Thursday, May 29, 2014

Balancing Duality in our World

There are two worlds, Black Elk said, the physical world and the unseen world.
Which one are you living in? Or have you found the comfortable balance inbetween?

The Yin/Yang Symbol shows us another view of duality, each half having a spot of the other embedded within it, creating balance. Outside of this balance lies chaos...

Are we balanced or are we embracing chaos?

Many of us walk in two worlds, and there are many dualities to conquer. Race, gender, spirituality, psychic abilities, are just a few of them that cause us to live in two worlds. What are some others, what has caused you to seek balance?

The masculine and feminine principles of the Universe, lie within us all, each of us containing one with a spot of the other embedded deep within. Masculine qualities include the logical thinking mind, moving forward or being a go-getter, aggression, war, protector, the masculine father figure teaching us to stand up for ourselves, be our own person, the hunter, the provider, the take charge lover, and more. While the feminine qualities are more about sensitivity, reacting from the heart, nurturing, intuition and insight, a mother's love that is all encompassing and all forgiving, seeing and understanding from the heart, softness, gentleness, yet a smooth and steady presence that is strength personified when defending her children - or when giving birth to them. She is the loving presence of the world, receptive, creating, nurturing and growing all of life, she is the yielding lover, the flower of life.

How do we each embrace a part of the other to make a whole? Walking in two worlds is never easy. And now we must learn to create this balance not only within, but also without - in the physical world, outside of ourselves.

We have lived in a patriarchal society for so long that many women have had to embrace masculine qualities just to survive. Single parents playing both roles, single women working in a power brokers world, young girls learning to fend for themselves in a hostile environment...

the war torn areas, the rapes and miscarriages, the hunger and sadnesses of living alone in a world gone mad....

As women, we have been pushed downwards, further within ourselves, afraid to speak up, stand up for what is right, for what WE want, for we have no rights. Our gifts and talents go unnoticed, our contribution to the whole shunned and dismissed, even tho we are the givers of life itself. And while we have been pushed down, our Mother Earth has been treated even worse. If you think you have it bad now, look at how She has been treated, dumped on, raped of Her resources, and look at your own life and see how these things have also manifested there. Did we allow it to happen? Or did we just buy into the system out of fear? Do what others do or else, follow what society deems is appropriate and don't make waves. After the raping and pillaging it is no wonder that we feel we cannot make a difference, that we cannot stand up, speak up, make demands, for we have been pushed down for far too long to remember what it is like to own ourselves and our lives, to make the changes we wish to see in this world, to demand them, so that we may provide for the children yet unborn...

So you see, duality is about more than balance, it is about restoring balance, and if you've ever felt out of balance you know that it is hard work to bring everything in your world back into harmony, yet this is the task we face. And we must do it while walking in two worlds. We must do it while honoring both worlds. The masculine and the feminine, the physical and the spiritual, the receptive and the aggressive, the heart and the head.

Our world is currently unbalanced, and we are living in chaos. Only embracing the patriarchal side of life has left us unbalanced. It is time to bring back the feminine perspective, the feminine gifts of life and love, receptivity and intuition, spirituality and connection to our Mother Earth. It is time to meditate, to learn to use our intuitive gifts, to follow our hearts and not our heads, it is time to open our minds to the unseen world and learn to use our connection to all of Mother Earth's creatures to help us to find ourselves once more.

Magick lies in the Earth, in our connection to the Earth, for through this connection we are able to connect with All of Life, and open ourselves and our lives up to the teachings they can bring us, to help us, to heal us, to restore us to balance and harmony, to beauty itself. Walking in Beauty is walking in balance between the worlds of the physical and the spiritual, with grace. It is knowing that every living thing has an equal right to not only exist, but to prosper, to grow to fullness, in peace and surrounded with love.

Imagine if we could do that for ourselves... or, better yet, for our children. To give them a chance to grow up in a world where they can peacefully and lovingly be true to their life's calling, no matter if it is as a power broker or a gardener, an artist or a healer, a writer or an astrologer. Or to be able to teach them to embrace their psychic gifts, what a world that would be! And yet we must get there, we must each of us stand up, speak up, demand our right to be true to ourselves, if our children are ever going to have that right. To restore balance, we must embrace our true gifts, follow the path of our hearts, and become that which we came here to be, for if we do not, well, if we do not we may lose this world of adventure and learning, of healing and hope, of duality and balance.

What we do here matters in the spiritual realms, it is reflected in All the Worlds. When we sow peace, we create peace in All the Worlds. Likewise, when we sow war, or when we sow love. We are more important than we realize. This world is just a practice field where we learn for all of time, the lessons that we have always needed in our own spiritual development. If we do not learn them, we repeat the cycle, the lifetime. Yet if we destroy the planet, there is no chance for repetition, for learning these valuable lessons. Or if we leave an unbalanced world here, what will we have to return to? What will we be leaving our children?

A world devoid of hope is a world undone. Hope means that we all have the chance to realize our potential. An equal chance. To walk our own True Path. To fullness, and in balance, with All of Life.

It is still time to heal the women, to prompt them to speak up and speak out on their own behalf, to encourage them to be true to themselves and their beliefs and gifts, in all that they do. It is time to restore balance through healing us all. It is time to be bold. It is time to realize that what we do matters, as does how we do it.

What kind of world will we leave? One that is balanced is my hope. One where no one is afraid to be true to themselves, to pursue their dreams, to hope.

And how do we do this? By becoming balanced ourselves, by healing ourselves. It is the only way to begin, for by healing oneself, healing resonates within All the Worlds, coming full circle back to us.

What is stopping you from being true to yourself and your dreams? Find the blockage, embrace the fear, and begin walking towards the you that you have always wanted to be. Keep releasing that which no longer belongs in our world, and keep embracing the life that honors you.

In balance and in beauty,

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Sherry Gunn said...

Oh Michelle.
This moves me. Tears form my eyes, my heart constricts. So powerful. The synchronicities I'm seeing of late are coming fast and furious. I can feel everything coming to a head.