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Working with your Chakras

Recently, I've been thinking about how I began my healing process, and the methods and teachings that contributed to my own healing. In the beginning, there was prayer. I prayed to the Seven Sacred Directions daily. I still do this, and have been now for over 12 years. My next teacher was a grand old Cottonwood tree. She taught me many things, among them, grounding. I learned to sink my own roots deep into the Earth by connecting with Her roots. Any Standing Person can help us with this. Ash is an excellent grounding teacher, and it is the World Tree, Yggdrasil, teaching us of the three worlds, past, present, and future, or below worlds, our world, and the Sky worlds, as well as how to be present (trunk) in our world, while staying grounded (roots) and reaching for the Stars (branches). Trees have many lessons to teach us, and it all begins with connecting to them and seeking their teachings in a respectful manner. Talking to them and asking their permission to sit beneath them to soak up their energies, is a good first step. Making them offerings for all that they do for us, is always appreciated. And once we have established a connection with them, we can ask them to teach us to ground ourselves to Mother Earth, as they are grounded through their roots. This will assist you in opening and balancing your Root, or base Chakra. The Root Chakra is located between our legs, and it's energies flow downward from there, into the Earth, connecting us to Her. Then we can learn to pull energy up out of Mother Earth to fuel our lives, or our healing. We can also learn to release all of the negativity, and anything else we do not need, into the Earth, and then to pull up positive energy to replace what has been released, to fill us up once more. All of these can be taught to us by the Standing People Elders.
When I talk about healing with others, I always ask how their Chakras are working, if they are open and balanced, and if they work with them often, to keep them that way. With the Chakras, you want to start at the bottom, and that is the Root, or base Chakra, whose color is red. Once you have it open and balanced, it is much easier to move up the Chakra energy system to the next one, for each Chakra assists the one above it. Next up is the Sacral Chakra, which is about our inner fire. When we sink our energies into the Earth deeply enough, we will find that Fire that lies at the center of the Earth, and we can pull that Fire up into our bodies - and our lives - to fuel us, our passions, our creativity. And this is the Fire of the 2nd or Sacral Chakra, that is responsible for our passion and creativity, as well as our sexuality.

Once we have the Sacral Chakra open and balanced, we move upwards to the Solar Plexus, then the Heart, the Throat, the Third Eye, and then the Crown, one by one, learning each one's lessons as we go along, and healing any issues we may have in those areas as we work with that Energy Center.

Now you know where and how to start working with your Chakras. You may think you are already grounded, and that all or most of your Chakras are open and balanced, yet you feel you are still having some issues with loving yourself, or your self-esteem, or feeling secure within your own body, or your intuition is not functioning properly, or you don't feel connected to your inner wisdom... or any number of other things that tell us that we have Chakras that are not open and balanced - or perhaps they are over-extended, and you have opposite symptoms such as fantasizing a lot, or being so grounded that you are unable to connect with the Sky Worlds (your Guides, Angels, etc.), or you could be too sexual, too physically-oriented, so loving that you are compromising yourself and your own needs, or, again, any number of other things.

So I like to suggest that people take a Chakra test, and see how all of their Chakras are functioning. It is a very thorough test, and I've found it to be very accurate. Now, when you get your results, don't be surprised if you have Chakras that are under or over active - most everyone does! Knowing where you are is a great help with knowing where to start doing the work. Here is a link to the Chakra test. It is on a site called Eclectic Energies, who also have great info on each Chakra, and the "symptoms" of an over or under active Chakra. Browse around, you'll find that info under Chakras. Here is the link to the test:

Eclectic Energies Chakra Test

As you know, I sell Chakra Orgonite in my Etsy shop. I make them for each of the 7 Major Chakras, and the 3 Higher Chakras: the EarthStar, Higher Heart/Thymus, and the SoulStar/StarSeed. When you purchase one of them, I always send you info on that Chakra. Each of these Chakra Orgonite has been fully researched, and contain at least four stones and one herb that works with that Chakra. I've gotten great results from these Chakra Orgonite, as have my clients. I recommend working with them by placing them on the Chakra that they represent, in meditation, each day, for best results. This is much better than using a single, individual stone on that Chakra, for Orgonite radiates the energies of everything that is in it, in this case, Chakra-specific stones and herbs, in a compact form, that sit nicely on your body. Here is a link to my Chakra Orgonite:
Individual Chakra Orgonite - featuring Chakra specific Herbs and Stones
Individual Chakra Orgonite available at TouchtheEarth.Etsy.com

And here is a link to my Higher Chakra Orgonite:
Individual Higher Chakra Orgonite

I also make other pieces that contain the energies of the Chakras. Here is an Orgonite disc that is especially good for grounding:
Grounding - Earth Connection Round Orgonite Disc

My "Fire/Energy/Action" Orgonite discs work with the Sacral Chakra, as well:
Fire Energy Action Round Orgonite Disc

My "Sunny" Orgonite discs work with the Solar Plexus Chakra:
Sunny Round Orgonite Disc

My "Peach and Love" discs work with the combined energies of the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras:
Peach and Love Round Orgonite Disc

*This one has a guided meditation that is available in the "Guided Meditation" section of this blog, easily accessed via the top menu bar.

I make many Love pieces, from discs to necklaces, any of which will help you with your Heart Chakra:
Love Round Orgonite Disc with Rose Petals and Jasmine
Heart Chakra Balance Orgonite Necklace
Orgonite Heart and Higher Heart Chakra Necklace

I also make many Third Eye pieces. Right now I have a few Third Eye/Psychic Ability necklaces in stock:
Third Eye Psychic Abilities Orgonite Necklace - currently on sale!
Psychic Abilities Stone Orgonite Wire Wrapped Necklace in Purple

And I do have a couple of Crown and HIgher Chakra discs available here:
Higher Chakra Orgone Meditation Disc
Upper and Higher Chakras Orgone Meditation Disc

Last, but certainly not least, I also have a PDF Digital Download file available for purchase in my Etsy shop that contains all of my own, personal Chakra Techniques, which will help you to keep all of your Chakras open and balanced. These are highly recommended for anyone working with healing their Chakras! You can find that one here:
Chakra Clearing Techniques - two techiniques

So you can see that I really do believe in working with your Chakras! Because of this, I am going to be talking about them for the next few days on my Facebook page:
The Touch the Earth Page on Facebook
And giving you more details about each one. I'd love it if you would stop by and join in the conversation there, and tell us how you work with your Chakras!

Anytime you have questions about any of the information that I provide, or want more information, pop on over to the Facebook Page and leave me a comment there, or comment on this blog post, or contact me via Etsy. I'm always happy to assist in any way that I can.


This week is the New Moon: Wednesday 18 February at 4:47pm MST
And Chinese New Year, celebrated on February 19th this year.
February 19th is also a Master Number 11 day, while February 20th is a 30 day, both containing a lot of positive, forward moving energies related to building your future, and manifesting your dreams. Once we hit the New Moon, we will all have plenty of energy to move forward in our lives. Use this energy to bring whatever it is you wish, into your life!

Have a great week!

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