Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Energies by the Numbers

A couple of months ago, I decided to name each day of the week by the Intention that I set for the day. The reasoning was that if I set an Intention each day, I would fulfill that Intention, and it was a good way to make sure that I was moving forward with my goals, each and every day. At the same time, I decided to rename each month also. August I named Ascending. September became Shifting. And now, October has become Surging, as that is what I am told the energies are going to do in the month of October! I admit that my Angels have told me to use the word, Surging! I think it's perfect!

Every month, I update the Astrological and Numerological Events section of this blog. It's on the left, btw, the 2nd section from the top. It includes Retrograde planets, major astrological events, Equinoxes and Solstices, New and Full Moon dates and times, and the numerology for the month. As I was figuring out the numerology for October, I began noticing a trend - actually, two trends! Each day's date corresponds to it's numerology number. The 1st of October is a 1 day, the 2nd a 2 day, and so on. The other trend I noticed is that there are MANY Master Number days in October! And that's not all... we also have a couple of 8-8 days - remember August? The 8th month was filled with 8-8 and 888 days. 8 represents manifestation into infinity. These days were also major dreaming days, with a lot of Signs and Symbols appearing, as well. This also happens on Master Number days, we get lots of Signs and Messages from the Universe, such as repeating number sequences, which can give us a clue as to what is going on in our lives, and how best to proceed, if you look up these Angel Numbers. (I recommend Joanne's Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers for the best info on these numbers and their meanings - link is at the end of this post).

September 30th was a Master Number 11 day, October 1st is a 10/1 day, and October 2nd is another Master Number 11 day. September 30th was a VERY productive day for me, and I really felt the energy surging! I suspect October 2nd will be more of the same! Then October 3rd rolls around, and it is the first of four 6-6 days this month, and this is what I want to discuss with you.

6 represents the ultimate balance between our masculine and feminine halves. Our masculine side is forward moving, action taking, aggressive or assertive, and is represented by the physical or outer world. Our feminine side is receptive, psychic, all about our emotions/emotional side, and is represented by our inner world. To have a 6-6 appear, is about not only the earthly/physical balance of our masculine and feminine sides, but also the Divine balancing of our individual and collective masculine and feminine, our Divine Masculine and our Divine Feminine.

This is a month where we will be working on balancing our *new* (or emerging) Galactic (Universal) Male and Galactic (Universal) Female Chakras. These two Chakras reside adjacent to our Soul Star Chakra, which is 6" to a foot above our heads, or Crown Chakra. According to Heart of the Spiral (dot) com:

"...I sense an evolutionary mutation occurring to create the Galactic Female and Male chakras. Here it’s the Soul Star chakra that is dividing; by doing so, these paired chakras can hold more energy and can balance the feminine and masculine elements more easily. These chakras also relate to the left and right hemispheres of the brain and influence the physical and mental changes that our brains/minds are experiencing."

Just this morning, I came across a blog article about these emerging Chakras, and putting 6 and 6 together from Signs I received a couple of days ago, I realized that this is the month that we are finally going to come into balance with our Divine selves, our masculine, feminine, Universal Masculine and Universal Feminine sides, both individually and collectively. You see, on Equinox, we moved into the Direction of West, whose Element is Water. This is a Feminine Direction, as is North and Earth, with East/Air and South/Fire being Masculine. I've known for a few months now that when Autumn arrived, we'd have the opportunity to re-establish the equality of the Divine Feminine, I just had no idea how it would manifest. And this is interesting, that we are not only working on equality for the feminine here on Earth, but also to bring back into balance, the masculine, for the Divine Masculine has been lost here for so very long. And to get to bring the higher, Galactic or Universal energies into this mix, is going to be a phenomenal experience. Our Highest Selves are truly arriving in the here and now, our balanced selves!

We will be balancing our physical and mental abilities with our emotional and spiritual abilities, or sides. East is our mental abilities, South our Physical, West our emotional, and North our Spiritual abilities, so this is also supporting our balancing in the 4 Directions. If you really think about it tho, there are Seven Sacred Directions. Above and Below are 5 and 6, with ourselves, our Center, or Within, being the 7th. There's that 6 again though... Balancing the 6 Directions within ourselves. The 2nd 6 is about "as Above, so Below", or balancing ourselves in the Unseen World, as the Medicine Wheel represents both the Seen and the Unseen Worlds. Balanced on all levels, within ourselves, in our world, collectively and individually, and in the Spiritual world.

It is also the month of Libra, which again, is about balance, justice, and fairness. Seems appropriate, yes? 

To finish up this energy report, I want to let you know that out of 31 days this month, 16 of them are Master Number days. This is a very high percentage! Then there are also days whose numbers end in 0 - and remember, the 0 adds magickal energy to the day, be it psychic abilities and gifts, Divine or Universal energy, added magick, or even just an amping up of that day's energy or number meaning. In October, we have 12 days whose numbers end in 0 - again, a very high percentage! One of these is a 70 day, with 7 being about having faith. That will be the 25th of October. It will be interesting to see how that day manifests! And then there are the four 6-6 days and the three 8-8 days. All in all, it is going to be a month that surges with energy!

Here's a fun fact: October was originally the 8th month, hence Octo, meaning 8, as in Octopus! The year began, in Roman times, in March, which makes October the 8th month. Now those 8-8 days have a little more significance!

Lastly, I want to mention that since October is now the 10th month, we have a 0 added to this entire month's energies. That is added magick, abilities, energy, added to every day. Maybe this is why there are so many Master Number days, and days whose numerology number ends with 0!

So, what to do this month? Get creative! Use your abilities! Stretch yourself into who you came here to be, and associate with those who honor your gifts, talents, and abilities. This will help you to bring in the new in New-vember! Get out there and see what you can do to change yourself, your routine, your circle, and to increase your abilities, talents, and gifts. Expand! And, of course, Surge forward! The energies are supporting you!

For more information on the Emerging Chakras, I recommend:
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Angel Numbers:
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Until next time, be happy, be free, be peace,
Love, Michelle

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