Sunday, March 1, 2015

Color - the Subject of the Week

I had a realization the other day, and it is what brought up this whole subject, and since then, I've "seen" a lot that reinforces this subject that I feel is prevalant for us all right now. The realization was that in my art, I no longer work with color - color is missing in my life. Is it really, I ask myself. I look around, I see neutral walls in the house, neutral furniture, a neutral landscape of snow, dark trees and gray-white sky. I ask myself another question, How is color missing in my art, in my life, how did that happen? I stopped painting a couple of years ago. When I did, I enjoyed playing with colors, mixing them, combining them, to get different effects. Color holds Light, and Light is a spectrum of color. More on that, later... So if color is missing in my life, is Light missing? No, I know better! I am a being of Light, and I incorporate Light into my life every day when I say my prayers by pulling it in from the Universe and radiating it outwards, here on this plane, this physical world. Making Orgonite, I work with stones, just not really for their colors, although there is some consideration of them, of course, when working with the Chakras and Chakra stones. Most recently, I have returned to making clay sculpture, out of red clay, and it is sometimes painted, which is bringing color back into my life again, in a different way.

After working through all of this in my mind, I started looking around a little more. The trees are green, the Evergreens are green, even in Winter. In fact, there is a lot of green in my life. To me, green is about abundance, and I am grateful for all of the green. And green is the Heart Chakra's color, healing green, a bright, almost fluorescent color of green. Then I notice pillows in pinks and reds, dog toys in a variety of colors, the deep blue of the night sky, the yellow Sun shining on powder blue skies, touches of purple in my home, my bedroom, olive green, orange, red, yellow, there is color all around me, how could I ever think that I live in a colorless world? Is it the Winter doldrums? Could be! Or is it that I am not actively introducing color into my life on a conscious level? hmmm....

To create art, to be creative, you have to introduce art into your life, you have to "feed your mind", and whatever you feed it, is what it produces, or is equal to what it produces. If you only watch horror movies, you would be prone to bad dreams - for that is what the mind produces. If you, however, feed your mind a variety of things, it has much to choose from when it spits them back out. Our minds like to create patterns, and when we over feed it in any one category, we create a deeper pattern, which is what it will spit  back out, whatever it has the most of, hence the bad dreams. Movies with blood and gore, tv shows filled with war and violence, we have to ask ourselves what we are feeding our minds, and if it is producing the desired results - and, if not, what can we feed it that will? Flowers and sunshine, hearts and emoticons, this is not enough either, for it lacks substance. Wisdom, words that go along with what we are seeing, teachings that go along with it all, this is the stuff that fills both sides of our brains and creates depth within us, and from this depth we produce a myraid of art, creativity, innovative thought, and more. And this is why learning something new is always so important, it feeds our minds in different ways.      

Now this is just my take on it all, not the scientific theory of how our brains work, mind you, this is how my brain works! I have learned to feed my brain new things, new art, new lessons, new subjects, color and nature and water and rain, emotions and deep thoughts and to give myself a chance to let some of that out by writing it down, journaling, just letting my fingers do my thinking, at times. It has to come out. We have to free that which we have fed ourselves, purging as we go, if you will. Just as we purge our bodies, and purge our lives, or release the things that no longer work for us, we also have to purge our minds, and on a regular basis, too, or else we get full, stuck, and unbalanced in our thinking. I highly recommend writing things out as often as possible! And it is not just about our minds, for they are often tied to our emotions, and when we purge our emotions, we sometimes have to write things out to get to the lesson needed so that we can release our emotions, our past issues, and such. Spirituality also has to be purged, we have to re-evaluate our beliefs occasionally, to make sure that this is what we still believe, to question ourselves, and to find new answers. If we don't, again, we become stuck. And when this happens, sometimes the Universe will conspire to make us question our beliefs by creating a situation in which you have to question them. All of this takes us back to last week's post about balance, and it's another realization here that we have to purge or release equally, from all quarters of our lives, otherwise, again, we are unbalanced.

So what does all of this have to do with color? Well, perhaps if we are not seeing color, working with color, or do not have enough color in our lives, we have created an imbalance somewhere. The trick is to find it. For myself, I have to learn to consciously recognize the color in my life and work to produce art based on color, in any form, medium, or genre. It is to realize that life contains many colors, and to see them in everything, to appreciate them, and maybe to make conscious colorful arrangements in my home, so that I am even more inspired by color. But it doesn't end there...

