Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Energies

The first thing I want to mention, is that we have several Master Number 11 days in February. Today (Tuesday 10 February) is one of them. Coming up are: February 19, and February 28. Master Number 11 is about Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment. It is a day filled with high energy, inspiration, intuition, and creativity. It is a day to get in touch with our higher selves and learn more about our own life paths. Answers often come in the form of intuition and in Signs from the Universe. Pay attention to synchronicities and coincidences on these days, and watch for repeating number sequences to pop up to give you more information. Of course this happens all the time, it just happens more on these Master Number days - and the information we receive on these days is more in line with our life's work, coming from our Higher Selves. Also pay attention to your dreams on the night before and the night of the Master Number days.

On February 20, we have a Master Number 30 day. 3 is about manifestation, and 0 amplifies the energies of the number it is used with. I'd suggest prosperity workings on this day!

Speaking of prosperity, February 19th is Chinese New Year, an excellent time for prosperity workings. A time to bring money into the household for the coming year. The day before - prior to sunset - I will sweep out my house, getting rid of the old. So in the days leading up to this, while we are in this Waning Moon, take the time to go through your closets, cabinets, books, paperwork, and get rid of everything you no longer need. On the day before Chinese New Year, take out all of the trash, after you have done your sweeping. Treat this day as if it is a New Moon - for it is! And do the same rituals you would do for the New Moon, along with Prosperity workings. The Chinese also believe in settling all debts prior to Chinese New Year, so that you can go into the new year unencumbered.

I have created a Chinese New Year Moon Cake Good Luck, Good Fortune, Prosperity and Abundance Orgonite. I have 3 of them in stock, and they each contain all of the possible stones to bring these qualities into your life. They can be sat on your altar, or with your prosperity workings, where ever you place them. Light a green or gold candle and sit the Orgonite with it, if you do nothing else! Here's the link and a photo of these gorgeous Moon Cakes:
Chinese New Year Moon Cake Orgonite

And if you want to read more about Chinese New Year and the lucky foods to eat, I recommend this site:
Chinese New Year Food:Top Lucky Foods and Symbolism

I've also created a New Year Prosperity Loose Herb Incense and a Prosperity Feeding mix for your Orgonite. You can find them here:
Prosperity and Abundance New Year's Blend Loose Herb Incense:

Manifestation Orgonite Prosperity and Abundance Feeding Mix:

As I mentioned, we have the New Moon on the evening of February 18th. That's at 4:47pm MST. The New Moon rises at sunrise, so it is generally celebrated at sunrise on the following day, February 19th - again, a Master Number 11 day. And then the following day is a Master Number 30 day... All of this prosperity in the air! Make good use of it all!

February 18th is also Ash Wednesday. Will you be giving up anything for Lent?

Now we need to talk a little bit about the current energies. We are currently in Mercury Retrograde, that is, until 9:57am EST tomorrow, February 11th, which is the Last Quarter Moon. Mercury remains in the Shadow of the Retrograde zone throughout this week, through Sunday the 15th, in fact. Watch your communication and your travel during this time. And be kind to yourself by allowing yourself plenty of time to get to where you are going for that special Valentine's Day date!

We are also still in Jupiter Retrograde through 4/7, and in Juno Retrograde through 3/13. Jupiter Retro trines Uranus on 3/3, and the final, 7th in a series of 7, Uranus Square Pluto is exact on 3/17 - that's St. Patricks day... and we are under the influence of this square through that date, at least. Uranus - sudden and unexpected change vs. Pluto - transformation, a lot of changes going on in all of our lives, and the Jupiter Retro puts the focus of it all within ourselves, so personal change, as well as changing our beliefs, our life paths, careers, family and friends... all of it is up for review and change, through mid-March. It is an important time in our development, our personal development. We each have the opportunity to create the life we came here to live.

Over the next few days, while Mercury remains in the shadow of Retrograde, think over the changes that you wish to make in your life, and hold off taking major actions until the beginning of next week - at least. I'd actually wait until the New Moon, when all of life begins moving forward again due to Grandmother Moon's energies increasing.

One last note about Chinese New Year: It is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep, which is equivalent to Cancer in our Zodiac, focusing on home and family. It is a Yin, or feminine year that the Sheep ushers in for us. We can learn to deal with our own emotions during this year, we can learn to be more receptive - that is, tuning in more to our empathic nature, our intuition and other psychic abilities. Hence, focus on home - where the heart is, and our hearts are inside us all, so we can more easily get to the Heart of the matter, when we focus on ourselves, our lives, our own healing, and our own path. And that's what's going on, in a nutshell! Learn to focus on you - your health and well being, your future, your goals, your passions, your life, your self.

Happy Chinese New Year!
May abundance be yours!

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