee, unsweetened everything, because I also do not believe in consuming chemicals.... and I have yet to find a natural sweetener that I can tolerate, besides honey.

This is what happened to me recently:

Last November, I got a sinus infection, that I was unable to get rid of. Then, back in early February, my blood sugar began spiking - out of the blue, it seemed. One day, I had a glass of orange juice - the first in a couple of weeks - and my blood sugar spiked. Highly unusual. I am not a diabetic. Due to the sinus infection, I'd had ringing in my ears for quite a while. And, I had tried everything to get rid of it, from a neti pot (which didn't work at all), Oil of Oregano pills (no help), and over the counter medicines also, nasal sprays specifically. Nothing worked.

I went to the doctor. Finally. Now, my doctor is a D.O., who is trained in practicing a whole person approach to treatment. I chose this type of doctor thinking they'd look at the whole body, all the symptoms, everything going on, and see the ROOT of the problem and treat it from there. Not so much!

When I went in, I had high blood pressure, and this is what she treated me for, because, as she said, it was the only thing that she had proof of... She did give me a prescription nasal spray, as well. So home I go with the new meds. Within 3-4 days, I'm experiencing major side effects. Now, I do tell my doctors that if a prescription medicine has side effects, I will experience them, more than likely because I DO NOT TAKE chemicals, and my body reacts strongly when I do. The odd thing was that the side effects I was experiencing were the exact same symptoms I went in to the doctor for in the first place - the ringing in the ears increased, lightheadedness, mental fog, dizziness, lack of energy, and so forth. I did not know if it was the blood pressure medicine causing it, or the nasal spray, as I looked up the side effects of both, and they both had these same ones, the same symptoms I went in for to start with! I was appalled that she'd give me meds that would amplify the symptoms that I was already having! So I went back to the doctor...

Meanwhile, I had done some investigating on my own, and considered that I had a carb intolerance, due to my mass intake of carbs over many years. I cut out carbs completely, for 5 weeks. This past week I have begun having healthy carbs again, one serving per day, beans or brown rice, and my system is tolerating them with no problem.

I told the doc about the carb intolerance, suggested that I may have Celiac Disease (my Guides told me that I did almost 5 years ago), and she says cut down the carbs to 3 servings a day. This is after the orange juice episode mentioned above. I ignored her advice on this. She also said to begin cutting things out from my diet, as a way to find out if I was gluten intolerant or had Celiac, as "there is no test for this", she told me. There is, btw, but I don't really want invasive surgery to cut out a piece of my intestinal wall either.

So I go back to the doctor with the side effects, and she puts me on a different blood pressure medicine, saying we'll have to try out several of them before we find one that works for me. Ok, I get the script filled, and begin taking it on a Sunday. The same day, I've decided to try green beans as part of my healthy lunch. This was only the 2nd time I'd had carbs in over 2 weeks. The next morning, my right knee was swollen badly, above the knee. Now, this has happened before, but it had been quite a while. I do have bad knees, always have, since I was a kid. This type of swelling above the knee however, has only started in the last couple of years.

Fast forward to yesterday evening. I got up to clean up the kitchen, and was dizzy. It was like the top of my head was tingling and felt really funny, hard to describe. I got off balance, and almost fell, twice. My body kept leaning to one side or the other. I had been taking this 2nd blood pressure medicine for about 3 weeks. I'd already been back to the doctor for a follow up on it, and everything seemed okay. I'd not experienced any side effects, as I had with the other one. Last night, during the dizzy episode when I could do nothing else, I looked up the side effects of this particular blood pressure medicine. Guess what I found? Dizziness, lightheadedness, ears ringing, lack of energy, and even swelling in the leg joints!!!!!

I'd say long story short at this point, but it's not been short, has it? Well, let me sum it up now. I just made a pot of Hibiscus tea. I will be drinking that for my blood pressure from now on. I am using my Barnacle Pain Relief Discs (see link on menu bar) for the knee swelling, with much success. I am taking chromium picolate now, to help restore a healthy glucose level in my body. I take vegetarian megavitamins, and a probiotic daily, along with B complex, garlic, and a tablespoon of natural Apple Cider Vinegar. I'm still eating healthy, one serving of carbs a day, and will slowly introduce different carbs, to see if my body can handle them. I eat a lot of salads and vegetables. I'm finding new ways to cook things, trying new recipes. I am a former chef who specialized in vegetarian cooking and special diets, and who was certified in nutrition. I can do this.

The reason that I am telling you all about this is that I think I will begin sharing some of these recipes here with you, or some of my findings on herbs and nutritional qualities of specific foods, and other things that help me. I'm also sharing it because I want YOU to know that there are alternatives to what the doctor may be prescribing for you, and I will share my own findings here, to encourage you to investigate, both the side effects of the prescriptions you may be taking, and natural alternatives.

Life is a journey. We learn, we grow, we heal. And this is the thing: We have to heal on Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual levels. I've ignored the physical for far too long, working on the other 3. It is said that we need to visit each of our 4 houses (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual), each and every day, to remain balanced. So this year, we are going to talk about the physical!

One more thing: Spiritual Healing is recognizing that our physical issues have mental, emotional, and spiritual connections, and working to heal those issues at their ROOTS, where ever they may lie in our pasts. We can't be afraid to delve into our inner being, and check in with it daily, to see how it is feeling, to root out anything that is not yet healed, and work on it until it is, for this will help to heal us physically, as well. Once we heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, it is time to work on healing physically, restoring our body back to balance from the issues of our pasts, and the toll they had on it. Poor eating habits such as mine, develop because of inattention to the physical body, which develops because of physical and/or sexual abuse, which affects us on ALL levels, mental, physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual, and we have to heal that abuse on all levels, as well.

Love yourself, love your body, and treat it well. Don't let the anger issues of others keep you from loving yourself. It is that important!

ROOT is another subject we will explore more in depth. I've written about it before, how roots of plants can help you to heal your roots, and that this is important when you are going through intense emotional healing. Root plants and vegetables will help you to refuel after such intense healing, and replace the vital nutrients in your body, to keep you healthy. Root is also our Root Chakra, and how we connect to Mother Earth. If our own Root is weak, so is our connection. Root plants and vegetables will strengthen your Root Chakra, but we have to do the work, also. Eating more natural foods is another way to deepen our connection to the Earth, and to strengthen ALL of our Chakras, ALL of our body, and our energy field. The closer you live to the Earth, the healthier you are, and eating food that is grown using natural Earth energy (instead of chemicals, so we are talking Organic or grow your own), will also bring you closer to the Earth, and enhance your own natural energy.

I hope you've enjoyed my introduction to the Physical side of Spiritual Healing. We'll talk more about this in the near future. It's Spring - get out there and eat something healthy, and make your body, and your energy, happy!

Keep blooming!

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