Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Are You Open To Receive?

It's all about Energy. Everything is.

The Earth is constantly sharing Her energy with us all. Are we open to receiving it? Are we connected enough to receive it?
The other side of this equation, is that we have to reflect that energy back to the Earth, and this is where we are falling short.

First, let's talk about all of the Energy that the Earth is sending to us, at every moment.

I woke up to a pink sky this morning, and sat up under it as it intensified and moved to the East, and finally faded away. Then I realized that it was Father Sky surrounding Mother Earth with love, as pink IS the color of love!

Thunderstorms - lightning plus thunder plus Water: Lightning is pure energy, coming from the Sky Realms to the Earth, feeding Her energy; Thunder is also energy, and it can be used as a Catalyzer for change, in our lives, and in our world; Water is nourishment, the Earth is nourished by the Water that falls from the Cloud People.

Trees, Plants, Stone People are all forms of energy in our world that we can tap into in order to learn from, or just absorb their energy. It's nice, however, when we give our energy back to them, reflect the energy back to them, and we do this by being open to receive.

Being open to receive are key words. We'll come back to this.

All of the Creature-beings, as well as the Plant People, nourish our bodies. How are we taking in this energy? Are we doing it in full consciousness of the nourishment that we are receiving, or are we just choking it down because our bodies need the fuel? When we give thanks for the food we "receive", we are reflecting the energy back to that which nourishes us.

Angelic Healing Light Ray and Flame Color Therapy Discs
Angelic Healing Light Ray and Flame Color Therapy discs
Sunset and sunrise are colors in our skies, as are rainbows, the Rainbow Aura around the Moon, the rainbow reflections on dew or raindrops, the colors of grass, of plants, of trees, of the Earth Herself. It's all color. And this is where the subject of the Rainbow Healing Rays of Creation comes in. I recently created Angelic Healing Light Ray and Flame Orgonite Discs, that cover all of these colors that actually come to us naturally, from Mother Earth and Her creatures, from Father Sky, Grandfather Sun, and Grandmother Moon. Their energies help to bring us these colors. It takes sunlight to reflect the rainbow on rain drops. It takes the Moon and clouds or moisture in the air, to create the rainbow Aura effect around the Moon. It takes Cloud People to create rain, moisture, nourishment for the Earth, and these same Cloud People to create Thunder and Lightning - all of which change the color of the Sky, as do sunrises and sunsets (clouds, water, and sunlight), as do rainbows (clouds, water, sunlight).... it takes forces of Nature to bring us these energy examples.

Everything in the natural world has energy and has the potential to share that energy with us.

Green Angelic Light Ray/Pan's or Emerald Green Flame
Then the colors come up. The Green of nature brings us the Green Light Ray and the Emerald Green or Pan's Green Flame. The Green Light Ray assists us in our connection to the Earth and everything upon Her. It helps to remind us that everything in nature is here to teach us, and helps us to open up to these teachings. It brings Openness - of mind and heart; metamorphosis, regeneration, blooming, growth, and expansion; fertility; abundance, and recognizing that abundance is always present in our lives, and that Mother Earth is an abundant provider of all of our needs; It helps us to live in harmony with All of Life, and works with our Heart and Higher Heart Chakras, again helping us to OPEN to the love that is always pouring in to us, in order to reflect it back to ourselves.

Pan's Green Flame/Emerald Green Flame is about the healing power of nature and the multidimensional Cosmos. It triggers self healing, or the ability to heal the self and for the body to self-heal, and healing abilities that can be shared with all, or the Healer Within. It stimulates Physical Healing. This Flame helps us to reconnect to Mother Earth and All of Life, as well as to all nature spirits, devas, faeries, elves, and little people, and to bring the messages of the Spirit World into our lives through the Creature-beings. And it helps us to access the wisdom of our Hearts.
Yellow Angelic Light Ray/Transubstantial Yellow Flame
Yellow Light Ray/Transubstantial Yellow Flame is the color of Grandfather Sun, and He naturally brings these energies into our lives. We have just become so closed off (as opposed to being Open to Receive) that we no longer naturally absorb these energies that are coming in to us from All of Life. The same with the Green Light Ray and Flame - this is the color that is the MOST PREVALENT in our world, yet many of us are disconnected from nature - Mother Earth and All of Her Creature-beings.

