Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Energies

Daylight Savings Time has ended, and this is always such an adjustment for us all. Yet, we continue to do it, and at some point, we have to ask ourselves why. We're not meant to live by a clock, but by the Sun and Moon. There's fewer daylight hours this time of year anyway, as the Sun wanes towards Winter Solstice, and we change our clocks, giving us more waking hours of darkness. Somehow, it just doesn't make sense. I prefer to live fluidly, rising and sleeping when I feel the urge. This is natural. We must get back to being more natural, flowing with the energies - as our Ancestors did -  instead of attempting to control them. Now that's my two cents for this morning.

Onward with the November energies!

November is a Master Number 11 month, add that to an 8 year, and you get 10 - a month of new beginnings with added magick. This month starts out with a Master Number 11 day on November 1st, and we see that many days this month have that 0, or added magick. Lots of Master Number days this month, as well.

We are currently in week 44 of the year, there's another Master Number! It began on Thursday October 29th and goes through Wednesday November 4th, which is a 50/5 day. Change is in the air, not just on 5 days, this is a month for change for us all, both collectively and individually. It is time to become the person you are here to be, no more procrastinating, no more pretending to be other than you are, step into who you are here to be. It is time! 

A couple of days of note this month are the 19th and 20th of November. The 19th is a Master Number 11 day, a 19-19 day: beginnings (1) and endings (9), and a 10-10 day: new beginnings with added magick. November 20th is a 30/3 day: manifestation with added magick, a 15-15 day: new beginnings plus change, and a Master Number 66 day - taking us back to those 6-6 days in October which emphasized the ultimate balance between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves. The manifestation aspect of this day asks us to trust the Universe to provide us with what we need, and seek its help in manifesting our dreams. This is also a day of having faith, and trusting the Universe, collectively, as we stay in the energy of the spiritual person that we are here to be. Stay balanced, between the masculine and the feminine, and between the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your true self.

The Full Moon of November falls on the 25th, a Master Number 44 day, the Master Healer. The following day is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and we will still be feeling that full moon. The November Full Moon is called the Beaver Moon by most, yet our Ancestors called Moons by names that reminded them of what time of year it was. Some of these include the Cold Moon, the Frost Moon, the Freezing Moon (I'm sure that this depends on where they lived!), the Snow Moon, and The Moon When the Rivers Begin to Freeze. The Pueblos of NM call it the Moon When All Is Gathered In. And, of course, after it has all been gathered, we celebrate it with the Harvest Festival, or Thanksgiving. This is how they lived naturally, going with the flow of the energies, doing things in their natural time. You don't rush a harvest, you don't set a date for your Harvest Festival a year or more in advance, it all depends on the weather. Get those apples in before they freeze on the trees!

Time is somewhat of a theme this month, we are now seeing. It's nice to know the exact minute that the moon will be full, but it's ever so much more fun watching it nightly and counting the days. Our Ancestors did this, and they watched the stars to tell them what time of year it was. The stars are like a great big planetary clock in the sky, one we've forgotten how to read. It's time to remember. All knowledge lies inside you. Take some time this month, when the skies are clear, to check out the position of the stars, and learn your way around once more. Better yet, teach your kids to do this. For that's what it's all about, teaching the children.

Now on to the astrological portion of the month. Again, watching the stars... isn't it interesting how it all fits together? I think so! :) Three planets that are in Retrograde will be ending their backwards cycle this month. Vesta on the 13th, Neptune on the 17th, and Chiron on the 27th. By then, we will be down to having only ONE planet in Retrograde, that is Uranus, who stays Retro through Christmas Day, or 12/25. When the planet of sudden change moves forward again, He will be taking us to a 9 year collectively, endings and beginnings, as 2+0+1+6=9. Change is in the air, and getting stronger as we - and all of time - march forward.

Step into who you are now, don't wait to be pushed, don't risk being left behind and not fulfilling your destiny. We really don't want to have to repeat this "grade" (life, earth school). Move forward. Don't look back. Time stops for no one.

 Go with the flow. Feel the changes deep within. For now we are also nearing the end of the waning cycle of the Sun, on Winter Solstice. We are currently in the waning cycle of the Moon, the next to last before Solstice. This is a time of going within, into our own darkness, and finding our own answers. Your truth lies within you. Go into the cave with Mother Bear, and find it. She will guide you. The New Moon on  the 11th of November, is an 11 day in an 11 month, in an 8 year, or a 30/3 day, and the New Moon will be in Scorpio, a time of going within, seeking the Mystery. See what needs to be manifested in your life to serve the highest good of us all, and then make your wishes when the Moon begins to grow once more.

From the 26th or so of November, through New Moon on the 11th of December, will be the last of the darkness, or waning cycle of both the Sun and the Moon. The darkest time of the year. This is a time to dig up roots, if that is what you do. It is the time to spend in solitude, in darkness, seeking and dreaming. Read your cards, seek your own answers, seek guidance from your Spirit Helpers and the Universe. Go into the Void, create something new, be it a new life, or a new creation to share with the world. Everything you need lies within. Use this momentous time to find it, and bring it out into the light when it returns on Winter Solstice. Tada! Show the world who and what you really are! It is time!

From my home to yours, may your month be full of significant change that brings you all that you need, and all that you are, and may we all flow into the best possible future for us all.

Happy November!

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