Monday, February 1, 2016

February Energies

We begin the month on a 30/3 day, with 3 being about manifestation, and the 0 giving it added energy. The first day of February is a good day to decide what we are giving energy to this month, what we are trying to manifest in our lives, and to focus on those wishes, and give them energy, so that we can manifest what we need in this year.

February is a 2 month, in a 9 year, with 9+2 equaling 11, a Master Number. What we do this month is important! It is defining our intentions for the entire year.

11 is also a balanced number, and 2 is always about balance. There are many forms of balance, such as the balance between our masculine and feminine sides, giving and receiving, action and listening or being receptive, Winter and Summer, North and South, our inner world vs. our outer world, or the physical world and the spiritual world... balance can take many forms in our lives, and to stay balanced between it all is the key to having a healthy relationship with the self. We have to take care of ourselves first, if we are going to have the energy to take care of, or even deal with, others. 1 and 1 - the individual and the individual equals 2 the couple or being in a relationship with another, one and one coming together, while each maintaining their individuality, their own sense of purpose, and walking their own path, both separately and together. Putting self first is not selfish, it is necessary.

And this month is about doing what is necessary for the self, taking care of the self, honoring the needs of the self. This is a lesson we must learn, if we are to be in relationship with others, in a healthy way. Co-dependence is the unhealthy way that 2 energies can develop, and in this way, it is not balanced. It is thinking in duality and not in individuality. We must have both to be balanced. Choosing to release any co-dependence in your life can bring you back to the 11 equation, to the individual, to know that we give our first loyalty to the self and its needs, to realize that we are stronger when we are in a 11 relationship, than in a 2 - or duality relationship. Knowing ourself as an individual first, makes us stronger. Then when we add 1+1, or two strong individuals coming together, we get 3, the healthy projection of two individuals coming together to manifest new life or a new way.

Something to think on!

February is the Hopi Month of Purification, and this is a practice I've long honored. I see the snows of Winter as being purifying for the Earth, and for us all.

Winter is traditionally the time when we are doing the work for what we will be giving birth to in the Spring. February is the month when we need to look at all of the seeds we want to plant in Spring, and begin narrowing them down, so that we can hone our focus, and focus our energy on what has the best chance of working out. This is another way of purification. We release those seeds that we cannot use at this time, which gives us more energy for those that we can focus on and help bring to fruition.

In this time of Ascension, purification means letting go of the old way, the old "us", and releasing all that we are not, so that we can grow into all that we are. We are half way through the Winter season, and it's really time to hone in on what we want to be, who we really are, and give it all of our energy, so it is very important to release the old at this time, and what better time than the New Moon of February, the date of Chinese New Year?

Traditionally, the Chinese prepare for this event by paying off all old debts, cleansing their homes and sweeping out the old, repairing everything that needs it, buying new things with which to bring in the New Year, and just plain letting go of all that has gone before. Chinese New Year is on the New Moon on February 8th, which gives us a week to get things in order. Are we ready to let go of the old?

If that's not enough, then we have Lent which begins on the 10th, asking us to give something up for the greater good, to make a sacrifice. That's another meaning of the numerological value of the date of the first of February: 2+1+9=12, Sacrifice, The Hanged Man, meaning life in suspension, or even looking at things from a different perspective. What can we give up? What are we waiting on (life in suspension)? We feel suspended between Winter and Spring, waiting on it to get warm once more, waiting to be able to play outdoors again, when life happens within first.... or should! We are suspended because it is time to work on ourselves.

One more recurring theme I've noticed, while thinking on writing this article, is Snake, who is lying beneath the Earth at this time, semi-hibernating, and waiting on Spring. His life, too, in suspension. He asks us, "What lies buried?" or "What is hidden?" This is also about working on ourselves, while we wait in the darkness, as He does. What needs to come up out of the darkness into the Light? What issue is holding you back? What blockage are you feeling? And the only way to see the answer to this question, is to go deep within ourselves. Do it now, while we are being purified, so that we can let it go, once and for all, and become our truest self come Spring. Let it out, get rid of everything that is not needed anymore, get rid of everything that stands in the way of your comfort with yourself, in yourself. Just as Snake removes all of the dirt in the way of his Winter Den, bringing it to the surface, we, too, must "move earth" to make room for the new us, the new you.

One more Snake message: Shedding the skin. Snake becomes new again when He is able to shed His skin, and teaches us how to do the same. Shed the old you so that you may become the new you. Snake Medicine is about transformation, and transmutation, that is, transforming one substance into a newer, better one, or one that can be used to achieve greater insights. Transform yourself into a newer, better version of you!

That's the message for this month. I hope it helps you!
May we emerge in Spring knowing and being our truest self!
Sending love!

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