Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday 13 April is an 8-8 day

In learning about Numerology, I've learned to look at numbers differently, to add them in differing ways.
Many Numerologists will tell you that today is a 7 day, carrying the energies of the number 7 such as faith, spirituality and spiritual awakening, enlightenment and awareness. And while this is true, it's not the whole story, for today's energies also add up to 8-8, and with this being an 8 year, this is a significant event.
8 is about Infinity, most of all, and with an 8-8 day, those energies are doubled. What we do today can affect us into infinity. 8 is also about karma, manifestation, abundance, responsibility, and transforming the world. 
8 is the number of Spider, teaching us about the webs that we weave, and how the reverberations on our own personal web affect the world - past, present, and future. 
Once again, these energies are doubled today. Think responsibly and take action for your best and highest future.
And mark the date of August 8th on your calendar, for it will be an 8-8-8 day. The last time this happened was in 2006, and that 8-8-8 day carried phenomenal energies. This time around, we have the opportunity to use these energies in a deeper, more lasting way. What will you create?

More upcoming 8-8 days: April 22nd.
April 17th is a Master Number 11 day, as is April 26th.

April 28th is a Master Number 22 day.

I have a much longer blog post in the works, and will be back with it soon. Meanwhile, I thought you may like to know about this upcoming 8-8-8 day, and the energies that an 8 day carries. Enjoy!

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