Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creator vs. Destroyer Energies and A Follow Up

This whole subject of Creator and Destroyer energies keeps coming up for me, and while I may not yet have all the info needed to talk about this coherently, "they" insist upon me talking about it. But first, I'd like to weed out my mind, to make way for clarity on that subject, so bear with me :)

In my last post, Post #100: What's the Most Important Tool in my Healing Arsenal, I covered Chakras and Grounding. The responses I've gotten, tell me that many are waking up, in the same fashion that I woke up, ungrounded, but with wide open 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras. This causes a floating feeling, made me feel as if my spirit wasn't fully in my body. If you feel you may have this problem, please, ground yourself. This can also manifest as being light headed, dizzy, excessive daydreaming and fantasy. To be grounded, ensures that your feet remain firmly planted on Mother Earth, while you travel the astral realms, which will assist you in coming back to yourself, and into your body, much more easily, and with less side effects upon waking. It is also imperative if you are helping others to heal. You can easily get lost in the astral realm, if you are not grounded, or do not have someone grounding you, while you are away. So please, ground yourself! It is important!

One more note on the Chakras: What Eclectic Energies refers to as the "naval" chakra, is the Solar Plexus Chakra. This one is easily opened and fed by immersion in sunlight. If you are not getting enough sunshine, you will also suffer Vitamin D deficiencies. Please, take care of yourself! Get 10 - 20 minutes of sunlight a day, while feeling the sun hitting your solar plexus, see the yellow color of the sun, the yellow color of the chakra being fed by the sun, and then radiate that color outwards, surrounding yourself with it. This should take care of the problem. If not, go back to Eclectic Energies and try the mudras they have for opening and balancing the chakras. They work! I promise!

One last note in this vein: Smudge, purify, and cleanse on a regular basis. Smudging before bedtime can help you to sleep more peacefully. Smudging your home regularly, helps to keep the peace there. Smudging your Sacred Space regularly, keeps others energies out of it. Sometimes, these energies can be pulled back from the dreamtime, especially if we are not grounded! Now, you see how some of this ties together!

One more thing on my mind this morning, is to tell you about the journey I am undertaking right now. I've been told that it is very important that we believe in and use our magickal abilities. This IS a magickal world. We are meant to use the magick that is life, to learn and grow and become our highest self. Stifling those abilities, talents, and gifts, creates blockages in your life. Feel your fire, your passion, your creativity, trust your intuition, feel your emotions and allow them free reign, for they lead you to your psychic abilities, and connect with the All That Is, by being grounded, through prayer or mediation, so that you can see and recognize the Signs and Symbols of Nature, when they are given to you, to assist you on your Path. These Signs can appear in any form, from a pecan to a tiger, and not just physically. They may appear in your dreams, they may come up several times in something you are reading, and stick out for you. Behind each Sign, is a lesson for you. But we must be open to seeing them when they appear. We must remain open to listening to the lesson they bring. But I digress...



All things in the world are two. In our minds we are two, good and evil. With our eyes we see two things, things that are fair and things that are ugly.... We have the right hand that strikes and makes for evil, and we have the left hand full of kindness, near the heart. One foot may lead us to an evil way, the other foot may lead us to a good. So are all things two, all two.” - Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa) Pawnee

Looking at a Yin/Yang symbol, we can visibly see that there are two sides to life, and that within the Yin side lives a bit of Yang, and within the Yang side, lives a bit of Yin. All things are two. Male and female, light and dark, good and evil. All things are two. Balance.

In order to understand this concept of duality properly, we must see the full picture. It's taken me many years to see this aspect of it, but I am now told that the Creator is also two. He is the Creator, as well as the Destroyer. Light vs. Dark. What is given, can also be taken away, and it is this side of the Creator, that is the Destroyer, the one who takes away.

I've talked about Grandmother Moon waxing and waning, and about Grandfather Sun doing the same. We are now in the "Dark Half" of the year, the time when Grandfather Sun wanes. This is the time of year of the Destroyer.

Every year we watch plants die, trees and animals go into hibernation, people and animals dying, diseases running rampant and natural disasters that kill thousands. How can a Creator deity cause such destruction, we have to wonder. It's because He is two. A Creator, and a Destroyer. Everything that lives, must eventually die, and for that, we need One who takes away. Some deaths are necessary, as in putting to death our old issues, our old grief and pain. Plants must die each year so that others may grow the next year. We must get rid of the old in our lives, to make room for the new. In all cases, the Destroyer has assisted us.

It has been my experience that when we take it upon ourselves to get rid of the old in our own lives, the Destroyer will not have to step in and do it for us. That is to say that when we refuse to let go of the old, the Destroyer will then choose what we will lose, instead of us being able to choose it ourselves. Now don't hold me to it, but this has been MY experience.

Why are we going here today? Because we need to be working with the energies that are available for us to work with, at any given time. At this time, we have the Destroyer energies assisting us, especially while Grandmother Moon is waning. Anytime between now and Winter Solstice, when Grandmother Moon wanes, you can closely feel the presence of the Destroyer. Work WITH that energy. Don't let it work against you!

Closely related to this tale, is another tale, about Coatlique. She who wields the knife that cuts the cords of life. This is closely related to the Triple Goddess teachings, as well. Maiden (fertility), Mother (loving presence), and Crone (death). Or the Hindu triple goddess, Kali, who can also be a Destroyer. No matter your belief system, there's likely a destructive energy portrayed there. This is because it is essential to life itself.

Let us remember that from Death, comes Life... it's an unending cycle.

I have been encouraged to share these thoughts here, persistently.
08/26/16: Now I understand why!

Know that you are blessed, you are loved, you are magickal, and that abundance surrounds you. And remember, grieve and release those old issues, to remove any blockages you have on your path to abundance, and embrace the magick that is life.

Much love, Many Blessings,


Anonymous said...

Hey Mi! Another wonderful post! I sent you my Chakra results but sent them via my AcesSpcGrl email. Let me know when you can your opinion. I'll send them again via the email you are use too!

Pleasant Prayers!

Michelle said...

Aye! I replied to you about the chakra test, to the same addy you sent it from... I reckon gmail is playing tricks with me again. I'll re-send it to you at your regular email addy :)