Why did I make the Color Therapy Light Ray and Flame discs? To help us to reconnect to these color rays and flames that occur naturally in our world!

Back to Yellow, though. Let me tell you what Rays of Sunlight can do for you! First of all, it brings Vitamin D in a natural form, into our bodies, if we can absorb 10-20 minutes of it a day. This also will help to alleviate depression and anxiety. But that's just the tip of the iceberg! Yellow brightens our Aura and our disposition, while strengthening everything about us. At a higher level, the Sun brings Illumination. Yellow stimulates our mental abilities, it brings warmth, laughter, joy, happiness, focus, clarity, wisdom, personal growth; it is  associated with the Sun and so brings life giving and sustaining energy. It enriches, lightens and activates many of the systems of the body. It brings clarity of thought, orderliness, memory improvement, better decision making skills, and alleviates confusion. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, yellow brings will power, self esteem, self worth, belief in the self, courage, and personal power. It strengthens our bodies and our minds. Associated with a healthy ego, it assists in letting go of the parts of ego that are unhealthy, as we develop a deeper understanding of exactly who and what we are, and it helps us to express this in a healthy manner. And on and on it goes! It does so very much for us!

These are just 2 of the colors that occur naturally in our world, and their benefits to our bodies, and our mental and emotional health are amazing!

But this is not about Color Rays and Flames. It's not really even about Orgonite, although.... well, let's put it out there already so we can move on, shall we?

I am in the process of making Earth Healing discs that will help to restore the energy to the Earth that we have taken and taken and taken, without reflecting back to Her, depleting Her of Her energy. ALL Orgonite will help us to open up to the natural energies that are coming to us all of the time. It will help us to connect to the higher realms, and to our higher selves. It will OPEN up our lives. And, Orgonite is an Energy Generator, reflecting back what it contains, to us and to everything around it, including the Earth and all of Her inhabitants.

Now let's talk about Being Open to Receive. I believe that when we work with Healing Tools, that we consciously, and in full awareness, choose to open ourselves up to the healing that they can bring. I consider Orgonite to be a Healing Tool. I make others. Yet, nature is FILLED with Healing Tools, and She is the source of my ingredients. But this is not about me or what I do. It is about creating awareness in you.

Nature contains many Healing Tools - we call them stones, trees, plants, insects, birds, animals, fish, lizards, alligators, seashells, and more. Pick one up and work with it! Or a gifted part of it, of course. Don't go picking up an alligator please! ;) Animals will share teeth, claws, horns, antlers, fur, and bones - many parts of themselves. Trees share nuts, bark, wood, fruit and leaves. Plants share leaves, flowers and flower petals, roots, stems, and Medicine. These are all forms of Medicine that belong to the Creature-beings. Stone People are also Medicine, or Healing Tools. As are birds - and their feathers.

These often appear to us as Signs that we might look up the meaning of, and see how that applies to our life or to the lessons we are currently learning. Yet, this is not the only way that Signs appear. I realize now that Signs can be a pink sky, the symbol of Father Sky surrounding Mother Earth (and everything on Her) with love. Signs can be a sunset, or the color of the sunset, more specifically. Look up the color and see what it means! We get so caught up in literal meanings that we forget the spiritual. Look deeper! Yes, Cardinal is still a Cardinal, but isn't it also red? What does that mean? An Ash Leaf is Medicine from an Ash Tree, but did you look up its color?

