Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Price of Patriarchy and The New Paradigm

It seems I've been pulling a Sheldon lately, immersing myself in mindless activities to allow the needed answer to come on its own. While I didn't need to drop an armload of dirty dishes on the floor to see the pattern, my answer was there all along, just as his was. And it's funny how that happens, how we distract ourselves until we are ready to see the answer... or accept it.

The answer I speak of is about the price of Patriarchy, and how it has affected women in particular, but our society, as well. It is both individual and collective, in order to restore balance, we must also work on both of those levels.

First, let's define the Price of Patriarchy. I arrived at these answers by looking at the Big Picture, and how it has affected our world.

Patriarchical Concepts:
Discipline, Control, Capitalism, being defined/judged by money/monetary standards, extremism, superiority, might makes right or strength rules, conforming or being forced to conform, as well as force, war, aggression, violence, no tolerance for the weak, predator mentality, competition and winning, not accepting loss, arrogance, egoism, hatred, suppressing emotions/not allowing emotions, Big Brother, lack of grounding or being connected to the Earth, not being connected to one's inner self or one's own uniqueness and the inability to express that uniqueness, judgment... and so much more!

I know I went to an extreme in those concepts, and the reason that I did so is to tell you how it is when we do go to extremes in our own lives. When we have too much masculine energy in our lives, this is where it takes us. When we have too much masculine energy in our world, this is where it collectively takes us. Conversely, having too much feminine energy would take us to an opposite place: too emotional, too loving, too giving, too sensitive, too receptive - to the point of being unable to take action, too much dreaming of what we want to do and not enough taking action on those dreams, too much Water, being too wrapped up in our own lives and failing to see the world around us - whereas masculinity would have you see the world and conform to those ideals instead of doing what you want to be your own unique self.

And that's my point here, too much of anything is bad. It means we are not balanced. It can go into extremism if we are not careful with our energy - and this is why there is so much extremism in our world today! It's a realization, a wake up call, that too much of anything is taking us too far from being balanced, from where we want to be. Women have been forced to conform to Patriarchy for all of their lives, at least those from my generation. It has caused us to lose our self esteem, to let go of our dreams, to be what society says we can be. Can you imagine shedding this concept, and how much lighter you would feel, and how much lighter our world would be if we did? To be free from discipline and control, from shame and judgment... to be free to express ourselves. How wonderful that would be! And it takes returning to a state of balance between the masculine and the feminine in order to accomplish this.

To be balanced within the self between the masculine and the feminine means that we can dream and then take action on our dreams. It means that we can consult both our heads and our hearts on matters of importance. It means that we consider both ourselves and our lives, as well as our effect on our world, in any action that we take. It is a balanced perspective.

This is the New Paradigm - learning to be balanced within ourselves, and in our world. Both individually and collectively, remember? We cannot create balance in our world until we create it within our own lives. And that, my friends, is a major Truth for us all to move towards, collectively.

Let's talk about that Balance for a minute, shall we? As an example of balance, I want to talk about balancing one's Chakras. Our Chakras can be balanced, underactive or overactive. Just to pick one, let's look at the Root Chakra. When it is underactive, we are insecure, untrusting, lack courage, have abandonment issues, security issues, and overall, do not feel comfortable within our own bodies. An overactive Root Chakra makes us Egoistical, Domineering, Greedy, materialistic, obsessed with being secure and we resist change. However, with a Balanced Root Chakra, we are centered, grounded, healthy, fully alive, have unlimited physical energy, and we can manifest abundance. And that is just ONE Chakra!

The reason I bring up the underactive and overactive Chakras, is to illustrate the point that everything in our lives is subject to imbalance. This means our masculine and feminine sides, as well as our mental abilities, our physicality, our emotions, and our spirituality. How would that look?

Mental Abilities: Overactive would mean that we are trapped in our heads, thinking too much, overthinking things, and not having a physical point of reference (i.e. experience) to back up those thoughts. Underactive would mean that we don't think enough, that we take action without thinking things through.

Physicality: Strength being a key word here, we become too wrapped up in our physicality, our physical condition (or appearance), exercising too much, putting too much emphasis on muscle and strength and training - or on our physical appearance, beauty, how we are seen by the world, and not using our other abilities enough. Inactive would be not using our physical bodies enough or not caring enough about our physical bodies and/or our appearance. There is a balance in everything!

Emotions: Overly emotional means crying too much, being overly sensitive, being too emotional to do anything positive for ourselves, to take action on our own behalf, being indecisive, and fantasizing too much, as well as dreaming of the future but failing to take action on those dreams. To have underactive emotions means that we live in our heads too much, or in our bodies, or retreat into spirituality, or even stoicism, instead of allowing ourselves to feel our emotions. Fear comes to mind here, we are afraid to feel.

Spirituality: Being overly spiritual is to retreat from the world into spirituality, or to make it our main focus. Being underactive in spirituality is to not pursue spirituality, perhaps to not have a belief system, or to not believe in anything beyond this physical world.

I talk a lot about being balanced between one's Four Houses: Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual, and needing to at least visit each one of them every day, for when we do not, we are imbalanced, or create imbalance in our lives. And it is the same way with everything - masculinity and femininity, patriarchy and matriarchy, the Seven Sacred Directions, the Five Elements, the Earth we live on and the Celestial realms above, family and community and individuality - in ALL things there must be balance.

What comes to mind here is that old quote about being wrapped up in conforming when we were all born to stand out. We can't truly express our individuality, our uniqueness, if we are unbalanced in any area. Imbalance creates insecurity, fear, egoism, being overly emotional, not following through, not speaking up for ourselves, and so much more - depending on where the imbalance lies. Imbalance in our Chakra system creates blockages in our internal energy system. Imbalances anywhere in our lives will create blockages, and these blockages have to be realized and then released, if we are to move forward and re-establish balance. Realization being a key word here, we each have to realize where our own imbalances lie, and want to heal them within ourselves, to learn the lessons that they bring. It is truly up to each of us to care enough about ourselves to do this, to find balance once more.

We can't find balance collectively, until we find balance within ourselves and our own lives. When we do, we will be free to express our own unique selves and do the unique work that we each came here to do. And once we can do that, we will create a better world, one where individuality is celebrated.

Shifting into this new Paradigm is about finding balance within all areas of our own lives so that we are free to express ourselves in a healthy manner. It is letting go of the old paradigm - Patriarchy - and establishing a new one, one created through balance, and harmony with All of Life. For to realize that we each deserve our own space, and to be able to express our individuality and to have all that we need, is also to realize that All of Life deserves the same thing. And it all starts with finding balance in our own lives.

Release Patriarchy from your life and find your balance. It may feel like you are free falling for a bit, but sooner or later you will find your sea legs and everything will begin falling into place, and you will find your place, your own unique place in this world, and together, we will make a world where we are all free to be ourselves, and where All of Life lives in harmony with each other, learning from each other, and teaching each other, while loving each other and having compassion for each other.

Balance. It lies in all things. May we find it together.


ps - then again, maybe it's just the Equinox balance point that we are approaching that is causing me to feel all of this today... or is this the lesson of Equinox, arriving early...

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