Thursday, February 25, 2016

Healing Our Roots to Heal Our Hearts

During the Winter months, the plants and trees pull their energies into their Roots, making this the perfect season to gather roots. If we are living in tune with nature, we may be doing the same thing, going into our own roots for healing and to gather strength and energy for the blooming time ahead.

In the days since the Full Moon on Monday 2/22, the energy has felt a lot like the old has been pulled out from under our feet, and we are free falling, suspended in mid air. Or maybe it's just me! I had 2 dead trees removed from the yard yesterday, and another pruned, so it doesn't lose branches in the high winds of Spring. Removing the dead trees is a way of removing the old, the outdated, the dead growth. Removing the dead branches is akin to removing directions that we went in that did not work for us. All of this makes way for new energies to arrive, yet until they do, we are kind of up in the air, not knowing what to do next. And that is how the last few days has felt. We're ready for the new, but it's not quite Spring yet, so what do we do?

Winter is traditionally the season to work on that which we will give birth to in the Spring. Do we know what that is yet?

Winter lies in the Direction of North, the Element of Earth, our Mother Earth, which contains all of the living beings of our world, the Creature-beings, the Standing People, the Plant People, and the Stone People. The way we connect to the Earth is through our Root Chakra, and, of course, our Earth Star Chakra. These Chakras pull energy from deep within the Earth, up into our beings, feeding our Chi, our energy system. The Root Chakra is about security, and feeling safe in one's own body.

How do we do that? We heal our Roots, or our Root Chakra, during this season. And, if we don't yet know what we are giving birth to in the Spring, this will give us a stable base to draw from.  The Root Chakra sends our energy or Chi upwards, into the Chakras above it. The next Chakra being the Sacral, from where we draw our creativity and our passion. If there is no energy in the Root Chakra, it cannot send energy upwards to the Sacral and beyond.

How do we work with our Root Chakra?

The first and most important way to work with one's Root Chakra is to ground yourself. Go outside and feel your feet on the Earth, and begin pulling energy upwards, through your Root Chakra, which is located at the base of your spine, between your legs. You can push energy downwards from there to the Earth, and then begin pulling energy upwards. If you have a hard time with this, try working with a tree. As their energies are in their roots at this time, they can help you to tap into your root.

The Root Chakra is about security and feeling safe in one's own body (among other things!). If the Root Chakra is underdeveloped or unopened, we won't feel safe anywhere, our own homes, our own Sacred Space, or in our bodies. We may have security issues showing up in our lives, such as having a hard time paying rent and living in fear of not having a "safe" place to stay. This is only one way this may manifest in your life. There are many others! Physically, blood issues are about the Root Chakra, as Red stones work with this Chakra, and they assist our blood system. Therefore, circulatory issues may be a problem if your Root Chakra is not open and balanced. This may also manifest as a symptom of your Heart Chakra not being opened and balanced. Remember, the Root Chakra sends its energies upwards to open and balance all of the other Chakras, and an underdeveloped Root, can result in all of the other Chakras being unbalanced. Everything is connected.

Back to safety and security issues. These usually develop in childhood, and the issues will wind their roots around everything we do. We have to see where our issues originally began. We have to find their "roots". And then we have to pull them out, once and for all! Just like digging out a tree root, if we don't get it all, it will grow back.

I sense that we have all pulled up those old roots, and now we sit, waiting on the new to arrive. (If not, and you want more info on this, leave me a message or comment please) What do we do in the meantime?

We heal our roots by supporting them with nourishment, so that they can grow into the new. Every Winter, I begin making Root Vegetable soups, to nourish my own roots, during their season. It's become a practice that has served me well. It helps us to feel grounded within ourselves. Roots from nature, feed our roots, nourish them, just as eating a specific part of an animal will nourish the same part on ourselves. Eat liver to strengthen your liver, eat roots to strengthen your roots.

I'm going to share with you a list of Root Vegetables and Herbal Roots. Use any to make you up a pot of soup, or herbal roots for teas. You can choose to your soup, or not. I've found it helpful to be able to drink it throughout the day.

Garlic: purifies the blood, and cleanses the sinuses.
Onion: removes bacteria, cleanses the blood.
Leeks: protection and blood purification.
Carrots: anti-oxidants, fertility, strengthening the body.
Beets: immune system.
Turnips: protection, endings, and banishing negativity from one's life. Turnips are a very good source of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.
Potatoes: healing. Powerful reservoirs of primal energy.
Ginger: excellent for digestion, stomach problems. Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant.
Other Roots include daikon, celeriac, parsnips, rutabaga, radishes, horseradish, jicama, yams, water chestnut, lotus root, cassava root, yucca root, taro root, cattail root, fennel, Jerusalem artichoke/sunchoke, shallots and green onions.

Herbal roots include: maca root, dandelion root, burdock root, arrowroot, turmeric, ginseng, galangal, valerian, licorice, marsh mallow, goldenseal root, yellow dock root, Osha Root .

If you delve into the properties of these herbal roots, you will discover that most of them are blood cleansers, or some other form of body cleanser. Arrowroot, Fennel, and Ginseng, can be used for protection, the flip side of the security issues is learning to protect yourself. 

If you feel ready to work on what you will be giving birth to this Spring, try eating eggs, seeds, and nuts. They will infuse you with new beginning energies, and the wisdom you need to move forward.

I would also like to challenge you to continue to work on purification, as it is a waning Moon, and we are still in February (for a few more days, anyway!). This is an excellent time to release those issues that might be blocking your Root Chakra. Go back to your roots, where it all began, and release from there. The issues that continue popping up in your life, likely have roots in your own beginnings. Grieve, Release, Purify, and then Strengthen your Roots during this Waning Moon.

How do we heal our hearts by working with our roots?

This is an Ascension related topic. To ascend from the 3D to the 5D, we need to be living in our hearts, to embrace love for self and all others. It's not just the Heart Chakra we are working with, but also the Higher Heart Chakra, where love for all is found. From this higher perspective, we see that we cannot fully love another, until we love ourselves fully. And we cannot heal others, until we ourselves are healed. To be fully healed, means coming from love in all that we do. Releasing the roots of our issues, and then strengthening our own roots, assists our Chi in rising and flowing, and helps us learn to love ourselves once more. When we feel safe within ourselves, we can afford to love ourselves. And when we can love ourselves, we can then love and heal others.

There are two main emotions: Fear and Love. All others derive from one of these. We are either coming from a place of fear, or we are coming from a place of love. Having an unbalanced Root Chakra, means we are living in fear, of just about everything. And I think it is due to our disconnection from the Earth. Winter is the season of the Earth, of purification, wisdom, and spirituality. It's color is white, which contains all of the colors in the spectrum, the Rainbow itself. White also represents purity. We spend this season clearing ourselves out, so that we can be a source of light for All the Worlds. To do this, we must live in our hearts.

Questions? Suggestions? Opinions? Please leave a comment! I'd love to hear from you!

I'll be back on the 1st of March with your monthly energy report. Until then, be love....

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