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December Energies

December is a 12/3 Universal Month. In this equation, we have the energies of 1, 2, and 3. Let's talk about those first.

One can represent the individual or individuality, independence, and is the Magician card in the Tarot.
Two can represent duality, balance, and two people working together.
Three can be viewed in 3 different ways:
Three represents Manifestation.
Three represents the end result of two people working together, or the project they are working on taking on a life of its own. It can also be the relationship itself.
Three represents the Trinity, a three-sided Triangle, seen as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or in other Traditions, as the Above World, Below World, and Physical World, or even Past, Present, and Future.
The key to this interpretation is about:
Father/Son/Holy Spirit: Two things combined that create a third energy.
Above/Below/Physical Worlds: As above, so below, and so it is in the physical world. All things are connected. This ties into the World Tree and truly, all trees live in all 3 worlds, teaching us how to do the same. Reach for the stars while remaining firmly rooted in the Earth, and acting in the physical world, or being present. What we create affects all the worlds.
Past/Present/Future: The past shapes the present, while the present shapes the future. When we can fully understand this, we consciously act in the present, to create the result that we want in the future.

Let's go back to 1+2=3
It takes the individual balanced in their own duality, to manifest their highest good.
It also helps to work with others, to manifest something new in this world. We'll come back to this statement!

Every day in December that echoes the 123 energies of the month (1st, 10th, 19th, 28th), is also a #30 day, with the 0 bringing in added energy to help us to manifest our dreams. So any of these days are excellent for manifestation work, as is the entire month, but on these days, you get that extra energy!

In addition, we have multiple 20, 40, and 50 days this month, and even one 60 and one 70 day. Recognize that these all have that 0 attached, bringing an extra boost of energy to their properties. 20 is balance and duality, 40 is being grounded in the physical world, 50 is change.... and while I'm on the subject, Winter Solstice is on a 50/5 day. A definite change indeed! 60 is 6 which is a true balance of duality within oneself, balancing the masculine and the feminine energies within oneself, the active and the receptive energies, the mental and the emotional energies, and knowing this in full awareness so that one can act using all that they are, for their highest good and the highest good of us all. And lastly, 7 or 70 is faith or spirituality. December 23rd will be a very spiritual day. December 31 is a 60 day, asking you to remain fully balanced and aware of your actions.

Looking ahead to 2016, we see that January 1st is a Master Number 11 day, helping us to start out the New Year with the energies needed to move forward, and adding in some synchronicities and messages from the Universe to assist us with this. 2016 is a 9 year, representing endings and beginnings, globally. We will see some things in our world end forever. And we will see a new way emerge in the coming year. Think positive! Especially in December, when you are busy manifesting your dreams!

Now let's talk about the Themes for the month of December:

LOVE - This theme is prominent this month, as what we create in togetherness takes on a life of its own. The projects we work on together, the relationships, the combined energies of 1 plus 2 equal 3, a 3rd option, a 3rd energy is produced. This can also be the individual, who, through recognizing their own duality, creates a new way for themselves. Yet love is in the air. I wish to remind you at this juncture that without love for the self, we cannot truly love another. I feel as if we have been brainwashed into wanting to be in a relationship with a significant other, and, in the real world, have babies and raise a family. This is not the path for everyone. Some people work best alone. Others need to heal themselves without the worry of a relationship or a partner to deal with. If you can't stand alone, you can't truly stand with someone else. Just as if you are not healthy, you cannot heal another. The number 1 speaks of individuality, while 2 is duality. In any relationship, the individuality must be maintained, for without it, without the original 1, the 2 falls back into the 1, or 2-1 still equals 1. Then the flip side is that 1+2 or individuality plus the combined energy of the couple, creates a new energy, be it a child or the relationship itself, who they are together. This 3rd energy, when positive, can change the world. When negative, it can destroy everything in its path. So if we are not happy in ourselves, we cannot contribute to the happiness of another, and thereby create a 3rd energy that is positive. Long story short here: Don't be pressured by society. Think for yourself. Only you know when you are ready to share your life with another. And if you aren't, well that's okay too. Be an individual and learn to accept your own duality, and use it to create that 3rd way.

