Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Season of Deep Thoughts

As Autumn draws to a close, we are drawn within, to find that which is holding us back from embracing who we really are. That is why we are here, to live our lives as who we are meant to be, to use the abilities that we were given, in the service of all, including ourselves. And it is time to find this person deep within you, and to draw those talents, skills, and abilities out into the Light of understanding.

This has been a week of realizations for many, recognizing what our issues are, and perhaps, not seeing how to fix them, or not delving deep enough to find our own answers that lie within us all. We are afraid of the dark, and yet, the dark represents our feminine side, the womb, the night sky, and the place within us where we give birth, where life grows, and where change and metamorphosis begin.

We cannot fully understand nor embrace the Light, if we have unresolved issues in our darkness, for that is where they hide, in the subconscious mind, hidden from plain sight. We go within to find them, to root them out, to drag them into the light of the conscious mind, in order to resolve them. What fears lie within? What angst? What sadness? It's time to ask ourselves these questions, and heed the answers that come.

We have all had difficult journeys in this lifetime. The problems that arose, were intended to make us stronger, to shape us into who we are, yet, if we allow the pain from them to stay buried, it not only affects us mentally and emotionally, but also physically. Anger held within becomes cancer, grief brings lung and breathing problems, lack of self love hardens our hearts, lack of confidence or belief in ourselves blocks the light from touching us within, and holds us back from realizing our dreams.

As with many things, there are different layers of understanding, and as we repeat lessons again and again, we begin to understand them on a deeper level. We may even see the patterns behind them, which may come from past lifetimes, or from karmic debt. It may be the pain that our Ancestors endured, that causes us to hold onto anger. It may become our own pain, if we attach on to it too strongly. And then it will become our own physical symptom that will cause illness, disease, or injury in our own life.

This is the thing: Anything that we hold onto and don't work through and release, will cause physical illness, disease, or injury, be it our own pain, the pain from a past life, or the pain of our Ancestors. The best thing that we can do is to sort through our childhood, and seek out any remnants of pain that we have held deep within. But don't stop there, keep digging, go beyond yourself. See the patterns in your family, and release them so that you can break free. If you are holding onto the pain of your Ancestors, try instead to see their lessons, for what they did, and what they endured, was meant to free us, and it has. We have life much easier due to their hardships. So give thanks to them for their suffering that brought the changes that we have now. And let go of their pain. It is not yours to avenge.

We start out this life as a blank slate. Our goal is to return to that, to heal and release so much that we become "hollow bones", a channel for the creative life force of the Universe. It is only when we have worked through and released everything that has always held us back, that we are truly free to become who we really are, to use the talents and abilities that we came into this world with, in a way that serves the highest good of us all, with purity of Intent, and with love for all.

Without pure Intent, without purity of heart and mind, we are not operating at our highest level, and we are not drawing into our lives all that we need, or all that is available to us.

Information is available to us all, from the Universe. Creative thoughts flow between this world and the higher, spiritual plane. Yet, our own issues, or any issue that we hold onto, will create a blockage in that energy flow, and we will not be able to pull in what we need, nor hear all that is being sent our way. And without this knowledge flowing into us, we don't know who we really are, we don't know what our true abilities are, because we have blockages standing in the way.

This past week, I've been digging into some esoteric knowledge, and what I have found is what I already knew, and did not see clearly, due to my own blockages. Clear sight is a true gift, one that is attained by constant work on ourselves. I sit and listen to the Universe speak, each and every day. I pay attention to the messages and messengers, and heed their words. And I allow myself to be guided by the Universe (or my Angels, Guides, etc.), when it comes to learning. I open my mind and let them show me where the next lesson lies, what book to pull out, what words to read, what videos or tv shows or movies to watch. Clues lie everywhere, and your Angels are doing all that they can to lead you to them. We just have to open up our minds to their promptings. And we can't hear them clearly, if we have blockages caused by past or current issues.

Clear the cotton from your head, take it out of your ears, they tell me, truly listen to what is being said. That's the thing - everything that we are hearing or sensing goes through our own filters, and we interpret it based upon our experiences. Some may hear their guidance system say to kill everyone, while others may hear it as love everyone... it depends on how clear - and pure, our minds and hearts are. We don't achieve clarity by holding on to issues, and the more issues we resolve and release, the clearer our minds and hearts become.


When we don't fully love and respect ourselves, we can't fully love and respect others. This can appear in many forms in our lives, from extreme hate, to prejudice, to lack of compassion - or empathy - for others. The big question to be asking ourselves right now, is why we don't fully love ourselves. What has damaged your love for you? Is it lack of love in childhood? Is it a series of bad relationships that have left you doubting your self worth? Is it feeling alone and unworthy of love, or even friendship? What created this situation, where did it start? That's what we have to dig out now, the Root of the lack of love for self, where ever it goes back to, at whatever point in time. Kids that were adopted may feel a lack of love due to their parents giving them up, which may have resulted in their own lack of love for themselves. And these things perpetuate into the future, we give a lack of love to our kids when we don't love ourselves. That's what we are teaching them. When we show hate or lack of trust or even prejudice, it stems back to a fear hidden deep within us. What is the fear? Is it the fear of lack, or of not having enough for yourself? Did you grow up with many siblings and feel the love was divided between you all, and not enough for you? Did you have both parents working and you felt that they didn't have enough time for you? Do you feel there is not enough love to go around?

There is an infinite source of love in the Universe. It is always all around you. Find it and embrace it! Use this love to feed yourself what you need, what you are lacking for yourself. The flip side of all of this is that when we don't feel loved, we feel like we are alone in the world, and that is just not true. Being shut down, you may not feel the love, you may not feel your Allies, Guides, and Angels sending you messages, pouring love and healing into you, but that is because you are shut down. What caused you to shut down? To fear? That is the question.

There are two main emotions in the world: love and fear. Everything else is either love based, or fear based. Which one are you embracing? Take a dose of faith, and try embracing the love that surrounds you. Just try it! Ask your Angels for a sign that they are there and helping you. Ask them to do some little task for you. Ask them to give you a sign. And then watch for it, with an open mind. Any and every thing we see can be a sign, from a bird to a leaf, from a raindrop to a rainbow, from a cloud to a poignant sentence on your favorite tv show. It could be a passage in a book, a dream remembered, a movie you are guided to watch, or specific knowledge you are guided to seek out. The answers await you. All you need do, is seek.

That's all for this week. Next week, we'll discuss Winter Solstice.

May love guide you and embrace you, and may peace surround you.
Much love,

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