Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Moon and this week's Numerology

I've had a couple of things come to me this morning that I have been talking about on Facebook, and I'd also like to share them with you here, along with a few more details.

New Moon in Taurus on Sunday 17 May at 10:13pm MDT
Taurus is an earthy, grounded sign, represented by the Bull. Is that masculine enough for you?
Yet the New Moon is about Creating the New, bringing the New into our lives, through setting our Intentions. Creating, Creation, the Womb of Creation, are all key words here, and are feminine. The Goddess is speaking loudly lately, the Divine Feminine is emerging, and it is all coming through each of us, as we move forward towards our dreams.

Divine Feminine Goddess Orgonite
So, let's take a little time this New Moon, and CREATE the life we  want to live, CREATE the world we wish to live in, and raise our vibrational level so that we can live in that world, in tune with our highest good, and our dreams.

Here is my suggestion:
This New Moon is about setting Intentions, and then following through by taking action towards them, every day, through the Full Moon.
I'm seeing the need to set Intentions by creating something that you can use to focus your energies upon each day, such as a New Moon Intention Page, a Vision Board, or just a list you can hang on the wall. Either way, put your energies into it, to give it that personal touch and the energies that it needs at this time, in order to manifest. Break out the crayons, the magic markers, the paint... and then hang it up so that you can see it and use it as your focus each day of this Waxing Moon.
Also... today is a Master Number 11 day - use these magickal building energies to begin creating this Intention "Master" Piece.
Most of all, have fun with it!

And don't forget to do some good in the world by setting one Intention to help us all. 

As we draw towards the darkness of the New Moon night, know that inside the Womb of Creation it is also dark. Everything grows out of the darkness into the light. Imagine a seed planted deep in the Earth, striving towards the Light, bursting through the soil, transformed. This transformational, metamorphosis energy is available to us all at this time, and it is time for us to emerge from the darkness we have created both within ourselves, and in our outer world. Reach towards the Light. When we consciously choose to raise our vibrational level, we bring higher energies onto the Earth, into our lives, our homes, our Sacred Spaces, and into ourselves. The more Light we embrace, the more people we touch with it. The higher we raise our own vibrational level, the higher the vibrational level of the planet becomes. 

*Remember, we are now growing towards the Summer Solstice - and Grandfather Sun is growing towards fullness, so we have His energies assisting us in growing towards our own fullness at this time, as well. 

The Universe is constantly assisting us in raising our vibrational level, and giving us opportunities for blooming, growth, change, metamorphosis, and to embrace the Light. One of the ways that it does this is through the constantly changing planetary energies and their connections with other planets, as well as with our own planet. Every minute these energies change, bringing us new lessons, new teachings, new blessings, and new opportunities. Another way that the Universe assists us is through the daily Numerological energies. 

Let's take a look at what is coming up in the next week:

Today (Saturday) is a Master Number 11 day
Tomorrow (Sunday), the New Moon day is a #30 day - a 3 for manifestation, plus the 0 energies of Creation and added Psychic Gifts...
Monday is a Master Number 22 day, or a 40 day.
Tuesday is Mercury Retro on a #5 day for Change.
Wednesday is a Master Number 33 day.
Thursday is an 8-8 day.
Friday is a Master Number 44 day.

Wow, that is a LOT of energy to work with this week!
The Universe is helping us to manifest our desires, in a very big way this month. Use these energies to their fullest, and bring in - or attune yourself with - that which serves your highest good, or that which will help you to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime, that is, to do the work that you came here to do, and to learn the lessons that you came here to learn so that you can transcend them and raise your vibrational level and move forward to bloom and grow even more.

Angel Orgonite
Your Angels are always with you, guiding you, and helping you to do that which you need to do, learn what you need to learn, see and understand what you need, in every moment, to help you to move forward. Call on them anytime for assistance. And watch for their Signs - repeating numbers, creature-beings that strive to get your attention, a pecan falling on your head, a rainbow glint on water, clouds in special shapes... whatever it is, if it is trying to get your attention, it has a message for you. Ask your Angels for help in seeing these Signs, and in understanding them.

Ok, that's all for now, the Muses have shut up, and so will I.
Have a great week. May it be productive, prosperous, and perfect in every way!

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