It's all about the color! This has SO much to do with energy! Look at the meaning of the color green, above, and see how much the color alone brings to our lives! Each color contains its own energies, and has its own way of helping us in our lives. All we have to do is to be OPEN to receiving its teachings and its energy, and then Reflect it outwards, radiate that color out, back to the Earth, the Air, the Water, the Sky. Wear the color and use it to remind yourself to reflect its energies outwards. This helps us to change the color of our Aura, by wearing a specific color. Try this! Wear yellow and choose to consciously reflect that color out to the world, and see what you attract. Try it with every color! Or, of course, if you are having problems connecting with any color, get one of the Angelic Light Ray and Flame Orgonites to help you to reconnect to those energies that you have been missing out on. Go to my shop and read about each of the colors of Rays/Flames, and see what energies each color is capable of bringing into your life.

Lastly, let's get back to Being Open to Receive. This is the direction of the female energies - femininity is about being open to receive, it is being receptive, as opposed to the masculine, which is forward moving and taking action, the female receives while he gives. Grandfather Sun gives His Light to Mother Earth to help to nourish all of life, and She RECEIVES it, She takes it in, absorbs it. The same with rain - the Cloud People give it, She receives it. So the lesson this brings is that when we are OPEN TO RECEIVE, we will be given everything that we NEED to live. Notice I said NEED, not want. We are nourished, taught, and guided by the Universe, when we are open to receiving it's energies. If we are not, we kind of drift around, looking for substance, having problems, not understanding what is going on in our lives. BUT! If we would just open ourselves up to receive, by connecting to the Earth, we can then tune in and see what it is that we need, and, quite possibly, how to receive it.

Being connected to the Earth is all a part of this. We have become disconnected from our Mother, and Mother Earth is the First Mother of us all. We no longer live close to the Earth as our species did in the past. We live in concrete buildings and high rises and get our food from stores not farms, or not by finding it ourselves in the wild. When we work with the Earth and live close to the Earth, we stay connected to the Earth. We've gone a long way from there, but have forgotten our roots along the way. We come from the Earth, and to Her we return. How did we get so disconnected? Have we forgotten that She provides for all of our needs?

Lecture over. I'm sure you get my point. Reconnect to the Earth by standing on Her barefoot. By praying outside. By meditating or even exercising outside. Grow your own food and get your hands in the dirt! And then do something to reflect back the energy you are receiving from Mother Earth and the Creature-beings. Sit quietly in nature, absorbing, receiving, and then radiating that energy outwards. Give thanks for the food that your body is receiving. Ground yourself daily, and pull in (receive) the healing energies that Mother Earth freely shares, then reflect them back out into the world. Bring flowers into your home, create a living altar. Find your own way to reflect the natural Earth energies to others.

And we are still not done here yet. I must touch on this subject while I am here. I believe that us being connected to the Earth, is directly reflected in our connection with ourselves. Better yet, we are not connecting to the ENERGY of the Earth, and All of Life on Earth, which keeps us from truly connecting with ourselves, and our bodies. Or not being connected to our Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies, is keeping us disconnected from the Earth and All of Life on Earth. The way we treat the Earth is a REFLECTION of the way we treat ourselves. Life is not about money, it is about connection and reflection. That's what we are missing, and because we have set different goals (money), we are destroying the Earth to achieve this goal, in turn, destroying the very thing that feeds us the energy that we need to live. The Earth nourishes us, the Sky, Clouds, and Sun nourish us and the Earth, but when we destory the Earth, we destroy the transmitter, for the Earth reflects back to us what She receives, be it from us or from the Sky, Clouds, and Sun. We are the Receivers, but we must also be the Generators, just as Orgonite is, and reflect back the pure energy that is being fed to us. Can we do this? The time is now. We MUST begin receiving and reflecting, or the Earth Herself will cease to transmit.

It's all about energy and color. It is what you make of it. And it is all here to nourish us in many different ways, on many different levels. Are you open to receive? 

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