Thursday, October 8, 2015

Real Conversation

Last night on my Facebook wall, I began a #RealConversation. It went something like this:

"There's so much going on in the world, so many energies bombarding us, so many people cold, hungry, homeless, so much violence surrounding us, and nowhere near enough peace... and by far, not enough healthy conversation on any of it. Instead, we share pictures with quotes...
We need to begin conversations about things that matter. If not now, when? Our voices matter. The solutions will never be found, if we do not open the conversations.
Or we can distract ourselves some more and wait for others to figure it out for us..."

Then I realized that where the conversation needs to start, is around our feelings. How do you feel about this thing that is happening in our world, to our people, our women, our planet? We have to be able to discuss our feelings, for they are important!

Did you know that our emotions are the gateway to our psychic abilities? I have found this to be true. When we have emotional blockages, we are unable to fully access our psychic abilities. We can't feel empathy for others if we can't resonate with their situation. It becomes something that doesn't interest us, yet our friends, family, neighbors can be having a hard time, and we don't connect with them. Why? We don't want to feel their feelings! We don't want to feel... Why? We've been taught that it's not acceptable to express our emotions. Our society has been known to shun those who do.

Have you ever felt that women have been shunned for being emotional? Made to feel less because they express their emotions? hmmm....

Then I began thinking about kids, and what example we are setting for them by not accepting our feelings as half of our lives (I'll come back to this). When we feel emotional, we feel isolated. Imagine being a kid and feeling this way. How many kids have felt that it was not okay to tell others how they felt? How many were depressed, abused, bullied, that did not speak up for fear of being shunned, or even ignored? That really got me. We have to do better, we have to set a better example!

We each are comprised of a masculine half and a feminine half. The masculine side is about our mental abilities, forward movement, action, aggression or assertiveness, and is represented by the physical or outer world. Our feminine side is about our emotions, our psychic abilities, being receptive, nurturing, going within ourselves to come up with the ideas that our masculine half moves forward with, and is represented by our inner world.

If you've read my blog before, you've heard all of this before! The trick is to be balanced between our masculine and feminine halves.

We are currently in the Direction of West, the season of Autumn, the Element of Water - which represents our emotions, and perhaps this is why this whole subject has come up for me. We are facing West, the home of Grandmother Moon, who enhances our psychic abilities and our emotions. We are facing a feminine Direction. West and North are feminine, while East and South are masculine. And it is collectively time to restore balance to our feminine sides, and to our world. So being able to talk about our emotions is very important at this time.

In order to balance the Divine Masculine, we have to let Him know that it is okay to express His feelings, that it is okay to feel. And we have to let our Divine Feminine know that She, too, is valued for all that She is, all that She brings to the table. She is the nurturing Mother who gives birth to All Of Life. She teaches the children at her knee. Mother Earth and Mother Water provide for us all. Mother Earth gives birth to the food that we eat, the herbs that we use for Medicine, the creature-beings who keep our food chain in balance, the trees that provide us with the air that we breathe, and so much more! Woman gives birth to the new. Man takes those ideas and runs forward with them. It takes both halves to have a healthy world.

Have I gotten off subject? Maybe. I came here to write this today to invite you to start #RealConversations with others, your family, friends, neighbors. To encourage you to express your feelings, and to help others to do the same.

At this time, I am starting #RealConversation on my personal Facebook page. I hope to go public with it soon, but at this time, I feel that it is important that we learn to express our feelings in a safe environment first.

I also want to encourage you to talk about controversial subjects. We may not agree, but we can still talk about them in a healthy manner, letting everyone's voice be heard.

If you would like to join in on some #RealConversation, please friend me on Facebook. The link is on your right. I hope to hear from you there. Or leave a comment here. If you'd like it kept private, tell me so, and I will.

Talk to people. Listen to people. Really hear how they feel, and tell them how you feel. It's important. Start some #RealConversation. And use the hashtag. Let's find our way back to our true center.

Until next time,
Love, Michelle

P.S. - Love is an emotion. If we want love to radiate from us all, then we have to share it, and that means, sharing our feelings.

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