Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Connecting with your Angels

The past few days I've been thinking about creating a Guided Meditation to help others to connect with their Angels.Yesterday, I meditated on this subject, to garner some assistance from my Angels in writing it. Their answer was simple, and that's how it is, this is a very simple thing to do, and we make it complicated. So, without further ado, here are the 3 things you need to know about connecting with your Angels:

1) KNOW that they are there - whether you can see/feel them or not, they are there. Whether you believe in them or not, they are there. They are there when you are awake, when you are sleeping, when you need them, and when you don't, they are ALWAYS there!
Short version of this: BELIEVE!

2) If you've never worked with them before, and you're not sure they are there, or if they can or will help you, give them a test. Ask them to prove that they are there, by doing something small for you. Tell them to send you a Sign, and watch for one to appear. Tell them to help you with a task or a problem, and watch their magick manifest.
And this is how we work with them, we ask them for help with what we need their help with - that is, things that we cannot accomplish alone. Once you ask for their help, give it up to them, give them the problem to resolve, don't sit there fretting about it! Have faith that it will happen, and let it go. Do not try to control the outcome, for they will manifest your solution in the best way possible for your highest good.
Many times, things work out in ways that I never expected that they could, and this is because of the Angel's intervention, and the fact that I gave it over to them, and let go of control of how it had to manifest. Be open to surprises!

3) Give Thanks! This is the best way to keep their energies in your life all the time. I give thanks to them every morning, and most evenings, for all they have done, and will do for me that day. I thank them for helping me with a certain task - instead of asking for their help with it, for I know that they will help, so I give thanks. When they do help, thank them! Thank them often.

Now I realize there is one more point to be made here. Watch for their Signs! They will send them to you, maybe in the form of a Creature-Being, maybe a repeating series of numbers, or maybe just something that seems to magickally manifest in your life. Be open to their messages, in whatever form they appear, and thank them when you do see their Signs. Interpret the meaning of the numbers or creature-beings, to know the true message that is being sent to you, by using Totem Animal and Numerology sites. You will find links on the Right Side of this page, under "Blog Recommended Sites" to sites that I recommend for these meanings.The top two are the ones I use for this info.


What else do you need to know? Nothing!

May your Angels be forever by your side, and assist you in all that you do!

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