ABUNDANCE AND MANIFESTATION: This is pretty much covered above, just recognize that these energies are in place for us to work with, all month long.
This month's affirmation: My life is filled with abundance.

GIVING AND RECEIVING: It is far better to give than to receive, yet if we consciously or unconsciously block that receiving energy, refusing to accept what is being given to us, we are in essence, creating a blockage within ourselves that says that we don't feel worthy of receiving. Don't go there! Be open to all that you receive. You can choose how to use it later.
When we give, we open up a doorway to receive. Give from the heart, and what comes in return will be from the heart. It may not come from the same person you gifted, it may come from an unexpected source. This is the Universe's way of helping us to have what we need in our lives. The more you give, the higher the chance of getting what you need. Keep the door open to receive!

Now we need to talk about where we are, at this moment. We are in the last Waning Moon of the Dark Half of the Year. This is a time for Going Within, to find your own answers, to see clearly what you need to work on during the Winter months, so that you can give birth to something new, come Spring. What will you create?
We are in the darkness, which is akin to being in the womb, as we are in the womb of Mother Earth. The seeds and roots are resting, going into themselves, pulling their energy within, and we need to do the same. Go into yourself, for everything you need is there. Mother Earth is feeding, nurturing these seeds, bulbs, and roots at this time, providing them what they need to survive the long cold Winter months. She does the same for us. Pull energy from the Earth to sustain you, to nourish you, to feed you what you need, while you go within yourself for answers. It is also a time to do the most serious releasing of the year. So while you are deep within, find all that no longer serves you, and toss it out, get rid of it, remove it from your life and your belief system. Mother Bear is in her cave, hibernating, and we follow her there, knowing she is dreaming of a new way, we do the same. When Mother Bear emerges from her cave in the spring, she will see the world with new eyes, everything will appear fresh and new to her. What can we get rid of now that will help us to see that magick in the world again? To see it all containing new possibilities? On this New Moon (December 11th), let it all go!

Which takes us to the subject of Roots. What are your roots? When you look down beneath everything else, what remains? What started you on this path, what are your strengths, your talents and abilities? Those are your roots. Nourish them and feed them during the long Winter months, nourish them and feed them now, while you are in your cave, dreaming. Strengthen them.
The longest night of the year - the night prior to Winter Solstice, or the night of December 20th is the best time of the year to gather roots. However, as we are now in the last waning moon of the Solar year, we can also now gather roots through the New Moon on the 11th. So if you do any type of Root Work, gather now!

This month's energies ask us to begin taking action towards our dreams. If we spend the remainder of this waning moon going within and dreaming (which, by the way, Winter Solstice is an excellent night for dreaming of one's future!), then come Winter, we begin working on the projects that we will give birth to in the Spring. It may be a craft project, a book, a work of art, or whatever your heart desires. We work on it in the Winter months, so that we are ready to present it to the public come Spring.

The energies are going to Change come Winter Solstice. Be prepared. The Wheel will turn, and we will collectively be facing the Direction of North, and the Element of Earth. This is Mother Earth's domain, the land of the Creature-beings, where the Stone People live, where the plants are located deep within the Earth awaiting Spring, and the trees are sleeping and dreaming deep within themselves. The white color representing the Direction of North is symbolic of snow, purity, and the white hair of the Elders and their wisdom. It was traditionally a time of storytelling and working on crafts, musical instruments, or weapons. From this, we can even begin developing strategies for moving ahead. We gather in our homes, make them comfortable for the time that you will be spending there during the cold months. Gather your supplies now for Winter, what you need to create your craft, the books you want to research, the foods you will need, and, of course, the Roots!

We will talk more about the season of Winter and the Direction of North after Solstice.

Lastly, I want to share with you some Moon names for the coming moon that will begin on the New Moon on 12/11:
Lakota: When the Deer shed their Antlers
Zuni: The Sun has traveled home to rest
Winnebago: Big Bear's Moon
Cheyenne: Moon when the Wolves run together
Hopi - Moon of Respect

In other cultures, it has also been called the Long Night's Moon, due to the night before Winter Solstice being the longest night of the year.

I wish you happy dreaming, an abundant and prosperous Solstice, may peace and love surround us all this holiday season, and always!

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