Last night, outside, the Moon, a little over half full, created a halo effect around Herself, and I stood in the cold and snow admiring it, watching the clouds swiftly fly across Her face, as She peeked in and out of them. I began thinking about Moon haloes and Moonbows and Sunbows and other halo and rainbow effects. This morning, clarity came on this subject when twice I came across references to Moonbows and Moon haloes and a rare ice halo that formed in the sky in Red River, NM back in January. Knowing there are no coincidences, I knew this subject had come up again for a reason. I went outside and sat in the snow to think it through.

I thought about the halo last night around the Moon, and all of its colors. I thought about rainbows. And I thought about the irridescent rainbow glint of Sun on snow, and how that same irridescence appears in many things in the natural world, from a dogs white hair to a Spiders Web, and how the Sun, or Light, creates that effect. Color is light and light is color and it is all tied together, it takes one to make the other. Our Chakras each have a color, and color contains Light, so our Chakras contain Light. Of course they do, I realize! Our Auras are made up of colors, and it, too, contains Light.

Rainbows contain all of the same colors as our Chakra system, the 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and of course, crystal clear, or white, which contains all colors. Some Crystals contain rainbows within them, I was just thinking this last night, while observing the way the Light reflected within one. And our Auras, when healthy, contain all 7 colors, beginning with red, the color closest to our bodies, and going through them all to end up with Crystal clear as the outer layer, radiating from us as Light. Does snow then have an Aura? Is this the source of its rainbow effect? Just something to ponder....

I was also thinking that Rainbows, Moon haloes, irridescent rainbow glints on snow, and the like, are all reminders of the magick inherent in this world, and that they are there to remind us of our magickal natures, to help us to remember that there is magick, and it is available to us all to use in our lives.       
Different vibrational levels contain different colors, different light frequencies, or even different sounds, just as our Chakras do... Have you ever practiced making your Aura a different color? By doing this, we bring different things into our lives (open ourselves up to different experiences, or to experiencing things from a different perspective). Using bright, healing green would give you heart-based experiences, while yellow would give you sunny people and experiences, making you appear to be bright and sunny, and drawing to you that which you are putting out. It is the same with every color. Practice using each of the 7 colors and going out in public while consciously projecting that color and see what happens, how people respond to you. Or try balancing all of your Chakras to produce the rainbow in your Aura. But don't stop there, infuse your Aura with every color there is. Try magenta, turquoise, peach, gold, hot pink, any color you'd like, and see what it brings into your life! Let the Sun infuse you with its color and light and build your self-esteem, confidence, and strength. Each color carries it's own traits. Orange, the color of the Sacral Chakra, brings passion and creativity. A nice calming blue like Aquamarine, calms our voice, and can calm us. And on and on it goes! Play with them, learn about them, and use them to enhance your life.


I am also reminded of sunrises and sunsets, and the colors that they produce. Using one of these colors, I created an orgonite carrying those specific energies. It is called Peach and Love, and is based on the combined colors of the Heart (pink) and Solar Plexus (yellow) Chakras. I also made a guided meditation to go along with this Orgonite, using color. And this color comes from the sunset, and this is just one way that we can work with color to heal.

Peach and Love Orgonite Disc
Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras Guided Meditation MP3

Color and Light surround us. How often do we stop and notice the Sun and the color that it creates as it reflects upon something in our lives, such as the leaves on a tree? Or, the absence of it that creates shadows. Or the rainbow glints it creates on snow... Light is a prismatic effect that flows through All of Life, feeding us the energy and the colors that we need to grow, to be our true magickal selves, to shine our own Light within and find our own answers, and so much more! It affects every area of our lives, as does color, as it creates rainbows and opens our Chakras and builds our Auras, and so much more! How are we seeing color, light, how are we using it in our lives? Are we recognizing the magick that this world contains and using it to enhance our lives? And, more importantly, what are you feeding your mind? Are you giving it all of the color and light that it needs to attract what you want into your life? Feed your mind, open your mind, and be open to all of the magick that this Universe provides to assist us.

We grow towards Spring, that time of rebirth and renewal, the time of blooming, the time that the colors burst forth from the Earth. In the interim, we dream them alive.... we dream our world alive with every breath we take. You have the power to dream into being the world that you want to live in. Use it! And infuse it with color and Light to bring it to life.


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