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Smudging and Orgonics

I like to recommend that if you feel your Orgonic Energy Device has absorbed too many energies, that it be smudged. I send these instructions with all of my pieces. Truth is, Orgonics, by their very nature, absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy that is radiated outwards, so this is rarely a problem. However... I do sell pieces that are used to heal the emotions, and when they are used for this purpose, I would cleanse them. Lavender is an excellent herb to use for clearing off old emotional energy that seems to be stuck, whether on you or on your Sacred objects. Your Orgonic Energy Device can be placed in a bowl of lavender buds, and covered, and left for an hour or two. This will clear the old emotional energies from it.

I also recommend that the Orgonic be placed on a Crystal Cluster or surrounded by Crystals overnight for charging. Truth is, they don't really need to be charged, but will help to charge your Crystals! The energy goes both ways, the Crystals feed the Orgonic, and the Orgonic feeds the Crystals. Keep in mind that clear Crystal Quartz (as is any Quartz) is programmable, so for instance do not use Rose Quartz with a Sun Pyramid, as they work for different purposes. Or, if you do, later place the Rose Quartz in some Lavender to bring it back to the emotional realm of healing.

If you ever feel like your Orgonic is no longer putting out any energy, this is what you want to do: Hold the device in your power hand (the opposite of the one you use the most), or hold your power hand over it, and ask it to wake up. I have found that I have so many Orgonics in my house, that some of them will go to sleep, until they get to their new home. I do wake them before I package them, as well as smudge them, and, quite often, musically charge them. This is another way to "cleanse" or reset your Orgonic - let them listen to some binaurals or Solfeggio tones. These can be easily found on YouTube. This is a link to one of my favorites:

Solfeggio Master Frequency 1122hz

Now back to the subject of smudging. The following is a list of smudging herbs and their uses that I posted last year. I thought it appropriate to share it with you again, here. And let me clarify why I say to smudge your Orgonic... it's because they like it!
Chamisa - carries almost the same energy as Sage,
purifies and removes negativity, lightens energy.
Herbs for Smudging and their Properties

Almost any herb can be smudged with. These are just a few of the basic ones that have been used for centuries by many cultures.

CEDAR: clears out negative and undesirable energies and brings in positive energy. Provides Spiritual strength. Sacred Herb of the West/Water.

JUNIPER: Strengthening, healing, purifying, cleansing, and protecting. Wards off evil. Helps Solar Plexus Chakra.

WHITE SAGE LEAVES: raises vibrational level, clears out negative energy. Sage is the Sacred Herb of the South/Fire.

ROSEMARY: increases mental abilities, is an ancient Sacred herb used by indigenous peoples, and brings in positive and uplifting energies.

PALO SANTO WOOD: Sacred Wood. Another ancient smudging product, this one quickly raises vibrational levels, while purifying and cleansing. Excellent for cleansing and clearing the Chakras.

FRANKINCENSE RESIN: Clears negative energy, invites in positive energies, is used for consecrating objects such as stones, helps with transformation, contacting other planes, and meditation.

COPAL RESIN: Especially useful for clearing out negative energies and entities, while providing protection. Spiritually cleansing and healing. Represents the light of the Sun. Used when calling for spiritual assistance.

SWEET GRASS: The hair of our Ancestors, and, as such, calls in Ancestral energies for assistance and learning. Also raises the vibrational level. Sacred Herb of the North/Earth.

LAVENDER: Helps to remove the excess emotional energies of others from our bodies, and energy fields. Also assists us in releasing emotional energy when we have been overly emotional. Good to use after working with helping spirits cross over, to release their energies from our energy field.

OLIVE: protection, courage, potency and strength.

In addition, any incense containing any of these ingredients can be used for smudging, including incense cones or sticks.

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